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12'x24' Deluxe Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Winter Substitute 12'x24' Deluxe Rectangle Inground Swimming Pool Winter Substitute


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Install WaterWalls & Liners onto Your Kayak or Fanta-Sea Pool

We show you how to install a WaterWall and liner into your Kayak™ or Fanta-Sea™ pool. 01:29 - Replacing Damaged Wall Section 05:13 - Repairs.

Santiam region's year in review

Turner's Burkland Pool opened for the season during Turner Celebration and the Marion County Lamb and Wool Show, experiencing an overflow in popularity that warm weekend and prompting Turner City Administrator David Sawyer to report "We actually had


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Kyjen 2518 Substantial Life Jackets - Orange

Kyjen 2518 Substantial Life Jackets - Orange

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Ostensible Hound Pet Saver Lifejacket Outward Hound is known for quality, durability, and keeping dogs safe. The Petsaver Lifejacket is the unmitigated example of that. The unique, multi-handle design is constructed to add strength and durability for pulling dogs out of the water. Fully adjustable case and neck flaps allow for a secure fit, while the neoprene belly band keeps the jacket comfortable. A front float helps attend to the dog's head above water. Overall this lifejacket is a must for dogs who enjoy the beach, pools, boating or kayaking. Features: Provides high-class floatation Adjustable straps allow for a secure fit Quick release buckles Fast drying Reflective accents and precocious colors allow for high visibility Front float keeps dog's head above water Medium, Large and X-Bountiful jackets have dual handles for easy lifting Item Specifications: Color: Orange Sizes: X-Small: for dogs 11-18lbs, border of 15-19 Small: for dogs 15-25lbs, girth of 19-24 Medium: for dogs 20-50lbs, girth of 22-29 Large: for dogs 40-70lbs, waistband of 26-35 X-Large: for dogs 70-90lbs, girth of 31-42

Santiam region's year in review - Statesman Journal

Moving forward into 2017 provides a good opportunity to peek in the rearview mirror and reflect on headlines and happenings throughout the Mill Creek and Santiam regions this past year. The following month-to-month glimpse consisting of a sample of Stayton Mail banners illustrates an active region fueled by people of ideas, passions and dreams. Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport visited elementary schools in Salem, Silverton and Aumsville , bringing a piece of the coast inland as part of its marine science traveling education program. Stayton Area Rotary, in conjunction with Regis High School and Stayton High School, announced this year's Future First Citizen Award recipients as Regis senior Sam Nieslanik of Scio and SHS senior Abigail Lucas of Sublimity. The "Distressed Communities Progress Update," hosted by Marion County with Commissioner Kevin Cameron, outlined infrastructural needs of individual canyon communities , especially with regard to water and sewer, as groundwork for economic... Infrastructure is the foundation, but the broader vision is, essentially, seeing rural communities strengthen from the ground up and ultimately develop a horizon of new prosperity. A winter storm destroyed a visual landmark of sorts in Stayton. "We were really fortunate that it didn't fall the other way," Gardner House proprietor James Loftus said, pointing to the house itself. "It was just a combination of the wind and the ice that caused it. ". Mill City's City Attorney Jim McGehee advised officials at a city council meeting, including Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley, that he had detected an increase in the number of... The council reached a consensus to have the municipal court judge and city attorney take stronger action against defendants. Hart, 21, a 2012 graduate of Stayton High School, was among 12 Marines missing since two helicopters collided during a training mission in Hawaii. Hart, of the West Stayton area, was remembered in a well-attended public ceremony at Stayton High School. Stayton City Council agreed to a process exploring a municipal flag. The idea, presented by City Administrator Keith Campbell, consists of engaging the community in a flag design competition with an overarching aim to establish a municipal flag in time for Stayton's quasquicentennial, or celebration of 125 years of... The city council approved a resolution to ask voters for approval of a 3-percent tax on recreational marijuana sold in the city, in addition to a local option tax to renew a tax scheduled to expire: a property tax, $. 60 per $1,000 of assessed... Mountain View Tree Service performs a delicate tree-removal operation atop the mouth of the slippery South Falls chute at Silver Falls State Park. Marion Soil and Water Conservation District chose Mill Creek as its 2015-2017 focus area stream. Working with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, conservation districts select a single watershed to focus on agricultural water quality outreach and education and concentrate assistance and planning on issues that are relevant to their watershed. Mill Creek was chosen because of its largely rural and agricultural community. Stayton resident Kathy Hendricks received the "One Million Dollar Sales Award," from Pampered Chef, recognizing a career sales milestone. City of Stayton received a $27,000 grant from Business Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority to provide for an infrastructure-improvement and financing strategy in the Wilco Road Industrial Area. After extended deliberations, Stayton City Council awarded community grants allotments : Peer Court $1,100. Movies in the Park $875. Smokin' Down the Highway $1,375. Santiam Heritage Foundation $550. Veterans History $275. Stayton Friends of the... Ty Hart of rural West Stayton and 11 other Marines who died when two helicopters crashed last month during nighttime training exercises in Hawaii. Regis High School announced near completion of its on-campus chapel , an 8-month project funded entirely through donations. Stayton High School senior Taren.


  1. Turner's Burkland Pool opened for the season during Turner Celebration and the Marion County Lamb and Wool Show, experiencing an overflow in popularity that warm weekend and prompting Turner City Administrator David Sawyer to report "We actually had
  2. Although the recorded deed listed the price at $57.8 million, it is believed the hotel traded for $76 million when furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies and goodwill were included. in 16 states, also was drawn to ParkCrest's amenities, which
  3. It features restrooms, a concession stand with a covered eating area and beach supplies. Fishing from the pier doesn't require a license. CONTRIBUTED BY ERIK Guests are served cool smoothies on the beach and at the pool each day at 3 p.m. 480 S


Aiken Pool Hall Hot Dogs (apple cider vinegar, chili powder, ground beef, hot dog bun, hot dogs, water, ketchup, mustard, onions, salt, sugar)

Pool Party Pasta Salad (asparagus, broccoli, chicken, feta cheese, green pepper, salad dressing, tomato, salt)

Coconut Cake In Orange Pool Recipe (caster sugar, caster sugar, coconut, orange juice, eggs, butter, sugar, orange, orange, flour, orange)

Chocolate Pudding Dipping Pool (chocolate pudding, strawberries)


Above Ground Pool Liners - Overlap, Kayak & Beaded Vinyl ...
Above Ground Vinyl Pool Liners. Above ground vinyl pool liners provide a great way to improve the condition of your swimming pool and to transform its appearance. - Pool Supplies
Visit today to find quality swimming pool supplies at discount prices. We specialize in all styles of inground pool liners and above ground pool liners.

Kayak Pools - Kayak Katalogue
Kayak Pools® Replacement Aluminum Parts. For 1979 to 1987 Kayak Pools® Hi-Rate Sand Filter. For 1979 to 1987 Kayak Pools Power-Flo II Pump: For 1988 and 1989 Kayak ...

Replacement Parts For Your Kayak™ Pool -

Replacement Parts For Your Kayak™ Pool -
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... Standard (A) Handrails for use with Kayak Pools® -

... Standard (A) Handrails for use with Kayak Pools® -
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... GREEN MESH Kayak On-Ground Rectangle Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover

... GREEN MESH Kayak On-Ground Rectangle Swimming Pool Winter Safety Cover
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Tour of Hotspring Island
Day 3, 15:26. We had a nice tour of the the beautiful hotspring pools. Unfortunately all but a tiny one lost their water supply in a major earthquake in 2012 and are now dry.
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