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Remote Cook Island demands shipping co. deliver on its promises

Penrhyn Islanders say they've been waiting since last September on supplies the company promised to deliver. A former mayor of Penrhyn Tini Ford says the island needs all their supplies from the vessel Tiare Tiaporo, which has been sitting beside the


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Roylco Straws & Connectors Building Set

Roylco Straws & Connectors Building Set

(Bulk Office Supply)

Price: $13.99

Resourceful building set features durable straws and colorful connectors to let your students build gigantic structures. Flexible straws bend without snapping to forge structures with curves and bends. Its modifiable design can be cut to make more versatile, customized structures. Idea guide provides engaging ways to enhance your activities with innovative suggestions. Straws and connectors are perfect for creating monuments, airplanes, forts, boats and more. Building set is designed for children ages 4 and surpassing.

Boat Leveler Insta-Pare 10" x 10" Trim Tab Set

Boat Leveler Insta-Pare 10" x 10" Trim Tab Set

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $748.00

Insta-Decorate 10" x 10" Trim Tab Set Insta-Trim, the original hydraulic boat leveler, provides a better ride every experience you leave the dock. Each Insta-Trim system features: Wiring: Color-coded wiring in 25' and 40' lengths with expert connect fittings, meets federal standards for heat, pull and insulation. Solenoids: Our solenoids are custom designed for Insta-Piping Boat Leveler company, epoxy sealed and humidity resistant, thereby preventing shorting out. The solenoids lock the tabs in any locate, eliminating drift back. Barb type hose fittings provide tight, secure connections. Motor: A powerhouse with coated wiring that resists temperature and amperage establish-up. 1 3/4" stack windings and top mounting eliminates oil leakage. The motor is mounted with stainless steel nuts and bolts, and is certainly disassembled. One pint of Insta-Trim biodegradable transmission oil, funnel and mounting hardware is supplied. Pump: Designed and engineered exclusively by Insta-Smart. The built-in bypass is factory set at 400 P.S.I. Tolerance held to +/.00025. Amperage doesn?t exceed 16 because the unit circulates oil, less than stalling out or trying to pump additional pressure. Brackets: Swivel type brackets allow cylinders to be mounted and adjusted to any standpoint. Knockout pins act as shear pins if the tab strikes an object. Cylinders: Impact resistant, fiberglass reinforced nylon cylinders eliminates dilation and resists ultra-violet rays. Two expanding type seals, plus 0-rings, eliminates high and low pressure leaks. Barbed cylinder appropriate and an inserted tubular steel rod prevents hose blow-off and breakage. A stainless steel spring retracts the cylinder when the boat is not in travelling. Stainless Steel Trim Tabs: 12 gauge 304 stainless steel trim tabs are available in exemplar and custom lengths. They are guaranteed against electrolysis, remaining strong and secure. Insta-Trim systems use hinges that prevent most layer and can be used for transom or bottom mounting. Motor cover: High

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How Islam took root in one of South America’s most violent cities

Blaring salsa music from a neighbouring bar does not perturb Sheik Munir Valencia as he bows in prayer at a family home-turned-mosque in the poor, violence-racked Colombian city of Buenaventura. His prayers finished, Valencia sheds his brown tunic, sits down at a plastic table and describes his role as the spiritual leader of an Islamic community like few others. The small community of Afro-Colombian Muslims in Colombia’s main Pacific port city have over the years embraced the teachings of the Nation of Islam, mainstream Sunni Islam , as well as its rival Shia denomination. First attracted to the faith by the promises of black power, Buenaventura’s Muslims say that they have found in Islam a refuge from the poverty and violence that racks the city, which has one of the highest murder rates in Colombia. Islam first arrived here in the late 1960s thanks to Esteban Mustafa Meléndez, an African American sailor of Panamanian origin, who spread the teachings of the Nation of Islam – the US-based group that mixes elements of Islam with black... Those teachings reached the heads and hearts of a lot of people,” says Valencia, adding that the message came during a period of profound social change. Meléndez’s visits came at a time when many rural Colombians were migrating to cities, losing in the process the social connections of their extended families, said Diego Castellanos, a sociologist who has studied different religions in Colombia,... “The Nation of Islam offered an alternative identity and it was a way to fight back against the situation of structural racial discrimination in the port,” he said. Ninety per cent of the population of Buenaventura is Afro-Colombian. The appeal of the Nation of Islam gradually waned as Meléndez’s trips came less frequently and the message of black supremacy began to sound hollow to a community that – while victim of severe structural discrimination based on their race – never... Following the example of Malcolm X – who broke with the Nation of Islam and embraced Sunnism before his death in 1965 – a member of the Buenaventura community travelled to Saudi Arabia to study Islam and came back to convince the group to embrace... “Just like that we were Sunni,” says Valencia, who was raised Catholic and planned to become a priest before turning to Islam. “We learned to read Arabic, we read the Qur’an, we no longer looked toward the United States and started looking toward Saudi Arabia,” he says. Buenaventura’s Muslim community turned to other Sunni groups in the country for support, but their two worlds could not be more different. The Muslims from Buenaventura, set between vast expanses of jungle and the Pacific Ocean in Colombia’s south-west, were black, poor and relatively new to the beliefs and traditions of Islam. The established Colombian Sunni community was of Arab heritage, made up of prosperous traders and based predominantly in Maicao, a bustling commercial town set in the north-eastern desert on the border with Venezuela. Aside from a few food donations from the Arab community, relations were distant. The 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran breathed new life into the Buenaventura community. Shia missions contacted the group and offered scholarships and financial support. Valencia won a scholarship to study at the At-Tauhid mosque in Buenos Aires and then continued his studies at the University of Qom in Iran. Today, portraits of Malcolm X and the Ayatollah Khamenei adorn the walls of a back room in the home that serves as community centeer and mosque for the roughly 300 or so current members of the community. A colourful mural covers another wall, depicting a leafy family tree titled “Islamic genealogy of the prophets”. Valencia says his links with Iran have been the target of secret and not-so-secret investigations by both Colombian and US intelligence services. Valencia also runs two private charter schools where 180 children of some of the poorest neighborhoods of the city not only learn their ABCs but their alif ba ta ’s as well. Housed on the ground floor of an ill-maintained three-storey building, the Silvia Zaynab school is set in one of Buenaventura’s most violent neighbourhoods.


