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Alteration Panels & Accessories Visit: http://www. selected_id=10 Switch Panel with Conventional switches LPS 4 has been designed for.

Sabre Yachts celebrates milestone, employees

They asked the whole world who worked on the boat to sign a panel that goes in behind electrical equipment on the boat. Wendy Herrick of Otisfield has seen a few milestones in her 20 years at Sabre, and seems to do a bit of the whole shooting match when it comes to


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LED Birch Panel

LED Birch Panel

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Price: $32.56

The Unified Ocean-going SeaSense 4 Gang LED Switch Panel is complete with push button reset breakers, toggle switches, and LED indicator lights. Rating: 12V, 40 amp sum up with individual circuit 10 amps. It has stainless steel mounting hardware with a corrosion free aluminum panel. The cut-out area is 2-7/8" x 3-3/4".

AC 220V 10A 2P 2 Two Put a stop to Boat Rocker Button Panel Switch Screw Terminals

AC 220V 10A 2P 2 Two Put a stop to Boat Rocker Button Panel Switch Screw Terminals

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Price: $6.34

List of particulars: Product NameRocker Button Panel SwitchModelH3Y-10/2Voltage & Current220V AC, 10ATop Size(Approx)7.5 x 4.4cm / 2.9" x 1.7"(L*W)Foundation Size(Approx)4.3 x 2.4cm / 1.7" x 0.9"(L*W)Overall Height(Approx)2.8cm / 2"Hole in Top Dia0.38cm / 0.15"ColorAs See in the mind's eye ShownMaterialPlastic & MetalWeight39gPackage Content1 x Rocker Button Panel SwitchThis 2 Phase switch is great for you to make and break the orbit of your electric machine. Screw terminals ensure easily wiring.

Electric Boat Guide

Replacing Your Boat's Electrical Approach

The wink in a series of highly practical, hands on, step-by-step photographic manuals, Replacing Your Boat's Electrical System fills a gap in the market for the DIY boat builder and repairer. It is a disposed to covered only in piecemeal fashion by the yachting press, which, like general boat repair manuals, can't go into the level of detail Micke Westin does. This is a visual, like mad easily-holding guide, dwelling on the details as it explains each procedure rather than focussing on the theory (which is relegated to an appendix, for those who wish to go further).

Skilled in Your Boat

Discern Your Boat is here to rescue the millions of boaters who have always been afraid to peer into their boat’s innards for fear of what they’ll find. Here at last is the humorous, user-friendly oversee that will give a timid skipper the courage to grab a wrench and tame the savage beast in the bilge (or at least make its acquaintance). Assuming no unfeeling aptitude, David Kroenke provides readers with an easy-to-read introduction to the use and maintenance of the many systems found on today’s common power or sail boat, including: engine, electricity, electronics, plumbing, refrigeration, windlasses, pumps, and steering system.


  1. They asked the whole world who worked on the boat to sign a panel that goes in behind electrical equipment on the boat. Wendy Herrick of Otisfield has seen a few milestones in her 20 years at Sabre, and seems to do a bit of the whole shooting match when it comes to
  2. PT stands for sentry torpedo — these were boats, as one of the display panels in the Sudden Jerk's 100-foot-long boathouse notes, designed for “patrolling contestant-held coastlines at night, launching attacks on enemy shipping, then vanishing into the
  3. NEW ORLEANS — Engines growling, its bow exalted above the water and a rooster-tail of spray rising in its wake, the nation's only fully restored combat warhorse 


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