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This is an introduction to John Moraites, Insurance Broker, at Capacity Marine in Mahwah, NJ. 201-661-2317.

Guildford pair jailed for swindling £1.4 million from marine insurance ...

An executive director who spent more than a decade scamming his marine insurance bosses out of £1.4 million has been jailed for five years. Simon Higginson 


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How To Buy A Powerboat

How To Buy A Powerboat

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How To Buy A PowerboatLearn the roles of dealers, brokers, surveyors, insurance and bank finance agents when purchasing a new or used powerboat. Also covers types of vessels, maintenance and construction. 64 min.

Boat Insurance Guide

Marine Insurance Fraud

This book provides a comprehensive and coherent legal analysis of the impact of fraud on the position of various parties to a marine insurance contract, as well as the cover provided by standard marine policies. The issues under discussion in this invaluable guide are also equally relevant in the context of non-marine insurance contracts. Helpfully divided into two parts; the first part deals with the impact of fraud committed by parties to an insurance contract i.e. the assured, brokers and insurers.The second part analyses the extent to which standard marine policies cover the fraudulent and dishonest activity of third parties to an insurance contract. This book will be of huge practical assistant to practitioners specialising in marine insurance as well as insurance generally, and to...

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance: Law and Practice, Second Edition, continues to provide the most comprehensive and integrated account of the English law and practice of marine insurance. It provides readers with a fresh and up-to-date review of the modern law in the light of traditional principles and rules of underlying commercial law, and the specific statutory rules of marine insurance as interpreted by case law, as moderated in practice by market practices and standard form marine insurance clauses. Francis Rose clarifies the law’s underlying framework of principles and illustrates how it works in common contractual situations, explaining how the different components of the law interact. The new edition has been updated to incorporate: • the most recent case law: there have been some very...

Guildford pair jailed for swindling £1.4 million from marine insurance ... - Get Surrey

An executive director who spent more than a decade scamming his marine insurance bosses out of £1. 4 million has been jailed for five years. Simon Higginson, 52, and accomplice Lee Willis, 56, pocketed the funds from multinational risk advisors Willis Group Holdings by making a series of false commission claims. The pair, both of Stoke Road in Guildford , used an Ecuadorian company and fake email addresses as part of their elaborate scheme which ran from August 2003 until January 2014. "Over the 10 years or so of the fraud there were, as I have understood... The judge spoke of the pairs use of "fictitious email addresses" to "further the illusions being created". Judge Beddoe described Willis as the "junior partner" in the scam but added that he was complicit from a very early stage. Turning to Higginson the judge added: "This was a monstrous and protracted breach of trust on your part. Willis Group has 400 offices in 120 countries and approximately 18,000 employees. The pair used accounts held in the names of fake companies Brokermarine and Enargee Consulting Ltd in order to pocket the stolen funds. Matthew Chidley, prosecuting, said: "Over a period of approximately 10 years Mr Higginson persuaded his employers to pay commission to third parties totalling $2. 3m. ". The court heard how this equated to £1. 4 million taken from the... "The commissions were in fact paid to bank accounts set up by the defendants," the prosecutor continued. No work had been done by the companies being paid the money and it transpired that they had been set up by the pair purely for the purpose of the fraud. Executive director Higginson would persuade the company that these fake firms had helped get them business and deserved to be paid a commission. "Mr Higginson put both of these names forward to Willis Group as being firms who had introduced business to the company. "Both entities in fact were controlled by the defendants and set up to received the proceeds of the fraud. Brokermarine was found to not even be a register company while Enargee was "under sole control" of Willis and had "no legitimate business". Regulations were tightened and the pair had to find more detailed ways to keep their scheme from being found out. Higginson forged documents and lied in due diligence claims in order to continue the fraud. He even claimed to the company that if payments were not made quickly Brokermarine might take business elsewhere. Money from Willis Group ended up in both defendants' personal accounts with some funds even going to Higginson's estranged wife. But eventually the tightening regulations led to the uncovering of the scheme and the pair were arrested in October 2014. They originally gave no comment interviews but both admitted their guilt at their first crown court appearance on Friday. Civil proceedings have already taken place during which a large chunk of the money has been clawed back by the company - though not the entirety of the sum taken. The full £1. 4million is set to be repaid to Willis Group along with around £400,000 in interest and £340,000 in costs - so far around £700,000 has been recovered. Higginson and Willis each admitted a single count of conspiracy to defraud and were jailed for five and four years respectively. Advertise with the Surrey Advertiser, News & Mail and Staines Informer The Surrey Advertiser, News & Mail and Staines Informer are part of Trinity Mirror Southern, offering you unique access to our audience across the region online and in print. We reach an average of 599,113* unique users a month with dedicated coverage of Guildford, Woking, Esher, Staines and the whole of Surrey. To book an advert with the our advertising team, call 01483 508700 or visit the Trinity Mirror Southern website trinitymirrorsouthern. We are part of Trinity Mirror Southern, offering you unique access to our audience across the region online and in print.


