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Lake City lands a bait shop

While other recreational products are in his future, he's concentrating now on putting together the fishing part of his shop at 116 S. Franklin. Some of the new items he puts into the old fishing boat that his dad, Keith Rollings, refurbished into a


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North Star of Herschel Island - The Last Canadian Arctic Fur Trading Ship.

In 1935, at the height of the Great Depression, two Canadian Inuit fur trappers ordered the largest private sailing ship ever delivered to be used in transporting their annual catch of fur to Herschel Island on the MacKenzie Delta in exchange for the supplies that they needed to survive another winter hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle. Three times she did not make it into port in time and was frozen solid into the ice. This is the story of one of the most historic ships in Canada, who under three owners faced many challenges including; holding land at the entrance of the fabled NorthWest Passage to protect Canadian Arctic Sovereignty, was used in sail-training for Inuit, surveyed the controversial B.C./Alaska border and was chartered to search for mermaids off of the Aleutian...

As I Remember It

This is a story of my life as I remember it, beginning in the Summer Lake Valley in the year of 1916. Most families in the early 1900’s didn’t have much and didn’t expect much. Even after my folks were able to buy the farm in Summer Lake Valley it was “nip and tuck”, you might say, to survive and to keep up the payments. Even after I got married in 1944 our life wasn’t easy. Wages were low, even after World War II. I could have gone to college under the G.I. bill since I had been in the Navy, but I was more interested in buying a farm and raising cattle and sheep. Most ranchers were having to go see the banker every year to borrow operating money so farms were not really a very good investment. Still, I think that when we were able to buy our little ten-acre farm it became the highlight...

Xing Ping — Yangshuo, China

On the advice of the LP we had booked a night in Xing Ping, a village upstream from Yangshuo, which, in the words of the LP, was like Yangshuo used to be before it became a honeypot. I'm afraid Xing Ping is going the way of Yangshuo, quite large now and heavily touristed. Fortunately we had unwittingly booked a place across the river, and though we had to take a ferry to get there, it was quiet and peaceful there. There were actual bamboo cormorant fishing boats on the shore, with fish traps, and drying fishing nets hanging out to dry. Fishing Shore. We checked in, walked back to the ferry, crossed and entered Xing Ping's "Old Street" which has some old-looking buildings, but has been overrun with little shops catering to tourists, albeit with very interesting things for sale. Old Street pics. Even the old opera house that the LP listed as a highlight, had fallen into the tourist mill, though it still was good for a few pics. Opera House Pics. Many kinds of food were displayed - this looks like salmon but is tofu, or "doh foo" in the Chinese pronunciation. There were any number of souvenirs to buy, like this stone xylophone. We once again obliged requests for "foreign guest" photos - a special pleasure in this case. Foreign Guest Photo. We bought train tickets for tomorrow, had a very nice eggplant stir fry lunch and went back across on the ferry (2 Yuan each - about 30 cents) to our hotel for some iPad time. We made arrangements for dinner, breakfast and getting to the train, and then headed out on a hike to a monastery and viewpoint. We walked downstream along the river for a bit, past some actual bamboo cormorant fishing raft/boats (Raft/boat), and then through orchards where mandarins and pomelos were growing, and where there were occasional interesting looking outbuildings,... Monastery pics. We then backtracked a bit to a trail junction and climbed on a flat rock path to a viewpoint overlooking a huge oxbow in the Li River, where a stream of tourist boats were chugging back upstream to Guilin. I liked the view so much I took a couple of regular shots (Oxbow Pics), a video (Oxbow Video) and even a pano shot (Oxbow Pano). After dinner, we finished the day with a little Ride with one of the cormorant fishermen, who now ply their trade with tourists. Had to try it. First problem, they used to see lanterns but now use high-powered lights. Our guys lights failed so he had to get new ones. It was interesting to see the birds swim about (Cormorants) but the whole process had an uncomfortable parallels to an abusive human relationship, especially the part about tight strings around their necks so they couldn't swallow, and then... One of them got a larger fish but couldn't hang onto it. Now you (and I) know. A final note. Xing Ping is famous for being at the place on the Li River where the image from the 20 Yuan note was taken. Yuan Image. Xing Ping Image


