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[SOLD] Used 2012 Sea-Doo 21 Wake in Fredonia, Wisconsin

FINAL ADVERTISED PRICE: $55000 - - - - STOCK #: 19882 This boat has been sold (Kuwait, here she comes. Viewers who viewed this Boat were most likely.

Beached boats, pink water as drought saps Great Salt Lake

Salt and other minerals are mined from the lake and used for fertilizer, melting snow on roadways and other products. Its waters are credited with helping produce dry, powdery snow that attracts skiers worldwide to the nearby mountains. It's generally


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Humminbird Contour Elite - Wisconsin - Variety 5

Humminbird Contour Elite - Wisconsin - Variety 5

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $172.44

Contour Elite - Wisconsin - Conception 5, Bring trip planning into the information age with Contour Elite. This unique software lets you access high-clarity Humminbird LakeMaster lake data on your PC. Advanced features combined with a user-friendly interface to let you search by fish species, by key fishing structures or conception a custom search. Whether it's a fishing report, a friendly recommendation or your own experience, Contour Elite lets you quickly cashier information into results. , Compatible With: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Minimum PC Requirements: 1 Ghz Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU (2 Ghz recommended) , 512 MB Ram (1024 MB Ram recommended) , 10 GB Unshackle hard drive Windows XP or greater, DVD-ROM Drive, Please Note: Contour Elite is a COMPUTER PRODUCT only, CD's are not compatible with GPS units. Owners will only be capable to view the maps using a compatible computer. Only the DIGITAL SD MAP CARDS are compatible with Humminbird fish finders.

Humminbird 600041-2 SmartStrike Wisconsin - MicroSD/SD

Humminbird 600041-2 SmartStrike Wisconsin - MicroSD/SD

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $199.99

The Humminbird 600041-2 SmartStrike Wisconsin - MicroSD/SD combines profuse of the best fishing waters for Wisconsin, all on one map card. Humminbird SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Cards parallel the standard Humminbird LakeMaster editions. The coverage yard and lake lists remain the same and both are compatible with Humminbird legacy models and the ONIX/ION units. The difference here is that when a SmartStrike card is used in an ONIX/ION module, it is able to use the Contour Elite search functions on (and only on) any of the High Definition lake maps for that card. It's almost like looking into your own digital crystal ball. Humminbird SmartStrike takes you serious into the action and shows you where the fish are biting at any given time. Based on search parameters such as fish species, time of day, weather conditions, and time, the SmartStrike engine searches type of structure, proximity, depth ranges, and more to highlight areas on High Definition* lake maps where your pushover is most likely to be located- before you even wet a line. Build a custom search based on the criteria you choose, or click any location on a lake, select Rouse Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other similar areas. The result is no more guessing, fruitless searching, or wasted casts. Just devoted fishing. Additionally, SmartStrike brings to your fingertips the groundbreaking Follow the Contour technology. When combined with a compatible i-Pilot Tie-in system, this map card enables your boat to automatically follow a path directly on or offset from any contour, allowing you to focus on fishing. Humminbird SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Cards consideration you to enjoy all of the LakeMaster features including the following:i-Pilot Link compatibleScrollable Lake ListDepth Highlight RangeEasy to read contoursShallow Dishwater HighlightWater Level Offset*SmartStrike full search functionality is exclusive to High-Definition waters only and Humminbird ONIX/ION units.

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A new experience in Italy..... — Bonassola, Italy

