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How to Kayak: The Basics of Kayaking How to Kayak: The Basics of Kayaking

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3 Golden Rules of Canoeing Technique

In this episode, Andrew Westwood looks at the 3 Golden Rules of Canoeing, which are a set of rules that define how to make all your canoeing strokes as .

Safer Paddling Series, Episode 3: Gear Essentials

Canoe & Kayak has partnered with the United States Coast Guard and major paddlesports brands to bring you this 8-part Safer Paddling Series featuring ACA-certified instructors Kate Ross Kuthe and Paul Kuthe. Watch all eight episodes as Paul and Kate


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Yukon Charlies Rounded Rubber Tip Rounded Rubber Tip

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Yukon Charlies Trekking Upright Accessory - Rounded Rubber Tip. Brand New. . The Yukon Charlie's 83-0118 is a rounded rubber tip for trekking poles. 83-0118

Caviness 7TS-RT 51in CavPro Matching Stripe Paddle SKU: 7TS51-RT

Caviness 7TS-RT 51in CavPro Matching Stripe Paddle SKU: 7TS51-RT

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The 51" CavPro Duplicate Stripe Paddle has a square blade paddle ready for your next canoe trip. The handsome dark twin stripe accents the oar to make it stand out and a resin tip offers superior blade protection. With a blade width of 7 inches, this paddle is well suited for women and the smaller framed canoeing devotee.

Canoes Guide

Instant canoeing & kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking are two of the oldest forms of transportation on the planet, but since the 1980s moulding technology has made the sports accessible to everyone. Kayaking and canoeing are all about being one with your boat: as soon as you master the basic skills there is a remarkable freedom to be found in just paddling around under your own steam just inches from the water. Starting with the very basics, this book will talk you through all the different types of kayaking and canoeing available; all the kit; water safety; tips and tricks and how to progress.

Freestyle Canoeing

A graceful, beautiful sport, freestyle canoeing is based on the quiet, ripple-less paddling techniques of Native Americans. With an extensive collection of photographs and easy-to-understand text, veteran paddlers Charlie Wilson and Lou Glaros explain freestyle canoeing for both the beginner and the expert. Join them as they detail the strokes and movements that make canoeing a work of art. (8 1/2 x 11, 148 pages, b&w photos, diagrams)

Safer Paddling Series, Episode 3: Gear Essentials - CANOE & KAYAK

When you get to camp, the deck and aluminum extension bars turn into a large table for cooking and food prep. The Wingman turns a canoe into a really stable mother ship, capable of carrying fresh food and cold drinks, and accommodating large dogs or standing anglers. Who really wants the raft and all the fussiness it calls for anyway. Full Story. Tip of the Week: Flatwater Training. Jackson Kayak Tip of the Week By Zofia Tula Flatwater paddling allows us to focus on the small things, which in turn improves our freestyle kayaking. I think this is especially true for women who have a harder time covering up improper technique with strength. Full Story. Hoffmeister to Kayak 30,000 miles Around North America. By Jeff Moag Freya Hoffmeister today announced her plan to circumnavigate the North American continent by sea kayak. The German adventurer will attempt the approximately 30,000-mile journey over the next eight to ten years, paddling in stages of three to five months. Full Story First, be sure you have the three essential safety items that are required by the United States Coast Guard. Number one is a properly fitted life jacket. Number two is a whistle or other sound signaling device. Second, pack a dry bag with things you might need, like extra layers, a first aid kit, snacks, and sunscreen. And don’t forget your water bottle. Third, always share your plan with a friend, just in case. Let them know the four W’s: Where you’re going, who you’re going with, when you expect to return, and what to do in case you don’t come back on time. Remember to call, text, or tap them on the shoulder when you get back. And here’s a pro tip: Write your name and telephone number in your kayak with a permanent marker. You can even get a free sticker from the American Canoe Association. The Coast Guard loves it when you label your kayak because it cuts down on false alarms. Treat the forecast as the best case. If it calls for sunny and clear conditions, great. But when you arrive at your launch point, assess the conditions and make sure the actual weather matches the forecast and your ability. Making good choices about when and where to paddle can mean the difference between a fun day on the water, and needing to be rescued. Remember that conditions can vary drastically from one location to another, and from day to day. If the waves look too big, there may be a protected place to paddle nearby that would be less challenging and more fun. A little bit of research and flexibility can save the day. Don’t forget to wear your life jacket. And remember, be smart, be safe, and have fun. — Watch the full version of this safety video as well as the other seven episodes on C&K’s YouTube channel.


