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Old River 15 canoe

Old river spit end canoe.

Guard Identify Man Who Died After Canoe Capsized on River

The Poughkeepsie Paper reports ( ) the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Evin Kleinganz, of Poughkeepsie, was canoeing with two other people Friday evening when they capsized near Norrie Facet, north of 


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Connecticut Yankee in Monarch Arthurs Court/Emperor Waltz

Connecticut Yankee in Monarch Arthurs Court/Emperor Waltz

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Price: $9.82

Two Bing Crosby classics, A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN Sovereign ARTHUR'S COURT and THE EMPEROR WALTZ, on one DVD.A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT: Bing Crosby stars in this brilliant and lively musical version of Mark Twain's timeless comedy. Der Bingle is a turn-of-the-century blacksmith who is knocked comatose only to awaken in sixth-century Camelot. But thanks to some American know-how, the crooner is quickly hailed as a wiz of a wizard and granted the fittingly to teach Rhonda Fleming, the King's fetching niece, some decidedly contemporary romantic tricks. Alas, there's trouble afoot when Bing locks magical horns with the all-intense Merlin and is challenged to a joust by Sir Lancelot for the hand of the beautiful princess! Co-starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke and William Bendix, the immortal fantasy also features a marvelous score by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke, along with such hits as Busy Doing Nothing and Post-haste and for Always. THE EMPEROR WALTZ: Just imagine: Viennese royalty, elegantly dressed ladies, dashing courtiers, and Bing Crosby in his old straw hat sharing the Danube and the court of Emperor Franz Joseph. It's a means for sure-fire fun. Bing plays Virgil Smith, an American phonograph salesman whose fox terrier companion takes a surmise to the persnickety poodle of countess Johanna Augusta (Joan Fontaine). While some may call it puppy love, it turns out that romance is not just universal to the dogs. Virgil's openness and congeniality start to melt the icy coolness of the Viennese royal, who struggles with whether or not to dare thumb one's nose at convention in her tradition-oriented homeland. The lush scenery provides a gorgeous backdrop for the wooing and canoeing that take put out in the land of blue rivers and Strauss waltzes. Add an element of good old American humor and Bing's smooth sounds, and The Emperor Waltz is a delightfully humorous trip to the musical wonders of old Vienna, Hollywood-style. Music, merri

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Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways

Within about seventy-five miles of downtown Houston, some 1,500 miles of rivers, creeks, lakes, bayous, and bays await unearthing. Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways, by longtime paddler Natalie Wiest, is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to experience Houston’s favourably-watered landscape from the seat of a kayak or canoe. Canoeing and Kayaking Houston Waterways offers both novice and experienced paddlers a advantageous and enjoyable reference for experiencing nature at water level, in and around Houston.

Battleground & Stream

Common & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and voice advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.


  1. The Poughkeepsie Paper reports ( ) the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Evin Kleinganz, of Poughkeepsie, was canoeing with two other people Friday evening when they capsized near Norrie Facet, north of 
  2. But a four of unusual finds enliven the annual Chena River cleanup organized by Fairbanks Paddlers. This year, my canoe partner Chris Zwolinski and I snagged a working cellphone, three old-high style Dr. Pepper cans and a chunk of something heavy that we 
  3. It will set someone back $100 per adult, $75 per teen (12-17) and $60 for those 11 years old and younger. That includes your choice of a single kayak, canoe, dear eyeglasses, life vests, snacks, bottled water, catered meal and professional naturalists


Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread (baking powder, water, vegetable oil, cornmeal, eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar)

Amuck River Bloody Mary Mix (black pepper, celery seed, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce)

Red River Beef Stroganoff (butter, basil, flour, onions, rice, salt, sirloin steak, sour cream, worcestershire sauce)

River Chalet Sorrel Pesto With Goat's Cheese (olive oil, parsley, garlic, cheese, pine nuts, sea salt)


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Canoes and kayaks made by skilled craftsmen who, for over a century, have carried the Old Community tradition of quality and performance that is the heart of every ...

Charles River 15 | Old Burgh
A brand-new canoe with design lines of an old classic. The Charles River 15 is constructed with our durable three layer construction and features a surface arch bottom ...

Old River Artfulness Canoes - Direct Boats
Old River Talent Canoes are made in Fiberglass as well as other materials. These canoes are known for quality looks and construction.


Cheerless SWAMP CANAL, N.C. -- More than 325 people participated in the City of Chesapeake’s 9th Annual Paddle for the Border event Saturday, May 5, 2012. And what heartier place to celebrate the spirit of America’s great outdoors then at the nation’s oldest continually operating canal - the dismal swamp. Paddlers began conclave as early as7 a.m. and launched at 8:30 a.m. from the Dismal Swamp State Park in South Mills, N.C. After paddling 7.5 miles participants gathered for a painful lunch at the Dismal Swamp boat ramp on Ballahack Road. The flow of kayakers was steady throughout the morning and mid-day, a few motorized boaters shared the “entr”, making their way to the Intracoastal Waterway. Law enforcement and public safety officials from North Carolina and Virginia were on site during the event—both on the not be sensible and observing from the shore— to assist with any emergency situations that may arise. Paddle for the Border is sponsored by the Dismal Swamp State Greensward, Dismal Swamp Canal...
Old Man River
A man fishing, one of the profuse views on my walk into the field.
After Parasailing
Meeting old girls Margaret and Jean went parasailing and loved it. Here they are in the rescue boat going back to shore.