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Choosing a kayaking paddle

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Adventure Traveler? Book Gives 'Global Bucket List'

Check out these remarkable adventures from Arctic treks to sea kayaking in the Philippines. Put a few Oludeniz is known as one of the world's best paragliding destinations for good reason. Conditions Gear up and paddle to your own deserted


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Sea Eagle 380X Deluxe Kayak Combine Includes Seats Paddles and Pump

Sea Eagle 380X Deluxe Kayak Combine Includes Seats Paddles and Pump

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Price: $999.00

"Vocation ALL ADVENTURERS: EXPEDITION-RATED KAYAK KNOWS NO FEAR " Built for Raging Whitewater or Open-Water Wilderness Touring. Are you a candidly adventurer? If your idea of a perfect weekend means harrowing treks and trips that make others blanch you definitely qualify. Explorer Kayaks Can: Zoom fearlessly down Class IV rapids Traverse miles of wilderness rivers to spend weeks at primitive campsites Fly fish improbable trout streams other fishermen can t get to Carry easily on a small plane to impossibly obscure fishing or camping sites Why are Sea Eagle Explorers the top choice of Wilderness Adventures? On-the-fly pliancy: handles wet OR dry conditions with ease What do you do when the placid river you re kayaking becomes a free-for-all of rapids? If you re in an ordinary dry-only kayak with no drains you must either portage your occupation or get ready to sit in several inches of cold water. Similarly a common wet-only kayak s permanently open drains let water in even in dead-calm bear scrutiny. The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is ready for wet OR dry conditions with four extra-large easily convertible drains. Drains OPEN the vocation bails itself in rough whitewater conditions. Drains CLOSED they don t let a drop of water in so you and your cargo stay comfortably dry in calm distilled water. And worst case even filled to the gunwales with water the Explorer Kayak still floats. Double-Floor Protection The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is as hard-nosed ' as nails and as rugged as the men and women who choose it. Stem to stern it s constructed of tough 1000 denier polyester-supported outrageous-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams. How tough is the Explorer Kayak? In torture testing we pounded it mercilessly with the catch of a claw hammer. It had no effect. Neither did stabbing it with a screwdriver. We simply couldn t penetrate the crocodile hide hull. Fabric you can hit with a hammer Would you hit an inflatable boat with a claw hammer? We hit the hull 1000 denier hull material in

KAYAKING Circle Sign boating paddle lover water sports canoe fishing gift camp

KAYAKING Circle Sign boating paddle lover water sports canoe fishing gift camp

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Price: $8.99

This shingle is 4"x18" and made with an exterior grade PVC plastic and printed with the best inks in the industry. Perfect for outdoor use for over 5 years or will look horrific inside. No rusting or fading indoors or out. The sign come with round corners and 2 holes for easy mounting. We carry 1000's of abundant signs to choose from. You can't go wrong with a SignMission Street Sign, the ultimate gift for any occasion!

Kayak Guide

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canoeing And Kayaking

Don't get caught without a paddle... Filled with nearly 100 photos and illustrations, this must-have guide-written by the foremost paddlesports experts-gives the aspiring canoe or kayak adventurer everything he or she needs to know before taking the plunge. Inside, discover how to choose between buying a canoe or a kayak, understand paddling techniques and strokes, and find out how to plan a trip and choose an outfitter or guide.

The Kayak Companion

Get paddling! Joe Glickman, a two-time member of the US National Marathon Kayak Team, fills this kayaking primer with expert advice and plenty of encouragement. Beginners will benefit from Glickman’s clear descriptions of the basic techniques of sea, touring, and recreational kayaking, while experienced kayakers will find insightful tips on navigation, troubleshooting, and boat assessment. Enlivened by delightful stories of Glickman’s personal kayaking adventures, this fun and informative guide will inspire kayakers of all types to get out on the water and enjoy the ride.


