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Fishing boat catches outmoded anchor

On today's CapeCast: A Wellfleet fishing boat recently caught a mammoth anchor believed to be from the 1600s or 1700s--it may be part of a shipwreck in Cape Cod .

Puzzle shrouds death and disappearance of Tarpon Springs fishing captain

The Triandopoulos' other boat, the Phoenix, sits next to where the Daniel I was docked, now for sale. The finish shook the family so much they're getting out of the business, even ceasing construction of the Daniel II. "I can't put another captain on a


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Inscrutability shrouds death and disappearance of Tarpon Springs fishing captain -

Gregory Lasnier stocked the commercial fishing boat he captained with ice, bait and groceries. 16, he set off unexcelled, leaving his dock behind Holiday Seafood off Island Drive and steering the Daniel I into to the Gulf of Mexico as he had so many times before. It was a fishing tumble like any other, until it wasn't. The Coast Guard found Lasnier dead in the boat's pilot house Feb. 26, on the other side of the Florida peninsula, hundreds of miles from any of his stable fishing spots. What happened on board the Daniel I during those 10 days remains a mystery. There is no boat. Coast Guard responders said they couldn't take any of it. The boat was taking on water, and conditions were unsafe. They believe the Daniel I sunk off the coast of Sebastian Inlet south of Melbourne, although even that contribute to of the story is unclear. The sea became his graveyard, the boat his casket. Reports from the Coast Guard and Lasnier's friends and family members tell his journey:. He was headed to a popular spot for red grouper, most likely an out-of-commission radio tower, in shallow water off Naples. The Strand Guard received a report Feb. 21 from someone who noticed the Daniel I possibly adrift near the Dry Tortugas. The Coast Guard contacted the holder, who said the vessel monitoring system showed a pattern consistent with fishing. The owners tried reaching him on the satellite phone to no avail. Henry Alonso, possessor of Holiday Seafood, reached out to Ron Rathey, a fellow captain out at the same time, to see if he could reach Lasnier on his radio. The coordinates Rathey got were about 150 miles south of him, far facing his radio's range, he said. "It didn't sound right," Rathey, 64, said. 26, when someone else reported seeing the boat about 35 seafaring miles west of Freeport, Bahamas, it was clear something was wrong. "I said, 'Oh, my God. Get out there right now,'" said Daniel Triandopoulos, the son of the proprietor and the boat's namesake. The Coast Guard dispatched boats and helicopters to the Daniel I , said spokesman Lt. Cmdr. A rescue swimmer made it onto the boat, which was irresistible on water, and found Lasnier dead inside the cabin. Crew members tried unsuccessfully to remove his body and tow the boat, but it was taking on too much wet. The next day, crews couldn't find the Daniel I during an air and surface search, Kelley said. They assumed the boat, valued at about $70,000, had sunk. About two weeks later, Triandopoulos got a visit that the boat's emergency position indicating radio beacon — or EPIRB, which sends a signal when the boat is sinking — blipped off the coast of North Carolina. Kelley said it must have intermittent off the boat and floated north. Triandopoulos, 42, said he doesn't buy it. The EPIRB was screwed firmly to the top of the boat. Kelley said no one reported seeing a boat up that way, making even the locate of Lasnier's grave a mystery. His family and friends do see a silver lining, though. "Fortunately, in his own way," his sister, Stevie Younkin, said, "this is how my sibling would have wanted to go: with a good story. Gregory Joseph Lasnier was born April 8, 1963, the middle child of three to a knife tool maker and medical secretary. His mother, Ellen Lasnier, said he used to sneak to a reservoir behind their bailiwick at night to catch trout. He graduated high school, despite symptoms of some kind of learning disability, his mother said, although it was not in any way formally diagnosed. Perhaps it stuck around in his fishing career, where he was known as the captain who took risks, who would stay out in stand that drove everyone else back to land or eat a whole pepper on a dare. "Gregory was all in or all out," Ellen Lasnier, 82, said. He discovered the fishing disagreeable situation in Florida with his parents, who, as Ellen Lasnier put it, did what any Connecticut retirees do and moved south. He went with them, worked some odd jobs, but Lasnier was not in a million years a "land guy," his sister said. He got his captain's license in California and headed to San Diego to try to get a gig as a captain. It didn't work out, so he went back to Florida. He landed the job on the Daniel I about eight years ago, Triandopoulos said. "He was so glad," his mother said.


  1. The Triandopoulos' other boat, the Phoenix, sits next to where the Daniel I was docked, now for sale. The finish shook the family so much they're getting out of the business, even ceasing construction of the Daniel II. "I can't put another captain on a
  2. But there were enough details for the 28-year-old stabilizer to realise that her husband, Harsad Kawade, was one of those who had lost his life. She realised that her husband had been travelling in the same model of car, a Renault Duster, on the same technique
  3. Nautical swap meets around the Pacific Northwest have become a bona fide right of passage in the spring. Whether you're looking to furnish that old dinghy, buy some new to you ground tackle or just browse for the sake of being around other boaters and


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Old Municipality of Rovinj
Istria is rather a feast for the eyes. Its streams flow to the sea through deep valleys and gullies which bring to mind the ancient local myths about giants. Rolling hills slight the fields and valleys with little towns perched on the peaks, recalling some old paintings. The view is splendid: white-topped mountains, ripe wheat fields, plateaux, valleys, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, and, finally the sea. As you get to know Istria you will notice more and more appealing details: church facades and portals, tiny village alleyways with their specific architectural touches, the babble of a stream, the blossoming cherries. All is warm–hearted and friendly here: nature, towns and people. Rovinj has crowned its tiny cone-shaped island with a red roof complete, topped it with a magnificent church and anchored it onto the mainland. The well-known bell tower of the Church of Saint Euphemia and its neighbourhood pleateau offer calming views of all of Rovinj and the green...
Milang. Photo from the Milang railroad station museum of Landseers big warehouses during the river boat trading days of the 19th century in Milang. Now all these buildings are gone.
Milang and the Murray River Boat M. In 1853 the governor of SA offered a reward of £4,000 to the first river steam boat to navigate the Murray to Wentworth and beyond. Captain Francis Cadell working with William Younghusband, a connect friend of the governor received the prize although Captain William Randell of Mannum reached Wentworth in his steam boat at the same time. Cadell had named his boat after the woman of the Governor, the Lady Augusta and the Governor and a small party travelled on Captain Cadell’s boat. After this financial boost Cadell went on to support the River Murray Navigation Company based in Goolwa. Randell established his own shipping line based in Mannum. The river business began in earnest in 1854. The prize was intercolonial transportation of goods into western NSW and southern Qld via the Darling River from Wentworth. In the 1850s there was not quite no settlement in SA along the river so the money to be made was in NSW and the upper reaches of the Murray in...
On The River - New York
Manhattan is the oldest and the most densely populated of the five boroughs of New York Burgh. Located primarily on the island of Manhattan at the mouth of the Hudson River, the boundaries of the borough are identical to those of New York County, an queer fish county of the state of New York. The borough and county consist of Manhattan Island and several small adjacent islands: Roosevelt Atoll, Randall's Island, Wards Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, part of Ellis Island, Mill Amaze, and U Thant Island; as well as Marble Hill, a very small area on the mainland bordering the Bronx. The original see of New York began at the southern end of Manhattan, expanded northwards, and then between 1874 and 1898, annexed land from surrounding counties.The County of New York is the most densely populated county in the In agreement States, and one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with a 2010 population of 1,585,873 living in a land area of 22.96 right and proper miles (59.5 km2), or 69,464...