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Thumbs up if I should upload the video surprising Chelsea with the pink one :D.

US military firm buys company behind record breaking gadget FlyBoard Air

Last month, Franky Zapata stunned the world by revealing his jet powered 'hoverboard' that could travel at 90mph (150km/h). Now, the French jet ski champion has gone one better by smashing the world record for the farthest flight on a hoverboard 


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Return to Summers Run

Those who know Pennsylvania, explain "runs" as spring-fed streams coursing down the ravines and winding across the waiting meadows. Runs are claimed by boys, welcomed by the beasts. This is the story of one, Summers Run, a neighborhood where two families are linked by history, marriage, war, and contemporary life. Narrated by Claude Kinkade, at age twelve and from his perspective of twenty years later, "Return to Summers Run" continues his journey begun in "Summers Run: An American Boyhood." The fortunes of Shadeland, his departed father's ancestral home, loom large as the Kinkades face the economic realities of living on the land. As a newly-minted farm boy, Claude senses the shadow of his father following his. Then, leaving crops and cows behind, he samples life in Las Vegas where his...

Not Your Everyday Stories: Part One

Japan 2016

Sneha had to travel to Japan on work. We decided to extend her work trip into a holiday. I was a bit apprehensive travelling with the toddler but the little fellow was very well-behaved throughout the flight journey thanks to movies, food and sleep. Handea International Airport reminded me of Singapore airport with sign boards at the right locations with instructions in English and Japanese, clean floors and courteous staff. I always knew Japan was a tech savvy nation and this trip helped me experience some of their tech solutions that made daily life easy. At the airport, the car door near the rear seat opened up as soon as we reached the door. I noticed that the driver actually pulled a lever attached to a motor to open the door instead of getting down from the driver seat and opening the door. On our way from the airport to our temporary home in Tateishi I noticed the humble nature of the country. No unnecessary lights and sign boards advertised or glorified the nation or welcomed tourists. The houses looked simple and the buildings reminded me of the simple Singapore government constructed flats. There was a stretch where I could see the road ahead with a series of traffic lights. The driver adjusted his speed and drove such that the signal would turn green as we approached the traffic light instead of breaking and speeding. Sneha was waiting for us with an umbrella in the rain and Reyansh immediately recognised her and helped the driver find the place. The wooden interiors of our temporary home was tasteful and it had basic facilities for a family to live. The toilet was technology driven with modes for male and female which decided the toilet functions. The toilet seat was temperature controlled based on the weather. A musical mode made sure the noise from the toilet was never heard outside. Tateishi looked like a small village. The last set of cherry blossom called Yae Sakura covered the road that led to the market place and train station. The pink colored flowers and lanterns looked beautiful and lit up the place in pink. The market place had utility shops, restaurants with electronic menus with prepay option and automated delivery of food on the table, Pachinko slot machines, toy vending machines and old tea stalls. Despite the lack of dustbins, the city is clean because most Japanese people carry a plastic bag to carry garbage and dispose it at the right place. As we approached the train station the gates at the railway crossing started beeping and closing. The automated system closes gates in a synchronous way only when the train approaches the crossing. As soon as the train passes by the gates open thus saving time for people crossing over. In most countries the gates remain closed much before and after the train arrives. However, almost everything is efficient and effective in Japan. In Japan, it is better to use google maps and find the train routes before heading out to a destination as the train maps are confusing. Suica cards certainly help when you want to use multiple train services. We changed multiple trains and reached Sensō-ji - a Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. Legend has it that two fishermen found a statue of Kanon Bodhisattva and the village head built a temple to preserve the statue. Shinto philosophy treats everything and everyone as divine and the shrine is dedicated to the people who founded the temple. Despite multiple fires and destruction the temple still holds its ground. The shrines in Japan have a small stone tub which gets filled with running water that comes out from a bamboo pipe. Visitors wash their hands and mouth using a wooden ladle before entering the shrine. A lot of devotees filled out prayers on wooden planks and dedicated incense sticks at the temple. However, with my broken Japanese and Google translator mobile app we managed well. In order to find milk for Reyansh I had to walk at least a few kilometers and it helped me burn the calories consumed earlier. A strong man pulled the three of us and showed us the Asakusa area. The ride is a bit expensive but a great way to explore the city. We saw kids playing in a playground which is a rare sight in ageing Japan. The Asakusa area had a stretch where the last of Yae Sakura was in full bloom and we wished the cherry blossom season had not ended so fast.


  1. Last month, Franky Zapata stunned the world by revealing his jet powered 'hoverboard' that could travel at 90mph (150km/h). Now, the French jet ski champion has gone one better by smashing the world record for the farthest flight on a hoverboard 
  2. Community Stories on in 2016 · Strack & Van Til Present Check to Pink Ribbon Society in 2016 · Portage Township Schools Update, December 16, . “The Dog and the Jet Ski” Signing United Way of Porter County FAFSA Fridays Annual
  3. You don't need new glasses to see the holiday season is upon us! The clocks are falling back, the temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are piling up. But for those less fortunate the changing season can be a stressful time without many resources 


Pink Princess Cake (eggs, flour, vegetable oil)

Frozen Chocolate Mudslide (Après-Ski Slammer) (vodka, chocolate ice cream, cream, cream, kahlua)

Think Pink Chocolate Cake Recipe (vanilla extract, butter, egg whites, egg yolks, flour, sugar, semisweet chocolate, sugar, cake, frosting, vanilla extract, heavy cream, white chocolate)

Jet Potatoes (cheddar cheese, onions, black pepper, potato, salt, sour cream)


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Pink Jet Ski | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pink Jet Ski | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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... Passenger Seated , Pink White Purple for sale in Boulder City, NV More

... Passenger Seated , Pink White Purple for sale in Boulder City, NV More
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Pink Jet Ski
I love this picture. Had to take it quick as the car was speeding away. The old car, the pink Jet Ski, the Restaurant Sal & Pimienta (Salt & Pepper) and the flowering tree. This captured the town for me.
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Buy this jet ski and you'll have sex, says jet ski owner
Sex sells, and a Craigslist user in Memphis, Tennessee has made it abundantly clear that if you buy his jet ski, there will be carnal knowledge in your immediate future. The item for sale is a 1984 ... but it’s been hauling pink-snapper for years.