This is going to be a long travel day, but hopefully I can get some computer work done on the train. I went for breakfast early today and had a nice chat with an older couple from Wisconsin who were heading for Lauterbrunnen (where they had an apartment rented), and also a Nurse from California and her husband, who were also heading to the Berner... I left the hotel at 09:05 as planned and was in the lower floors of the rail station by 09:13. I was surprised that I was able to get to the station that quickly while hauling about 50 lbs. I bought a Turkey sandwich and Ice Tea at Bachman's and then went to find my track. I found Track 2 easily but something didn't seem right as there was no track lined up with the overhead sign. I asked one of the officials and he indicated that Track 2 was at the end of the station, around the corner and out of sight. In that sense, the layout is similar to Roma Termini, as the farthest tracks are a bit of hike from the front of the station. In any case, I found my train and boarded. I was unexpectedly asked to move from my seat, as apparently that entire Coach had been booked for a high school class. There were no signs or anything to indicate that, so I wonder how they expected other passengers to know that. I moved a few feet across the foyer to a different part of the coach and found an open seat. Although this was just a local train, the Conductor asked for my Passport when he checked my ticket, which was a bit surprising. The trip to Arth-Goldau is only about half an hour and during that time I was treated to a loud rendition of some kind of music from a girls "choir" of the high school group, who were singing in the foyer. The class disembarked at one of the earlier stations, so I didn't have to listen to them for long. The train arrived at Arth-Goldau right on time and found there was a lot of construction in progress and barriers set-up so it was difficult to see where my next track was. I went down to the underground passageway and didn’t see any signs, so finally asked a Swiss Army officer and he pointed me in the right direction. I noticed signs indicating that this was a stop for Mt. Rigi, so I’ll have to note that for future reference. The Freccia train arrived just after I arrived on the platform (good timing), and departed shortly thereafter. When the drink cart came past I bought a coffee, which was a bit expensive (CHF 3. 80) considering the miniscule amount that was served (and I ordered a large). During that portion of the trip, I spent a few minutes updating my diary and then listened to my favourite travel tunes on my iPhone. It was such a relaxing way to spend the time while the train glided past the neat and tidy Swiss countryside and pastoral towns. The train arrived at Milano Centrale right on time and I had a few minutes to spare so I bought a ticket for the Regionale from Sestri Levante to Bonassola. I didn’t want to leave the trackside area to visit one of the other stores, in case of a delay getting back through the "gates". On the train from Milano Centrale to Sestri Levane, my reserved seat was in Coach 8 (second class), which was just behind the engine. At the time I boarded, little did I know what a dreadful ordeal I was about to be subjected to. The inside of the coach was extremely hot, and I assumed that they would turn the A/C on when the train left the station – WRONG. The A/C was broken in that car so passengers had to endure the heat for the entire three hour (or so) trip. At that time, I had thoughts of the scene from Bridge on the River Kwai where Alec Guinness was locked in a tin sweatbox in the hot sun, which I imagined would be similar to what I was now experiencing. I found that it was slightly cooler in the foyer at the front of car by the washroom as there was a slight amount of air circulation there. I spent a lot of the trip standing in the front, along with a number of other people who were also trying to escape the heat. Some of the passengers I chatted with in the front were a nice young couple from Serbia, a young guy from Minneapolis who was teaching English in Madrid, a woman from Ottawa and a family from Texas.


  1. Salt and other minerals are mined from the lake and used for fertilizer, melting snow on roadways and other products. Its waters are credited with helping produce dry, powdery snow that attracts skiers worldwide to the nearby mountains. It's generally
  2. —Federal grant funds were spent to buy a $220,000 used boat, motors and a trailer "that appeared to have little or no benefit to the agency," has been used twice since 2012 and have cost nearly $38,000 to maintain and repair, according to the auditors.
  3. Digital fabrication spaces are this generation's shop class.


Hamburger Boats (black pepper, bread crumbs, eggs, garlic, ground beef, ground pork, onions, parmesan cheese, biscuit, poultry seasoning, salt, cheddar cheese, worcestershire sauce)

Carol's Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup (beer, butter, carrot, cheddar cheese, chicken broth, cream, flour, garlic, half and half, onions, popped popcorn, water, worcestershire sauce)

True Wisconsin Bloody Mary (black pepper, olive, celery, celery seed, worcestershire sauce, ice, hot sauce, green olives, clam juice)

Wisconsin Diner Griddle Cakes (baking powder, baking soda, butter, butter, buttermilk, eggs, flour, salt, strawberries, sugar)


Used Pontoon Boats Wisconsin for Sale - iboats Classifieds
Used Pontoon Boats in Wisconsin on We offer the best selection of boats to choose from.

Used Fishing boats for sale in Wisconsin - iboats Classifieds
Used Fishing Boats in Wisconsin on We offer the best selection of boats to choose from.

Used Boats for Sale Wisconsin and Chicago | Reeds Marine
A wide variety of well-cared-for used boats. Warranted, guaranteed, and certified with our product protection plan. On-the-water orientation. Great deals.

Used Fishing Boats Wisconsin for Sale

Used Fishing Boats Wisconsin for Sale
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Wisconsin > Boats for Sale -

Wisconsin > Boats for Sale -
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pontoons | Madison new and used boats | Whitewater fishing boats ...

pontoons | Madison new and used boats | Whitewater fishing boats ...
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Image from recent trip to Wisconsin. Taken in Milwaukee while walking on the shore of Lake Michigan . Used Perfect Effects filter in processing.
Hack Away Forest Products, Baraboo, Wisconsin
Waupun, Wisconsin on August 9, 2003. Myron Miller photo. Used with permission
The Great Remains
The remnants of what used to be a pier along the shore of Lake Michigan. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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