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April Favorites: Organic Cotton Clothing & Simply Straws (Part 4)

Hi everyone. So, I ended up combining all of my favorites from February, March, and April into this video- which resulted in this video becoming 4 parts.

North Coast Series: Organic by the Ocean

“What you taste is the complex nutrients, a sweetness from all the proteins put in by cows that get to graze on organic fields,” she said. “I think it's a tragedy that fresh milk like this is not more widely available to consumers. Human bodies really


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Boone Blue Canoe Crib 2 Paddles Hanger

Boone Blue Canoe Crib 2 Paddles Hanger

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $77.52

Stylish design is at home in the cabin, lodge or garage Lined with HEAVY DUTY plated steel tubes that will hold 130 Pounds 18 Inches Deep, 27 Inches Tall, Fits all Canoes, Old Town, Wenonah & Mad River to name a few All fasteners included and hidden to protect your Canoe or Deep kayak from scratches Built to Fit any canoe and if doesn't fit yours we will make you one that does

Organ Trio

Organ Trio

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Price: $9.28

Organ Trio

Canoes Guide

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organic Living

Everyone knows that we should be doing more to be good to our body, but moving toward an organic lifestyle can be overwhelming. This guide provides step-by-step information on everything from food to cleaning products to how to detoxify our bodies. It includes choosing quality natural products, exploring holistic alternatives to conventional medicine, and determining what to eat - and what not to eat. - Global market for organic products reached $38.6 billion in 2006 - Practical, step-by-step advice for making the transition

Whole Green Catalog

A consumer's reference to green living counsels readers on how to identify truly eco-friendly products and includes reviews and advice for everything from home furnishings and appliances to toys and clothing. Original.

A Tale Well Told - Peter Sichel's Autobiography - The Secrets of My Life: Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy

It's not often that you get to read a vintner's autobiography with a title that sounds for all the world like a John LeCarré thriller. I am sure that was the intention behind the subtitle of Peter Sichel's autobiography The Secrets of My Life - "Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy. Sichel is now 94 years old (he was born in 1922), and his autobiography covers his early life growing up in a privileged Jewish family of wine merchants in Mainz, Germany. his early adult years (spanning 17 years) as an international man of CIA intrigue during the Cold War. and his later years as a renowned vintner traveling the world, much of which was spent promoting his most famous offspring - Blue Nun. The Sichels brought this German white wine brand, based on a blend of Riesling and other white grapes, to market in 1930. Under Peter's watch, Blue Nun ultimately sold 2. 5 million cases in its peak year, an impressive success story for any wine... While the book is most decidedly not in John LeCarré territory, both from the point of view of style (it's a memoir, not a thriller) as well as the amount of material the CIA must have made him leave out, it is a delightful read nonetheless. But you must be patient with it. It's not all about wine and nothing happens right away. It operates on wine time, which is to say, there's the planting of the story, the growing of the story and then the harvest. THE EARLY YEARS. There are observations about his family members (a sister who was insecure, a father who was congenial and who brought home wine business colleagues for lunch on a regular basis). There are candid admissions - "I was at best ambivalent about being Jewish" - and his family's celebrations of Christmas on a regular basis. They were not devoted to Judaism per se and like many German Jews had assimilated, so when the anti-Semitic campaigns began, Peter was taken by surprise when a close friend succumbed to Nazi propaganda. In 1935, at the age of 13, Sichel began living abroad, and was sent off to a boarding school in England. By 1937, the warning signs at home in Germany were clearer, as the Nazis changed German culture, and the Sichels fled. In fact, it was with the help of the boarding school that Peter's sister Ruth attended that Peter's parents were allowed to get an exit visa to leave Germany. The school made up a story about Ruth being gravely ill and possibly on her death bed in order to enable Peter's mother and father to visit London. Instead his parents went to France to live in Bordeaux where the family had an existing wine business, a journey Peter himself was to revisit later in his own life. When the war broke out in 1940, Peter was no longer at school in England but had begun his apprenticeship in the family wine industry in Bordeaux. "France and England were at war with Germany, but there were no signs of it at all in our daily life, except for the publicity that could be seen on practically every street corner announcing that France would win, boasting of the country's vast... 'We will win because we are stronger,' proclaimed large posters, which then gave statistics of various products, comparing German and Allied production. " When Paris fell soon after, the Sichels fled to the Pyrenees, eventually wrangling visas from the Vichy government to get to New York, where the family arrived during the early part of the war years. THE CIA YEARS. Immediately after Pearl Harbor, the third leg - "Operative" - of Peter's life begins with him volunteering for the U. S. Army. Due to his language skills and experience of living in Europe, he was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services, the OSS (the precursor of the CIA) and was sent to Algiers and Tunisia, the first of many foreign postings. He was given many tasks in operations, many of which revolved around moving money and developing intelligence contacts. Transferred to Naples and then France, he ran many intelligence missions sending agents into German occupied territories and then eventually to Heidelberg in 1945 where life was not at all bleak. "I was working out of a pretty apartment on the right bank of the Neckar and did not take life too seriously, often driving to Paris for the weekend.


  1. “What you taste is the complex nutrients, a sweetness from all the proteins put in by cows that get to graze on organic fields,” she said. “I think it's a tragedy that fresh milk like this is not more widely available to consumers. Human bodies really
  2. NEW CARLISLE, Ind. -- "You're the lightest, you go first," the two parks administrators told naturalist Tom Blodgett as they hiked over the ice-covered waters at 
  3. Sculptors will give presentations along the way. The exhibit, which has a theme of “Blue” this year, is open through Oct. 3. Explore the Clipper New Harmony Farm on High Road will offer a tour on Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. to show its organic


New Raw Organic Vegan Gourmet Sushi Roll Recipe By Bryan Au Recipe (pineapple, string beans, tomato, zucchini)

Organic Canned Tomato Soup Recipe (sugar, tomato, celery, vegetable broth, garlic, yellow onions, cracked black pepper, olive oil, basil, chili powder)

Organic Mojito Recipe (mint, lime juice, mint, rum, sugar, seltzer)

Homamade Organic Hummus Recipe (garlic, chickpeas, lime, pita bread, salt, onions, olive oil, garlic powder)


Natural Organic Clothes | Organic Cotton Clothing | Blue Canoe
Natural organic clothes are not all created equal. Shop organic cotton clothing from Blue Canoe for a natural difference.

Lingerie | Organic Cotton & Bamboo Clothing | Blue Canoe
Perfecting organic cotton lingerie made in the USA since 1994. Experience the purity and comfort of the softest cotton in the world next to your skin. A wide array of ...

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Blue Canoe Clothe yourself in soft, pure, non-toxic, close-to-the-body wear for yoga, Pilates and everyday living. Since 1991, Blue Canoe has been producing US-sewn ...

blue canoe organic cotton yoga wear | Made for me | Pinterest

blue canoe organic cotton yoga wear | Made for me | Pinterest
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blue canoe organic | mimo [mindful modern obsessions] | Pinterest

blue canoe organic | mimo [mindful modern obsessions] | Pinterest
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Sunset on Okanagan Lake
Kelowna Leisure
Golfing a sunny round at the Harvest Golf Club
Kelowna Leisure
Kayaking on Okanagan Lake
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