  1. An executive director who spent more than a decade scamming his marine insurance bosses out of £1.4 million has been jailed for five years. Simon Higginson 
  2. CIC Insurance on Friday unveiled a new web-based portal dedicated to marine cargo targeting insurance intermediaries.
  3. ArgoGlobal, the Lloyd's insurer and member of Argo Group, announced the appointment of Steve O'Gorman as head of Marine, effective Aug. 22. He reports to 


Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

Stewed Beef Boat Noodle Soup Gkuay Dtiow Lauy Recipe (beef, bean sprouts, cilantro, hot pepper, fish sauce, garlic oil, garlic, green onion, galangal, sirloin steak, beef, rice noodles, lemongrass, cilantro, anise seed, sugar, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, water)

Egg in a Boat (butter, eggs, bread)


Insurance broker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An insurance broker (also insurance agent) sells, solicits, or negotiates insurance for compensation. The largest insurance brokers in the world, by revenue, are ...

Canada Boat Insurance - Canadian Boat Insurance is a place where western Canadians buy their boat insurance. ... Your best insurance is an insurance broker! ... Canadian Boat Insurance.

Boat Insurance
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London Boat Show 2016 | Coleman Insurance Brokers

London Boat Show 2016 | Coleman Insurance Brokers
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here home blog sailing boats yacht insurance and boat brokers

here home blog sailing boats yacht insurance and boat brokers
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London Boat Show 2016 | Coleman Insurance Brokers

London Boat Show 2016 | Coleman Insurance Brokers
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Q - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Mathews' Bristol Street Directory 1871 Quadrant, Victoria Street, Clifton Quakers Friars, Merchant Street Quarry, Durdham Down Quarry Steps, Durdham Down Quay, Stone Bridge to Drawbridge Annetta Hutchings, vinegar & spirit dealer Kemball and Powell, agents to Coope & Co Earnest George Lorymer Edward Theodore Bullock, agent to Bass & Co. - sack depot Sylvanus Hunt, provision merchant Alfred Albert Holmes, corn merchant Thmas James Marshall, agent to Manders and Co. porter brewers George Edward Taylor, leather merchant West of England Coal Co. - manager G. Cox J. N. Rickards Coalbrookdale Co. ironfoundrs Jonathan Smith & Co. wholesale grocers John Shaw, printer ?. Parker, wine merchant Poole Brothers, coal merchants George Hurcum, vict, White Lion (pub) In 1888 the pub was rebuilt, costing Ushers £212. Quay, (Broad), Drawbridge to Narrow Quay George Sprackett, chemist Dunlop, Mackie & Co, wine & spirit merchants...
Alfredo Malanca hosts Goldmount Financial Group Toronto Island summer 2012 boat cruise on Captain Mathew Flinders
Goldmount Financial CEO Alfredo Malanca surrounded by the men and women of Goldmount Financial Group including mortgage brokers, BMO bankers, insurance agents, corporate laywers on annual boat cruise in Toronto harbour summer 2012.
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