For months I had been under threat by Mark, the trip co-ordinator, that his “kit” would include a saw blade, in case my 18’ kayak proved too long to load. Arrival, with the boat fully intact, was its own satisfaction. Likely, the others enjoyed preoccupations that were different and less prescient. Of course, the view of Saglek from the aircraft was its own confirmation of why we were here. But it would not be the only proof that we had Inscribed, also in bronze, is a Letter of Reply from the people of Hebron and Nutak. It states: “We have waited 45 painful years for this apology, and we accept it because we want the pain and the hurting to stop. Hearing your apology helps us to move on. ” “When we, the Inuit of Nutak and Hebron, were evicted from our homes, we carried with us much that is precious and good: the spirit of our ancestors, the beauty of our land, the treasure of our language... These are the things that we want to pass on to our children in a spirit of humility and forgiveness. While I will admit that any pretensions to being a seasoned scout disappeared by day two of the expedition, I took some comfort (in case we were marooned) in having located place names like Harp Peninsula, Cod Bag Island, Napaktot (Black Duck)... No one needed reminding that, within a few mere weeks, the first blushes of snow might be seen, changing the landscape again The next morning, an anxious reluctance confirmed that it was time to head the kayaks north, by another circuitous route... A dozen or so gigantic icebergs hid inside Takkatat F at Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station was both brief and deliberate. With fog capping the mountains at Saglek Bay, a phone call to the helpful Manager of the Camp — who met us at the very start — produced a Zodiac. A short boat trip began to the northern part of Saglek Bay, providing a chance to satisfy a long-held curiosity as to the conveniences afforded visitors to Torngat Mountains National Park. A community of yurts and tents, including a large version of the traditional Labrador variety with comfortable elevated beds, greeted our arrival. Showers, a fine meal, and a gathering place where we could hang out, read, or just relax, also contrasted with the service-less demands of camping. Each one effortlessly created harmony and gave mimic to the elements, to the forces that created the This is surely a complex and challenging land. It may well be a place where humility is the best survival instinct. Yet, in its barrenness, it still leaves room for Labrador tea, for mushrooms and grasses and plants, for the ubiquitous black bear and for the much rarer polar bear (about which much could be said, but will be left for another telling). I listen to Pete Soucey today on VOCM. He said the emails he is getting about the protesters of Muskrat Falls, it is nasty, toxic stuff, and he has thoughts of having the email address deleted or else collect the comments and compile it and let the world know. I have been impressed with Pete, as a sensible, reasonable, thoughtful Nflder, and well informed. Pete,The real person behind the Snook character. Sadly, what he suggests is that there is a high rate of racism and or bigotry in our Nfld population. Given that many of us have been isolated for centuries from other world cultures, it should not be surprising. Thankfully people like Pete and Des Sullivan help educate and inform and move us on the path to progress, open mindedness, and enlightenment. Ray Guy spent his life at this, and I would like to think he had some success. As to protesters at MF, it seems the government has blinked. Goes to show what a few people with courage can do. Of note , the Labrador people still struggle for respect and equality. Protests at Muskrat escalate. Surprised that the Telegram question today shows Nflders are equally split on whether or not they support the protesters, at about 50 percent of support. Frankly, that suggests considerable support. If Islanders really understood the culture and connection to the land and wildlife for Labrador people, the support would be even higher. Is Them Days required reading for our schools yet. For those who need to have the veil.


  1. Check out these remarkable adventures from Arctic treks to sea kayaking in the Philippines. Put a few Oludeniz is known as one of the world's best paragliding destinations for good reason. Conditions Gear up and paddle to your own deserted
  2. For the safety of paddlers, boat captains are asked to please be cautious of paddlers, slow down when passing them on the lake and help get the word out to make other boaters aware that there are seven races featuring kayak, canoe and paddle board
  3. Certain combinations relate to fun. Baseball and hotdogs, football and tailgating are a couple of common combos that come to mind. Take along a youngster and these sporting events will be times to remember. But, to make things really fun and


Cactus Paddle Salad/Relish or Ensalada de Nopalitos (cilantro, red onions, tomato)

Cactus Paddle Salad (Nopales Salad) (balsamic vinegar, cilantro, olive oil, onions, oregano, jalapeno, queso fresco, radish, romaine lettuce, salt, salt, tomato)

Gingery Carrot, and Orange Soup (Add a Touch of Spice to Your Da (butter, carrot, celery, ginger, olive oil, onions, orange, orange, potato, salt, vegetable broth)

Our Daily Bread in a Crock - Weekly Make and Bake Rustic Bread (yeast, sea salt, water, bread flour)


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Kayaknut: Choosing a Kayak Paddle

Kayaknut: Choosing a Kayak Paddle
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Afternoon/evening at Teri/Jim's house, Dec 2014 - 01
Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for Jan 3, 2015. ********************************** As noted in one of my other recent Flickr albums, several members of my southern and eastern extended family converged in Indialantic, FL for the Christmas holidays. A couple days after Christmas, we arrived at Jim and Teri's (aka Aunt Bea) house, and made good use of the collection of kayaks, surfboards, and paddle boats that were readily available. And we stayed on through afternoon, dusk, sunset, and early evening -- enjoying the food, the drinks, the birds, and the beautiful sunset over the Indian River. Herewith a few random photos of the afternoon/evening scene ...
I do believe we're the two most beautiful women out here jogging today. In any case, we're certainly the most colorful...
Note: this photo was published in an Aug 6, 2011 issue of Everyblock NYC zipcodes blog titled "10024." It was also published in a Sep 26, 2011 blog titled "Come fare jogging: per iniziare." Note: I chose this photo, among the ten that I uploaded to Flickr on the evening of Aug 6,2011, as my "photo of the day." Like the caption says, they may or may not be the two most beautiful women that I photographed out here by the river on this sunny Sunday afternoon, but they were certainly the most colorful. Moving forward into 2015, the photo was published in a Jan 21, 2015 blog titled "HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE HEART DISEASE IN YOUNGER ADULT WOMEN." ****************************************************** What do New Yorkers do on a hot Sunday afternoon at the end of July? Typically, between one and two million (yes, million) of them head to a nearby park to relax and enjoy themselves. That might mean heading to Central Park,...
Kayaking in the river at sunset
Note: I chose this as my "photo of the day" for Sep 7, 2014. ************************ Nearly a year elapsed after I photographed the tango dancers gathering on Pier 45 (where Christopher Street runs into the Hudson River in New York City's West Village), before I finally came back in late-August 2014. I had been preoccupied with other duties, and I was away from the city for most of August, finally returning to the Pier 45 on the weekend before Labor Day… As I've mentioned in other Flickr sets, I have now met a few of the dancers at previous tango events, and I made a point of introducing myself to several others, handing out business cards with my Flickr address so that people would be able to find these pictures without too much difficulty. But the dancers have good reason to be more interested in the music, and the movement of their partners, than a guy on the sideline with a camera -- so most of them simply ignore me... As I've also pointed out in some previous...
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