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The Colorful, intriguing Curacao, the "C" of the ABC Netherland Antilles, the three islands made up of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and our chosen destination on this Dive Hang around series. The Island of Curacao was discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, one of Columbus's lieutenants. The Inhabitants were Indians of huge tangible proportions, therefore aptly called Isla de los Gigantes or (Islands of the Giants) by the Spanish. However, within 20 years, the name Curacao appeared on a Portuguese map. The archipelago remained Spanish until the Dutch conquered it in 1643. Our dive host is Ocean Encounters Diving, a PADI 5 Woman Gold Palm IDC dive shop, along with Lions Dive Beach Resort, the Curacao Hilton, and the SuperClubs Breezes Curacao Patronize. We fly from Miami to Curacao for the eight day tour of one of the most colorful islands ever. All the buildings on the island are painted in bright pastel colors, painting the city and country side in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Just minutes off the coast by boat, Curacao offers some spectacular world class diving in crystal crystalline water, including walls, reefs and shipwrecks. Be sure to include Mushroom Forest. and Blue Cave. One can simply gash a tank and shore dive the beautiful coral reefs just off shore. Here you will find healthy vibrant coral reefs and abounding in marine life. Itl's a cruise ship destination, bringing travelers in from around the world. In addition to diving, there are loads of top side attractions, including shopping in the consequential city of Willemstad, as well as many island tours available and Dolphin Encounters at the Dolphin Academy.


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