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Montauk Striper Fishing on the Grand Slam

No profit is made from this video. Some big striped bass get landed on the Montauk boat Grand Slam.

Commercial Fishing Boat Runs Aground in Montauk

28, 4:20 p.m.: The New London, Conn., dragger that ran aground on Navy Beach in Montauk on Sunday morning and has been taking on water since then has at least one hole in its hull, a man on the boat told the Coast Guard on Monday. According to the 


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Anglers Books Fishing The Fancy Island Coast

Anglers Books Fishing The Fancy Island Coast

(Tackle Direct)

Price: $12.99

The great-time editor of the Long Island Fisherman presents a complete where-to guide for some of the best saltwater fishing anywhere. The coastal waters of Hunger Island, from the barrier-beaches of the south coast to the countless bays and inlets on the north, with the fabled Montauk Point in the center, put forward hundreds of miles of great saltwater fishing. Where to fish, and how to get there, is all detailed here. This is the perfect book for any Long Island angler, both boat and run aground.

Fishing Boats Guide

Hamptons Portfolio 20 - Montauk Man Part 3

So there I was in my car heading to the Montauk Manor. I should have called for reservations, however it's the off season and I'm sure they will have plenty of rooms available without doubt. I went through the village past the Montauk Tower and headed up Edgemere Street that runs along the bay until I spotted the Montauk train station and turned up the road to the Manor. Perched on a hill with commanding views of the area including Fort Pond Bay, the Tudor style building, like the Tower, seemed out of place but very charming. In any event I looked forward to staying here. I had the added benefit that if my crazy investigation was nothing but a goose chase at least I would get to stay in this glorious hotel for a few nights and enjoy the hell out of myself. However, I couldn't help but think I was directed here for some purpose yet unknown to me: It's no accident I'm here, compliments of the Motel Montauk. I better reserve a room for my extended stay so I don't get booted out like at the Motel. It was if I stepped back in time- What a grand scale interior with stone floors, (talk about a "New swan rock") colonnades and old truss beams in the high ceiling were a sight to see, this was royal. I went straight to the front desk. "Uh hum, (clearing my throat) Uh hum", "Yes, I'll be right with you" OK so we're having a slow start, let's be patient. The clerk who looked impish, seemed very particular in his actions with an air of always being annoyed, fumbled through papers and his computer key pad. he was having some minor crises- time seemed to stand still as I waited. " "I'd like a room" "Do you have a reservation. " He said with a smirk, you've got to be kidding I thought, not a soul in sight, it's the off season, c'mon. no I do not" "OK, let me see what we have available" "Oh fabulous, I found you a suite, with double queen beds, and views of the water, would that be suitable. " " do you have anything, how can I say, a bit less, I really don't need a suite" " Oh no, this was reserved especially for you" "What do you mean. " "Trust me Sir I'll give it to you for the price of our smaller rooms, it's the off season don't you know. " "I need the room for at least 3 nights" " That will not be a problem, in fact you may never want to leave at all. Alright that was strange, let's see if he knows anything. "Are you familiar with the Motel Montauk. " "Well, yes, but it's not a place I'd stay at" "Why. " "Well for one it's closed for the season and two the place is creepy" Closed for the season. I don't think he understands or knows much about Montauk, after all I was just there. I asked him one last question, "Do you know an older gentleman that works there, at the Motel. " "No, sorry again" "OK, what's your name, people seem to come and go around here in Montauk" " I'm Devon" "Thank you Devon, I'll be seeing you soon" With that I received my key and started to head to the second floor to find my room. I turned back to say goodbye and something did not seem right with him- He was staring at me in a suspicious way, as if he was part of some conspiracy- Yet again, my over active imagination. Up to my room I went. I opened the door and this was no Motel Montauk, this was fit for a King. I went over to a french door that led to a balcony, the sight was breathtaking, "Now this is living. I passed Devon with a nod, he steadfastly followed me with his eyes as I headed out the door of the Manor. I was still in awe and just impressed with all the architecture and grandeur of the place, you can tell someone really wanted to make a statement with this place. I walked over to my car and opened my door but before I got in I noticed a path to a lookout point on the west side of the Hotel and took it. I scanned the vista, the train station, the bay, this is all lovely but not the reason I'm here for. just a few bizarre occurrences that anyone can easily explain away, I need some help. I went back to my car and decided to travel back into town for some ideas. I parked along main street and began walking. I could really use a town historian or someone who knows the place well. I stopped in a coffee shop and decided to ask around. I was helped by a young girl, pretty, looked a bit ditsy, maybe she knows something, I doubt it, but it's worth a try " Hi, I'll have a black coffee and a piece of that cake there" "Sure, coming right up" "Listen, who could I talk to if I wanted... " " Well, let me see.


