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Green Mountain Reservoir faces another test in battle against invasive species

It's why Summit County administrators are ramping up efforts to find financial resources and maintain area boat inspections on the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation-owned reservoir and curb these critters' arrival. “Maybe we could just walk around with a tin


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Glen Brown - Boat to Progress!: The Original Pantomime Vocal Collection 1970-197

Glen Brown - Boat to Progress!: The Original Pantomime Vocal Collection 1970-197

(CD Universe)

Price: $15.95

Track Listing: Realize; Never

Boat To Progress

Boat To Progress

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Price: $11.12

Boat To Progress

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Well-known as the editor of the best-selling annual Mariner's Book of Days, Peter Spectre lives in Spruce Head, Maine.

Deck Hatch Work Continues

After the previous attempts to make the deck hatch ring, I started rethinking the whole process and what I was after. The first thing I realized was that the ring needed to do more than simply set on the deck. It actually needed to tie into the underlying deck structure. This meant that it needed to be taller. After my two earlier attempts at forming the wood around the form, I knew that the steaming or laminating approach wasn't going to work with a taller ring. The new idea for the deck ring is illustrated in the following drawing. The ring extends through the deck into the underlying structure. An inner surface on the underlying structure hides everything. When you look up through the hatch opening, all you see is the inside of the ring. The ring extends up through the deck and the hatch cover rests on the ring. The hatch will be hinged to the deck and will have a support rod. First order of business though, was to make a bigger circular building form. From the earlier attempts at the ring, I knew that it was going to need to be a bit larger in diameter. This was because my shoulders were too wide to fit through the smaller ring I originally made. And given the new construction approach, it would need to be taller. However, I was beginning to be concerned about the overall size of this and how it would fit on the deck. It's shown in the approximate position that the hatch will eventually be in. My main concern was that it needed to fit in the space between the frames and still leave enough room for the cabin windows which angle down into the deck forward of... It looks like I will have approximately 6 to 8 inches of space aft of the hatch before the cabin windows rise up out of the deck. The following pictures illustrate the building form and the idea for the strips. Once all the strips are glued together around the form, I will remove the form, smooth out the interior surface using some fairing compound and then either paint it or cover it with a wood grain veneer. The exterior will never be seen but will be sandwiched between some structural members under the deck. During the same time, I also spent time making the parts for the deck hatch. Since it was going to be circular in shape, I needed a circular piece of wood to mill it out of. I mentioned previously that I was going to use an octagon shape to accomplish this. I cut the pieces out and added angles on each end. These cuts needed to be a specific degree of angle in order for the parts to come together into a proper circular shape. Each piece also had a slot cut in to the end for a spline to strengthen the joint. The slot was also accomplished on the band saw using a dado type approach to cut it. In other work, I started on the center deck batten. This extends from the front of the boat to frame 5. It must be tapered to lie flat on the breasthook (triangular bow piece). Later it will be faired on the topside along with the remainder of the topside structure so that the fore deck plywood can lie flat on the structure. I won't be installing it until later after the bow compartment is completed as it would get in the way. The bow compartment got some work as well. I cut holes and bought vents for the lower storage compartment. Since the entire compartment is going to be epoxied into place, the vents give the area behind the panels a chance to ventilate and hopefully prevent the forming of mold. The anchor well above the compartment was always going to have some means for any water, from the anchor or rope, to exit. Originally this was going to be a drain into the bilge, but a friend convinced me that simple drains out the side of the compartment would be better. These needed to be at the level of the anchor well floor. I was quite nervous to cut these drain slots as they had to be in the right position and look okay on the outside. Also, just the thought of cutting holes into the hull, made me nervous.


