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CHiPs Theatrical Review

When I was a little girl, I loved cheesy television shows. The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and CHiPs were among some of my favorites. Jon Baker is a washed up extreme sports star whose life is in shambles. His wife, whom he still holds a candle for


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CHiPs Theatrical Review - FlickDirect

When I was a little girl, I loved cheesy television shows. The Love Boat , Fantasy Island , and CHiPs were among some of my favorites. Granted, they weren't great television by today's standards but when you are young you don't really worry about those things. It was fun television that entertained and there wasn't much more a person could ask for back then. With the way things are going, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make these old shows into movies and CHiPs seems to be the latest in a revisualization of a 1970's classic. Starring Dax Shepard (Parenthood ) and Michael Pena ( The Martian ) as Baker and Poncharello respectively, this version has the bare bones outline of the beloved show but this movie is definitely not the same. Raunchy jokes and lots of cursing, not to mention some amazing motorcycle stunts, make this year's CHiPs appealing to younger audiences who probably don't know the original. Unlike the televisions show, Frank "Ponch" Poncherello is an FBI agent going undercover to try and figure out who is holding up armored cars. Jon Baker is a washed up extreme sports star whose life is in shambles. His wife, whom he still holds a candle for, is divorcing him and every time it rains his body gives out on him. He is a screw up in the academy and this assignment is his one and only chance to try and keep his job and impress his wife in hopes to win her back. Teamed together, these guys initially mix like oil and water but once they learn to appreciate each other's differences, they actually work well together to solve the case and arrest the bad guys. The duo of Shepard and Pena is one of the good things about this movie. They were great casting choices (Shepard wrote and directed the film as well) bringing the essence of Ponch and Baker to the big screen while allowing the actors to make them their own. Shepard's wife, Kristen Bell ( Bad Moms ) plays his estranged wife and Maya Rudolph ( Bridesmaids ) adds some humor in a terrific and brief cameo. Rounding out the cast are Adam Brody ( Mr. & Mrs. Smith ), Jessica McNamee (Sirens ) and Rosa Salazar ( Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials ). Shepard's script is good enough with some playful banter between the leads. The best part of the film has to be the motorcycles though. I'm not generally a fan of them but Shepard knows how to highlight them in such a way as to show off their speed and maneuverability that is impressive. If you happen to enjoy motorcycles, you will certainly appreciate this film. While this CHiPs is nothing like the television show it is a fun, good time. The stars, action and even the plot keep the audience interested and entertained. For those of us that remember watching the original television show, it definitely isn't the same but gives one a small sense of nostalgia, none the less. Allison Hazlett-Rose has always had a passion for the arts and uses her organization skills to help keep FlickDirect prosperous. Hazlett-Rose oversees and supervises the correspondents and critics that are part of the FlickDirect team. Hazlett-Rose attended Hofstra University where she earned her bachelors degree in communications and is a member of the Florida Film Critics Circle. Read more reviews and content by. FlickDirect™ carries a wide assortment entertainment news, release information, video clips, reviews, and interviews with cast and crew. It covers U. S. -released motion pictures and television, from the popular to the obscure. FlickDirect™ is one of the online leaders in entertainment news, theatrical and home entertainment reviews in North America as well as the United Kingdom.


  1. When I was a little girl, I loved cheesy television shows. The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and CHiPs were among some of my favorites. Jon Baker is a washed up extreme sports star whose life is in shambles. His wife, whom he still holds a candle for
  2. He outlined the city's new financial responsibilities: she'll start at $12.00 per hour while attending the academy, move to $15.00 an hour after specialized training (firearm), and $20.60 an hour after full certification. The city will also buy the
  3. Jackie Chan flicks are no longer the only place where you've seen an Asian or Asian American actor play a meaty role onscreen in the US: On TV, they've appeared in trail-blazing shows like Fresh Off the Boat, Master of None, and The Mindy Project


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Jon Boats | Jon Boats For Sale | Academy
Catch your next trophy fish with a high-quality jon boat or fishing boat from Academy Sports + Outdoors.

Alumacraft 15' Flat-Bottom Jon Boat | Academy
The Alumacraft 15' Flat-Bottom Jon Boat features a 3-person capacity and a riveted hull with 8 ribs.

Alumacraft 14' Flat-Bottom Jon Boat | Academy
The Alumacraft 14' Flat-Bottom Jon Boat features a 1-piece hull and 6 extra-wide ribs.

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Academy - Marine Raider Model B 300-Denier Jon Boat Cover

Academy - Marine Raider Model B 300-Denier Jon Boat Cover
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Academy > Boating > Boats > Jon Boats > Alumacraft 12' Flat-Bottom Jon ...

Academy > Boating > Boats > Jon Boats > Alumacraft 12' Flat-Bottom Jon ...
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