  1. While other recreational products are in his future, he's concentrating now on putting together the fishing part of his shop at 116 S. Franklin. Some of the new items he puts into the old fishing boat that his dad, Keith Rollings, refurbished into a
  2. March roared in like a lion on Wednesday in the aftermath of thunderstorms that rocked the boat of spoiled winter fishermen. Most had grown accustomed to weeks of Depths of 20-25 feet have been giving up several fish this week, although most
  3. Bozeman. Built in 1906, this four-bedroom brick mansion sits in the historic Bon Ton district. The Queen Anne house has tiger-oak details throughout, oversize curved-pane windows, a remodeled kitchen, and a new master suite with a fireplace and a


Fluffy Little Clouds - Old Fashioned Dumplings for Stew (chili powder, water, garlic, onion powder, oregano, black pepper, salt, flour, suet)

Ham Salad Pineapple Boats (ham, celery, green pepper, mayonnaise, mustard, pineapple)

Stuffed Zucchini Boats (thyme, eggs, french bread, ground beef, onions, parmesan cheese, salt, tomato sauce, water, zucchini)

Hamburger Boats (black pepper, bread crumbs, eggs, garlic, ground beef, ground pork, onions, parmesan cheese, biscuit, poultry seasoning, salt, cheddar cheese, worcestershire sauce)


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Old fishing boats for sale for around £1,600. We now have 35 ads from 71 sites for Old fishing boats for sale, under boats for sale.

Good Old Boat - Boats For Sale
Boats For Sale. Want to submit a ... Full specs and pics on New review Good Old Boat Nov/Dec ... property, another boat. Both are freshwater swing ...

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Find great deals on eBay for old fishing boats for sale and 12' fishing boat. Shop with confidence.

Pin Fishing Boat For Sale Almost A Year Old Fully Loaded With State Of ...

Pin Fishing Boat For Sale Almost A Year Old Fully Loaded With State Of ...
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Wooden Fishing Boat For Sale Plans PDF Download – DIY Wooden Boat ...

Wooden Fishing Boat For Sale Plans PDF Download – DIY Wooden Boat ...
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Old Boat Sales Related Keywords & Suggestions - Old Boat Sales Long ...
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Porto Colom
One of the most characteristics spots in Portocolom, still preserving its marine charm and traditional customs of the area: Es Riuetó. It is a pier with the historical infrastructure of the port. With a front structure of typical homes of the fishing village, a group of medium house very diverse in color create one of the most comforting and delightful impressions of Portocolom. The docks are abundant of traditional boats; known as llauts. Precisely, to store this boats during winter, the first inhabitants of Portocolom built storages with ramps that lead to the water. These are still used today; better known as “barraques”. Located in the old area of Portocolom we can find one of the most relaxing and peaceful spots in the port. An area that allows people to stay up to date with the modern world, but still relating to the authentic origins of the locals. Follow me on FACEBOOK
For Sale: Blue Ocean
Slightly used fishing boat, new(ish) buoys. Priced to sell.
Fishing Smack "Mermaid"_IMG_1788_BW
A fishing Smack moored at W Mersea, Bradwell PS in the background. Some of these smacks still operate on the oyster beds. They sail very fast with their powerful rigs. FISHING SMACK "MERMAID" built by gostelow of boston 1904 length : 36' beam : 10'4" draught : 4'6" engine : perkins 4108 hydraulic gearbox into x2 drives wind up and down (zero drag) sails : jib 1, jib 2, jib 3, working staysail, 1 towsail, 1 genoa, 1 spinniker, top sail and mainsail She is for sale, see here; Picture;
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Fishing licenses unlock opportunities
Some of the best fishing of the year is right ... jacket is required for each person onboard a boat. The only exceptions are sailboards and manually propelled racing vessels. Children younger than 12 years old must wear life jackets while in the open ...