  1. Penrhyn Islanders say they've been waiting since last September on supplies the company promised to deliver. A former mayor of Penrhyn Tini Ford says the island needs all their supplies from the vessel Tiare Tiaporo, which has been sitting beside the
  2. Local exhibitors include Loma Linda-based boat dealer Hardin Marine, Ontario-based boat dealers Sun Country Marine and Johnson Marine Supplies Inc., along with exhibitors from Perris, Corona, Montclair and throughout the Inland region and across the
  3. And aside from the standard logistics of bringing supplies in by barge, the bulk transport method also offers substantial cost savings. “Take power generation for example, which usually represents Mincore also used modular steel structures to


Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

Stewed Beef Boat Noodle Soup Gkuay Dtiow Lauy Recipe (beef, bean sprouts, cilantro, hot pepper, fish sauce, garlic oil, garlic, green onion, galangal, sirloin steak, beef, rice noodles, lemongrass, cilantro, anise seed, sugar, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, water)

Building Gingerbread (baking soda, powdered sugar, cream of tartar, egg whites, flour, ginger, molasses, nutmeg, salt, shortening, vanilla extract, sugar)


Boat Builder Central - boat building and repair supplies
Your Supplier for Boat Building and repair materials, Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin, And Marine Plywood.

Boatbuilding Supplies & Epoxy | Glen-L Boat Plans
Why purchase your boat building supplies from Glen-L? Because it is simple, convenient and cost effective. People build our boats from all over the country and

Boat Building Materials, Boat Building Supplies, Boat ...
Boat Building Materials and Supplies. Are you a do-it-yourselfer or even a boatwright? Whether you're patching a hole or building from scratch, Great Lakes Skipper ...

Model Boat Building Supplies Building Wooden DIY Wooden Boat Plans ...

Model Boat Building Supplies Building Wooden DIY Wooden Boat Plans ...
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This is Boat building supplies | for boat maker

This is Boat building supplies | for boat maker
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PDF Boat Building Supplies Wood wooden boat show port townsend ...

PDF Boat Building Supplies Wood wooden boat show port townsend ...
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Dog walker on the canal
The first British canals were built in Roman times as irrigation or land drainage canals or short connecting spurs between navigable rivers, such as the Foss Dyke, Car Dyke or Bourne-Morton Canal; all in Lincolnshire A spate of building projects, such as castles, monasteries and churches, led to the improvement of rivers for the transportation of building materials. Various Acts of Parliament were passed regulating transportation of goods, tolls and horse towpaths for various rivers. These included the rivers Severn, Witham, Trent and Yorkshire Ouse. The first Act for navigational improvement in England was in 1425, for improvement of the river Lea, a major tributary of the River Thames. In the post-medieval period some natural waterways were 'canalised' or improved for boat traffic, in the 16th century. The first Act of Parliament was obtained by the City of Canterbury, in 1515, to extend navigation on the River Stour in Kent, followed by the River Exe in 1539, which led to the...
Ottawa Ontario ~ Canada ~  Rideau Canal Locks ~ Locks 1-8 ~ Opening The Lock ~ Historical
The magnificent flight of 8 locks at Ottawa is now framed by Canada’s Parliament buildings on one side and the impressive Chateau Laurier hotel on the other. This is the largest single set of locks on the entire Rideau system, providing a lift of 24 m (79 ft.). The old Commissariat building (the business/supply office used during the building of the Rideau Canal), the oldest surviving building in Ottawa, now houses the Bytown Museum – well worth a visit. Ottawa itself has many great attractions.
MS Casanova / Peter Deilmann Reederei  / Docked at Amsterdam
From my set entitled “Amsterdam” In my collection entitled “Rhine Main Danube” In my photostream Just over a year ago, Karen and I cruised the Rhine-Main-Danube System. The tour covered the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary. The cities we visited included Amsterdam, Xanten, Cologne, Koblenz, Aschaffenburg, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremburg, Regensburg, Passau, Vienna and Budapest. It was a lovely trip, and I came home with over 2000 photos, most of which I posted between October, 2007 and May, 2008. The following articles deal with our ship, The MS Casanova, operated by Peter Deilmann Reederei Reproduced from Deilmann Casanova Review By Durant and Cheryl Imboden Peter Deilmann Reederei has operated cruise vessels on European rivers since 1983, when the...
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Not only do people live near, swim and fish in the marine and coastal waters of New York ... overlapping jurisdiction of the property and waterfront. For instance, local building codes or approved local waterfront revitalization programs may come into ...

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As a Toys’ Manufature&Brand Owners,we focus on kids’ toys years.We hope to supply all kinds of High-Quality toys for our customers worldwide. Base on our factory and proffesional team,you will receive Amazing price and service from us. We keep on the ...

Marine News Boat of the Month: January 2017
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