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Behind the Scenes: Biggest Canoe and Kayak Shipping Day

At Appomattox River Company we ship boats Tuesday-Friday, but Tuesday is always the busiest. Here is a behind the scenes.

5 Sit-on-Top Visionary Tim Niemier

In the late 1960s, Tim Niemier wanted a boat that didn't exist. The Southern California waterman needed a craft he could carry on the '59 VW Beetle he'd converted into a camper, and still launch through surf and use as a platform for offshore fishing


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Art Printed matter 15 Foot 50 Lb Model Canoe 20x30 New DB-25306

Art Printed matter 15 Foot 50 Lb Model Canoe 20x30 New DB-25306

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $44.92

Commodity Details Item #: DB-25306 Dimensions (inches): 20H x 30W x 0.01D Date: New Condition Condition: NEW This is a newly made rebuke in excellent condition Shipping Additional Information Mark: EuroLux Home Subject: 15 Foot 50 Lb Model Canoe Crush Keywords: 15 Foot 50 Lb Model Canoe Object: Art Print

Edifice a Strip Canoe Book

Edifice a Strip Canoe Book


Price: $24.95

Get exact, plans and patterns for eight proven strip canoe designs from Master Maine Guide, Gil Gilpatrick! Gilpatrick includes more than 100 photographs and illustrations in this 111 attendant guide book and touches on safety in the workshop, repairs and maintenance to your canoe, and gives you shortcuts to help you get paddling faster! Features: Eight plans and patterns for proven take off canoe designs 18' White Guide - a classic canoe 20' White Guide - a beautiful canoe in a large size White Deuterium oxide - Solo or pair whitewater tripping River Runner - the best canoe for river and combo trips Grand Laker - a on the level stern to house a motor Puddle Duck - a great single person canoe Wabnaki - a nice sized canoe for one or two people The Laker - the skilful canoe for casual canoeing Over 100 color photographs and illustrations Step-by-step instructions

5 Sit-on-Top Visionary Tim Niemier - CANOE & KAYAK

When you get to camp, the deck and aluminum extension bars turn into a large table for cooking and food prep. The Wingman turns a canoe into a really stable mother ship, capable of carrying fresh food and cold drinks, and accommodating large dogs or standing anglers. Who really wants the raft and all the fussiness it calls for anyway. Full Story. Tip of the Week: Flatwater Training. Jackson Kayak Tip of the Week By Zofia Tula Flatwater paddling allows us to focus on the small things, which in turn improves our freestyle kayaking. Full Story. Hoffmeister to Kayak 30,000 miles Around North America. By Jeff Moag Freya Hoffmeister today announced her plan to circumnavigate the North American continent by sea kayak. The German adventurer will attempt the approximately 30,000-mile journey over the next eight to ten years, paddling in stages of three to five months. Full Story By Eugene Buchanan. In the late 1960s, Tim Niemier wanted a boat that didn’t exist. The Southern California waterman needed a craft he could carry on the ‘59 VW Beetle he’d converted into a camper, and still launch through surf and use as a platform for offshore fishing and skin diving. Canoes were out of the question. Sit-inside kayaks weren’t much better. Niemier set to work in his Malibu garage, carving a seat and footwells into the hull of an old surfboard so that he could paddle it like a kayak. From those humble beginnings came the world’s first sit-on-top kayak. It proved to be a remarkably capable craft, as fast and stable as the best sit-inside kayaks of the day, yet impossible to sink. Niemier sold 30 of them to friends and neighbors along a one-mile stretch of his local beach. “There are a lot of beaches in the world,” he says. By 1978, he’d opened the first Ocean Kayak factory in Hawaii, and 10 years later he established an operation in Malibu. Growing 30 percent a year, he added factories in New Zealand and France before selling to Johnson Outdoors in 1997. By then, nearly every kayak manufacturer in the world had at least one sit-on-top in their line, with designs optimized for... “Tim has to be near the top of anyone’s list when it comes to people who’ve had major impact on paddlesports,” says Dagger founder Joe Pulliam, adding that Niemier approached him at Perception in the mid-‘80s with his original Scupper design. “We thought it was interesting, but that real kayaks had decks,” he says ruefully. “Fortunately, there were other visions of the future of kayaking. Niemier has now set his sights on new horizons. In 2004, he founded NuCanoe, launching a breed of wide-bottomed canoes. He now runs Wild Design out of Bellingham, Wash. , a company that makes the latest production technology available to a new generation of garage shapers. Wild Design’s motto is “small boats, big dreams,” Niemier says. Case in point: the “Eight-week Kayak” program, which converts a customer’s dream design into factory-direct reality in a mere two months.


