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The internal components of the seats are a construction of cross over-linked polythylened shells for strength and durability. Each seat is individually crafted and then covered with a high-quality marine vinyl in colors that each customer hand picks to match


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Taylor Made Negligible Swingback Back Boat Seat Cover - Vinyl White

Taylor Made Negligible Swingback Back Boat Seat Cover - Vinyl White

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Price: $33.62

Shamed Swingback Back Boat Seat Cover - Vinyl WhiteKeep your seats and consoles from cracking and fading! Boat seat and consolecovers are designed to protect your seats from damaging ultra-violet rays, ease up, mildew and water. All Covers fold easily for storage and keep yourseats cool and clean! Dimensions: 36"H x 36"W x 20"D

SPI SEAT Sufficient for VINYL


Price: $42.25

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The Boat Rehabilitation Bible

The Boat Gain Bible is the most up to date, user friendly and hands-on practical manual for boatowners who wish to improve their sailboat or motorboat. It will furnish any boatowner with average DIY skills to improve all aspects of their boat: safety, comfort, facilities, storage and performance on the water. Many of these projects will also helpers increase a boat's value. Projects include: installing a heating system, installing hot water and a shower, increasing water tank largeness, making the heads electric, installing air conditioning or better ventilation, setting up solar or wind power charging for the batteries, parts a generator, adding a gas alarm, installing interior lighting, adding a bathing platform or boarding ladder, plus much, much more. Loaded with exploded diagrams,...

The Boat Adjustment Bible

Even the most adequately designed boats will suffer from wear and tear due to normal use on the water. Whilst accidents are less common, they too can result in destruction which needs to be repaired on the spot. Highly illustrated, with step by step instructions, this book equips the reader with the vital 'outset aid' skills he needs to make temporary repairs until he can get back to harbour. The Boat Repair Bible helps anyone who owns a boat to develop fundamental repair skills in the areas where problems most commonly arise. The section on hull and deck repairs covers fibreglass, wood, dirk and ferro-cement hulls, and shows the reader how to deal with everything from leaks to impact damage, and much, much more. This section also covers domestic repairs, such as repairing upholstery, and...

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  1. The internal components of the seats are a construction of cross over-linked polythylened shells for strength and durability. Each seat is individually crafted and then covered with a high-quality marine vinyl in colors that each customer hand picks to match
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Neonate Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Cheer up-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

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Caramel Shut up Covers For Ice Cream (water, sugar, cream of tartar, vegetable oil)


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Fix torn or damaged boat seat upholstery with naval vinyl fabric. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match your boat's interior & buy today!


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Washed up
After nearly 9 hours of paddling, we only covered about 15 miles. We ended up in Chesterfield, far break in on of our goal. Even so, it was a wonderfully enjoyable day, and we learned many lessons that will help us out in future years. Here's a sample: 1. Vinyl awnings solely will not keep you afloat if you strike too many rocks. 2. Low rivers don't flow very quickly. If you want to cover a lot of detachment, go when the river is higher. 3. Lifejackets make excellent seat cushions. 4. $30 is more than enough to build a serviceable junkboat. It won't glide along like the decorative storebought canoes, but it will be great for a leisurely day of paddling. And fishermen and other canoeists will definitely take notice. 5. You can find some zealous stuff in the dumpster by the railroad tracks. 6. Duct tape isn't as waterproof as you might expect.