  1. It's why Summit County administrators are ramping up efforts to find financial resources and maintain area boat inspections on the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation-owned reservoir and curb these critters' arrival. “Maybe we could just walk around with a tin
  2. Mostly with Lanier behind the wheel, the team won race after race, from Watkins Glen in New York to Laguna Seca in California, and Lanier finished the season as IMSA champion. “Wow, 1984, that was a year,” says Lanier with a whistle. “That feeling of 
  3. She's reinvented her career three times and simultaneously built and sold two planes, a hydroplane and a “woody” outboard runabout and is in the process of building her third boat, a Glen-L Torpedo. The Torpedo is Glen-L Marine founder Glen L. Witt's


Crispy Cheese ? (A La Shady Glen) (cheese, ketchup)

Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

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Mai Thai Wanderings: Yes, you can. Build a boat yourself

Mai Thai Wanderings: Yes, you can. Build a boat yourself
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Glen-L Desperado as built by Mark Kowalski

Glen-L Desperado as built by Mark Kowalski
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Squirt Design - Boatbuilders Site on

Squirt Design - Boatbuilders Site on
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More Houses on Bluff Drive - the Isle of Hope near Savannah, Georgia
Bluff Drive is a residential street in Isle of Hope with historic mansions, massive live oak trees and spectacular views of the Intracoastal Waterway. The long, winding road, which begins at LaRoche Avenue and ends at Noble Glen Drive, is also home to Isle of Hope Marina, a popular spot for boaters. "Established as a retreat in the 19th century for the elite of Savannah, Isle of Hope provided a refuge from the intense heat and outbreaks of malaria prevalent throughout the summer months. Originally owned by Henry Parker, the land was divided into lots in the 1850s and 1860s. These were sold to prominent Savannah families who built palatial homes along the water. A small African American settlement in the district dates from after the Civil War when freed slaves from Wormsloe Plantation settled in the town. In 1871 a railroad was built connecting Savannah with Isle of Hope and by the early 20th century many residents were living in the town year-round. The historic district...
Lake Powell
Klick here for a large view! Der Lake Powell ist ein Stausee in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und liegt rund 350 km nordöstlich von Las Vegas im Grenzgebiet von Utah und Arizona. Er entstand Mitte der 1960er Jahre durch Aufstauung des Colorado an der Ostseite des Grand Canyon und entwickelte sich auf Grund vielfältiger Freizeitangebote um den See und zahlreicher Sehenswürdigkeiten im Umland zu einem beliebten Urlaubsziel. Niederschlagsarme Jahre und eine verstärkte Wasserentnahme lassen den Wasserpegel des Sees seit Jahren stetig sinken. Geschichte Mit der Fertigstellung des Glen-Canyon-Staudamms wurde der Glen Canyon ab dem 13. März 1963 vom Colorado überflutet und bis zum 22. Juni 1966 zum Lake Powell aufgestaut. Benannt wurde er nach dem Bürgerkriegsveteranen Major John Wesley Powell, der im August 1879 mit acht weiteren Männern den Glen Canyon erforschte. Heute ist der See nach dem Lake Mead (Nevada/Arizona) der zweitgrößte Stausee der Vereinigten Staaten. Bei...
HMS ILLUSTRIOUS transits Loch Long: Picture: L(Phot) Keith Morgan Today 1st March 2013. HMS Illustrious came alongside in Glen Mallan. Illustrious is in Glen Mallan to conduct a routine visit with the primary purpose to ammunition the ship. The secondary purpose is to provide the Ship's Company an opportunity to conduct Adventurous Training (AT). Glen Mallan Jetty is situated on Loch Long, seven miles from Faslane Naval Base. Pictured: HMS Illustrious transits Loch Long as she heads towards the jetty at Glen Mallan.
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He has her flipped and ready for some interior work.…/first-attempt-at-making-a…/ First attempt at making a steel boat, the Goliath Tweet SumoMe Tweet 5 December 2016 update is at the bottom… OK, here goes my first ...

Glen-L Boat Build
Anyone build a boat using Glen-L plans? I'm in the initial planning phase of building an aluminum Glen-L "River Rat". When I say initial planning phase I mean from the start! All I've done to this point is order the plans and review them. I've got a LONG ...

Home made boat building
Tweet SumoMe Tweet by Douglas Keith (Doug mentioned that he had used a Briggs in his boat, so I asked him to share how he did it since others have asked about converting smaller motors.) Here we go…The tough question you asked is “how would I tell ...