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Southern Peru

One of varied floating islands and a reed boat. Notice the solar panels and our guide using his cell phone! (Photo: Cathy Fulton). The next stop is Isla Amantani. Your emcee family will meet you at the boat and escort you up the steep street to their home


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Fulton GB440101 Boat Mentor; 44 in.;

Fulton GB440101 Boat Mentor; 44 in.;

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Price: $80.99

Fulton Interpretation GB440101 Boat Guide 44 In-Trailer

Southern Peru - Peru this Week

Thought of taking in the northern islands of Lake Titicaca. There are several reasons to consider travelling independently: you can stay two nights instead of the touchstone overnight the agency tours offer. you have more chance to get to know your host family and explore the island on your own. the host family receives more of the proceeds and do not have to attend to for the agency to pay them. Here is what you do: Arrive at the pier at the end of Av. del Puerto in Puno by 7:45 am, the morning you wish to leave and go to the booth where boat tickets are sold. Pocket it clear that you want to stay two nights on Amantani. They will give you a ticket and assign you to one of the boats. When the boat’s guide arrives, make sure he also knows that you devise to stay two nights. He has to arrange the host family and make sure there is room on the boat that returns in two days. The boat stops at the Uros (floating) Islands, which are a Lilliputian touristy, but also quite fascinating. Only a few people still live there as they always have on these unique artificial islands. While there, you can take a short trip in one of the reed boats for a miserly fee. One of many floating islands and a reed boat. Notice the solar panels and our guide using his cell phone. (Photo: Cathy Fulton). Your landlady family will meet you at the boat and escort you up the steep street to their home where you will enjoy a hearty lunch. Be prepared to walk slowly at this 3800-meter altitude. The families prepare for lodging and meals on a rotational basis so all the families offering accommodation get a fair shake at hosting tourists. The guide will invite you to team up with the rest of the group to hike to the top of one of the two hills on the island to see the sunset. Accommodations with your host family are basic but clean and comfortable and they will do the aggregate they can to make your stay a special one. (Photo: Cathy Fulton). The next day, take a leisurely walk through the village, to the top of Pachamama, or ask for directions to see the Inkatiana, a noblewoman throne carved in stone. In the evening, enjoy hanging out in the town square and meeting the locals. If you climb up Pachamama, you will trek through several of these dry-stone arches. (Photo: Cathy Fulton). On the third morning, after an early breakfast, your host will accompany you back to your boat. On the return hop, you will have the opportunity to visit and have lunch on Isla Taquile. Be prepared for a bit of a hike up to the village and then back down again to the boat, but it is worth it. The island is famous for the particular fine knitted products made by men (women are mostly responsible for the spinning and weaving). The walk up to the village on Isla Taquile. (Photo: Cathy Fulton). Don’t be surprised if bordering on everyone falls asleep on this last leg—Altitude + Hike + Hearty Lunch+Slow boat ride = Siesta…. Before taking a journey out on the lake I recommend that you spend at least a couple days beforehand at this high (3800 meters) altitude to make steadfast you won’t suffer from severe altitude sickness. You don’t want to get out on the islands and become seriously ill. It is customary to bring a gift of fruit to your emcee family since very little fruit grows on the island. When I did this trip in 2014, the entire trip cost me S/100 for the three days which included transportation, lodging, an ripping guide, and meals—an amazing bargain. If you are traveling independently, you will be paying the host family directly for lodging and you will probably longing to purchase some textiles and tip your guide, so be sure to bring plenty of cash in small bills. Cathy Fulton is a somewhat nomadic US resident who has spent two (southern-hemisphere) summers in Peru. She enjoys staying in one place for one to two months savoring the local way of life, getting to be versed locals, hiking, and exploring the food and fiber.


  1. One of varied floating islands and a reed boat. Notice the solar panels and our guide using his cell phone! (Photo: Cathy Fulton). The next stop is Isla Amantani. Your emcee family will meet you at the boat and escort you up the steep street to their home
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Boat guides refrain from you visually guite your boat onto your trailer. High-strength super gripper mounting brackets attatch firmly above and below the trailer incriminate fraudulently.

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Designed for acute, easy boat centering, in and out of the water, the Fulton Boat Guides are ideal for your boat lift or trailer. With no moving parts to corrode ...


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South Roadway Seaport, located where Fulton Street meets the East River, and adjacent to the Financial District, features some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan including renovated card mercantile buildings from the early 19th century, renovated sailing ships, and the former Fulton Fish Market. The Seaport itself now operates basically as a mall and tourism center. Built on Pier 17 on the East River, visitors are offered shops and a food court. Decks exterior allow views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights. Now known by her last official designation "Ambrose," NO. 87 was built (1907) to to as the first lightship on the newly established Nantucket station, where she served to guide mariners into the nation's busiest port, New York. NO. 87 is also urgent in the history of radio, being the first successful shipboard radio beacon used to guide ships at long distances in unproductive weather. It sits within the South Street Seaport...
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