  1. In the late 1960s, Tim Niemier wanted a boat that didn't exist. The Southern California waterman needed a craft he could carry on the '59 VW Beetle he'd converted into a camper, and still launch through surf and use as a platform for offshore fishing
  2. and River Run Marine have entered into a partnership to sell online and ship direct to customers a saltwater-rated surface drive motor. Surface drive motors, also known as "mud motors,” Free shipping is available and there's no
  3. If successful, Hoffmeister's so-called “Third Continent” could replace Verlen Kruger and Steve Landick's 28,040-mile Ultimate Canoe Challenge as the longest paddling trip on record. Kruger and Landick completed their journey between April 1980 and 


Our Daily Bread in a Crock - Weekly Make and Bake Rustic Bread (yeast, sea salt, water, bread flour)

Méli-Mélo:a Muddle and Medley of Heirloom Tomatoes (basil, olive oil, black pepper, tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, red wine vinegar, sea salt)

Dining on a $ With Chicken Breasts (butter, carrot, celery, chicken, garlic, green pepper, lemon pepper, olive oil, onions, parmesan cheese, ramen noodles, red pepper, water)

Chocolate Chip Bars (Or Gift Mix in a Jar) (baking powder, baking soda, brown sugar, butter, semisweet chocolate chips, eggs, flour, salt, vanilla extract, water, sugar)


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NorthWest Canoe
Canoe building plans built using the wood strip method. Also offers materials, accessories, and on-site building classes.

The Worst Way of Shipping a Canoe …

The Worst Way of Shipping a Canoe …
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Nighthawk Canoes Shipping Options | Nighthawk Canoes

Nighthawk Canoes Shipping Options | Nighthawk Canoes
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... about GSI Outdoors 99883 Canoe Cribbage Board , New, Free Shipping

... about GSI Outdoors 99883 Canoe Cribbage Board , New, Free Shipping
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“If my ship sails from sight, it doesn't mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.”
texture by lenabem anna. John Enoch Powell quotes
Rio Dulce GCA - Rio Dulce Canyon
Río Dulce ("Sweet River") is a river in Guatemala, completely contained within the department of Izabal. It is part of a lake and river system that has become a popular cruising sailboat destination. The river begins at the point where it flows out of Lake Izabal. At the entrance to the river there is a small Spanish colonial fort, the Castillo de San Felipe de Lara, built to stop pirates entering the lake from the Caribbean when this part of Central America was an important shipping staging point. Just after the river flows from Lake Izabal it is spanned by one of the biggest bridges in Central America. On one side of the bridge is the town of Fronteras, commonly referred to by the name Río Dulce, the local center of commerce for the area. Fronteras has a local vegetable market, attracting locals from the countryside who arrive in dugout canoes. Most of these boats are powered with Japanese outboard motors but many come to market day paddling these cayucos by hand. On...
2015 - Vancouver - Canoe Bridge
The Canoe Bridge is a popular structure for those with cameras (or without camera). It spans a small inlet in Olympic Village on southeast False Creek in Vancouver BC. The inlet is all that remains of a dock used in World War I & II for a marine operation that built and launched ships. About the Bridge: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects were the lead design firm for the parks, landscaping, and most other public areas throughout Olympic Village. Part of their design is the Canoe Bridge. The Bridge is 40-meters long and adjacent to the Tidal Amphitheatre, a stepped foreshore formed by granite blocks that lead directly to the water. The bridge design mimics ribs of a canoe or kayak. A tribute to the non-motorized boating experience, an integral part of the people of the north. The floor of the Canoe Bridge is made of mesh-iron grid to maximize daylight for the marine habitat below - its also very slippery when wet, and that occurs on a lot of days in Vancouver! About the...
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