  1. 28, 4:20 p.m.: The New London, Conn., dragger that ran aground on Navy Beach in Montauk on Sunday morning and has been taking on water since then has at least one hole in its hull, a man on the boat told the Coast Guard on Monday. According to the 
  2. A 55-foot dragger that ran aground at sunrise Sunday on Navy Beach in Montauk was still stranded on the sands off Fort Pond Bay yesterday afternoon, tilted toward its portside with a hole in the hull. The 1,200 gallons of fuel oil that were in its
  3. A small humpback whale washed up between Promised Land and the Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett and a recreational fishing boat beached at Turtle Cove. We learned for better or worse that great white sharks breed just a short distance off Montauk, and 


Ham Salad Pineapple Boats (ham, celery, green pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, pineapple)

Stuffed Zucchini Boats (thyme, eggs, french bread, ground beef, onions, parmesan cheese, salt, tomato sauce, water, zucchini)

Andrew Engle's Montauk Wild Striped Bass, Tomatoes, Corn Recipe (tomato, cherry, red onions, parsley, corn, basil, zest, lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, butter, bass fillets, salt, black pepper, lemon)

Olive-Cheese Zucchini Boats (butter, cheddar cheese, salt, bread crumbs, olives, water, zucchini)


Montauk Charter Boats, Fishing Charters, Sportfishing Boat ...
Charter Fishing on Montauk Harbor, a variety of fast and comfortable sportfishing boats of New York.

Montauk Charter Listings - Montauk Sportfishing
MONTAUK’S BEST FISHING BOATS " LAZYBONES" Capt Mike Vigessi 631 668 5671 For more info, click here! Capt Gene Kelly. Tropical Fishing Adventures. PO Box 2104 ...

Viking Fleet - Official Site
Welcome to the Viking Fleet - (631) 668-5700. The worlds largest and most diversified Fishing Fleet open to the public. Book Tickets Online Now!

Montauk fishing boats

Montauk fishing boats
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Montauk fishing fleet #ridecolorfully | Dreaming of Montauk | Pintere ...

Montauk fishing fleet #ridecolorfully | Dreaming of Montauk | Pintere ...
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Montauk Fishing Boat

Montauk Fishing Boat
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Coast Guard responds to vessel taking on water off Montauk
The captain of the fishing vessel Casa Del Mar watches two crewmembers from Coast Guard Station Montauk in Montauk, N.Y., dewater his vessel near Montauk Point Light, Sept. 7, 2013. Two crewmembers went aboard the vessel with a dewatering pump and damage control kit to dewater the vessel’s engine room and ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel as it was towed back to port. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Ismael Velasquez.
Fishing fleet
The fishies off the tip of Long Island are safe for another night
Coast Guard rescues three fishermen from sinking vessel off Montauk
A rescue boatcrew from Coast Guard Station Montauk saved three fishermen from their sinking boat off Gardiners Island, N.Y., Oct. 7, 2013. The 41-foot commercial fishing vessel Robert James was taking on water and sinking fast. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Brent Walsh
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Kayak Angler took a behind-the-scenes look at a new generation of kayak-fishing specific rods and reels ... In 2010 I picked up a Hobie Outback. I used it to fish Montauk. Using standard rods, I found it difficult to fish with a long butt.

More dreary fishing weather expected as winter approaches
The last thing I will mention in this category, is fishing drones. Many fishermen are already using drones to record fighting fish and get photos and video of the boat that even the ... These sharks were joined by Montauk, an immature female great white ...

A fishing boat runs aground at Navy Beach
The crew of the Miss Scarlett, a 55-foot fishing dragger, was not having a good day yesterday. High winds and a high tide caused the boat to run aground at Navy Beach in Montauk. It ran right into someone’s pound fish trap, too. The crew, which was ...