  1. Canoe & Kayak has partnered with the United States Coast Guard and major paddlesports brands to bring you this 8-part Safer Paddling Series featuring ACA-certified instructors Kate Ross Kuthe and Paul Kuthe. Watch all eight episodes as Paul and Kate
  2. "The Rivergator Paddler's Guide to the Lower Mississippi River Water Trail," a six-year effort spearheaded by Ruskey's Lower Mississippi River Foundation, Inc., lays out tips and tricks for paddling across the lower Mississippi. Published online at www
  3. on my first overnight paddling trip of the year. True to its Arctic origins, the sea kayak is a comfortable vessel for cold-weather travel—as long as you plan a reasonable route, pack the right gear and dress appropriately. Here are five tips for


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Paddling & Camping Tips - Canoe Outpost Peace River
Besides our Day and Overnight Hints & Guidelines, we've been collecting tips that can help make your Peace River trip a memorable one and hopefully more enjoyable.

Canoe Paddling And Other Canoeing Tips
Lonnie and his wife demonstrate some basic canoe paddling techniques. One technique demonstrated here is a Variation of the J stroke. Also in this video is ...

Paddling Technique, Training, and Fitness
Tips to efficiently paddling a kayak or canoe in tandem. How to Dummy-Proof Your Kayak Paddle ... Paddling; Technique, Training, and Fitness About Sports Follow us:

Paddling a Canoe Tips Paddling in a Yukon Canoe

Paddling a Canoe Tips Paddling in a Yukon Canoe
Image by

Paddling a Canoe Tips Canoe Paddling Basics That You

Paddling a Canoe Tips Canoe Paddling Basics That You
Image by

Paddling a Canoe Tips 6 Tips For Canoe Camping With

Paddling a Canoe Tips 6 Tips For Canoe Camping With
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Canoe visual metaphorical
B&W - N&B The tip of the paddle points to the point The morning mist represents the great unknown I let go I let God On most days Just keep moving is my part in a journey into the unknown Hope that you care to join me Cry me a river - Diana Krall in Paris g
unpacking our stinky gear at Fitz's house in Oxford
photo by Gary Bridgman* Here is my account of this canoe trip, published in Oxford Town and the the Wolf River Conservancy's newsletter in the summer of 1998. A River Creeps Through It by Gary Bridgman OT editor's note: On May 1, 1998, Ole Miss graduate student, William "Fitz" FitzGerald, became the first person in recorded history to travel the entire length of the Wolf River. WRC board member and Oxford, MS, resident, Gary Bridgman, became the second person to do this...about three seconds later (he was in the back of the canoe), as the two completed the "Wolf River Survey." Gary and Fitz hiked and paddled from Baker's Pond to the foot of Union Avenue to help raise awareness about the river as a whole. Sponsors included the Wolf River Conservancy, Outdoors Inc., Ghost River Canoe Rentals, and BellSouth Mobility. What follows is Gary's rather unscientific, non-chronological account of the trip. There's a distinction between being drunk on a river and...
5/13/11 - At the women's retreat ...
The women in my Metachoi group asked me to go Kayaking with them. I didn't have a bathing suit so I asked if I'd get wet. "No." They assured me. After kayaking for a few minutes I realized that my kayak was leaking. They tried to help me to shore and I was within two paddle strokes before, tip, over I went into the water. Yes, the ladies are laughing, we all were. And my unfortunate dump in the water lead to some group bonding. :)
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