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Alien Invasion combines state-of-the-art enviromental science with vivid personal stories of the impact of exotics, from a firefighter's gripping tale of a fatal cheatgrass blaze to an eerie boat ride through an Everglades grove where all other life has been choked out by a foreign tree. Devine takes readers into California's Imperial Valley, where whiteflies have literally changed a community's life, and he joins a group attempting to restock the Colorado River with endangered fish crowded out by predatory intruders. He explores the politics of environmental management - a world of strange bedfellows, where animal activists and hunters sometimes join forces to thwart efforts to control rampaging wildlife populations. And he looks for strategies for rolling back the advances made by natural invaders, exploring defenses that range from microscopic parasites that attack plant infestations at root level to massive, government-funded projects that seek to restore whole ecosystems on a statewide scale.


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