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New Orleans, Mississippi River Huge Paddle Boat

Very nice paddle boat in New Orleans on the Mississippi River, right outside the french quarter.

Paddleboat makes its way from Cincinnati to South Dakota

Gilkerson is making the journey back home – to South Dakota, all the way from Cincinnati, where he bought the boat. “Made our way down the Ohio River to the Mississippi, up the Mississippi,” he said. “We wintered basically at the mouth of the Missouri


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Jazz on the River

Jazz on the River

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Price: $26.87

Just after Universe War I, the musical style called jazz began a waterborne journey outward from that quintessential haven of romance and decadence, New Orleans. For the beginning time in any organized way, steam-driven boats left town during the summer months to tramp the Mississippi River, bringing an exotic new music to the laze about of the nation. For entrepreneurs promoting jazz, this seemed a promising way to spread northward the exciting sounds of the Crescent City. And the musicians no longer had to respite for folks upriver to make their way down to New Orleans to hear the vibrant rhythms, astonishing improvisations, and new harmonic idioms being created. Just put, when jazz went upstream, it went mainstream, and in Jazz on the River, William Howland Kenney brings to life the vibrant relation of this music and its seduction of the men and women along America's inland waterways. Here for the first time readers can learn about the lives and music of the levee roustabouts promoting riverboat jazz and their relationships with such large early jazz adventurers as Louis Armstrong, Fate Marable, Warren Baby Dodds, and Jess Stacy. Kenney follows the boats from Memphis to St. Louis, where new styles of jazz were directly produced, all the way up the Ohio River, where the music captivated audiences in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh alike. Jazz on the River concludes with the story of the decline of the old paddle wheelers-and thus riverboat jazz-on the inland waterways after Society War II. The enduring silence of our rivers, Kenney argues, reminds us of the loss of such a distinctive musical tradition. But riverboat jazz still lives on in myriad permutations, each one in be aware of with our own times.

Paddle Boat Guide

Stealing the Mississippi River

This is a collection of short stories and articles about the La Crescent, MN area, compiled and retold by the author.

Innocence and War

In 1867 the Daily Alta California commissioned Mark Twain to cover the story of the world’s first luxury cruise, a six-month round tour to the Holy Land from New York on board the Quaker City, an ex-Civil War Mississippi side-wheel paddle steamer. The captain, crew and passengers were highly respectable Presbyterian Christians on a mission; the Islamic Holy Land was under loosening Ottoman control. The interchangeable infidels and zealots saw Mark Twain as a distracting influence and he saw them as a wonderful source of material for comments on the folly of the human condition. The resultant ‘The Innocents Abroad’ was his bestselling book in his lifetime and is still regarded as a classic of travel writing and a masterpiece of satire on political and religious excess. Ian Strathcarron...


  1. Gilkerson is making the journey back home – to South Dakota, all the way from Cincinnati, where he bought the boat. “Made our way down the Ohio River to the Mississippi, up the Mississippi,” he said. “We wintered basically at the mouth of the Missouri
  2. That same day, Travel Weekly reported on the possible destinations for the cruise company's new boats, beyond the Mississippi and Columbia rivers where it already offers paddlewheeler cruises. Travel Weekly referred to an earlier story from 2015.
  3. Competitive whitewater racing did not hit the St. Francis, a tributary of the Mississippi River that stretches roughly 426 miles long through southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkansas, until the Meramec River Canoe Club moved its yearly flatwater


Stewed Beef Boat Noodle Soup Gkuay Dtiow Lauy Recipe (beef, bean sprouts, cilantro, hot pepper, fish sauce, garlic oil, garlic, green onion, galangal, sirloin steak, beef, rice noodles, lemongrass, cilantro, anise seed, sugar, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, water)

Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

Wild River Bloody Mary Mix (black pepper, celery seed, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce)


Mississippi River Paddle Boat – Fun For Less Tours
River Cruise Description. The excitement, fun, and relaxation of a Mississippi paddle boat cruise combined with the study of the Civil War with Dr. S. Michael Wilcox.

Mississippi River Cruises | American Cruise Lines
Experience a Mississippi River Cruise with American Cruise Lines. Enjoy the gracious comfort of our brand new authentic paddlewheelers as we cruise the Mississippi River.

Steamboats of the Mississippi - Wikipedia
In the 1810s there were 20 boats on the river; ... It became famous as the participant against another Mississippi paddle ... The Mississippi River ...

Paddle Boat, Mississippi River | PLACES I'VE VISITED | Pinterest

Paddle Boat, Mississippi River | PLACES I'VE VISITED | Pinterest
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Pearl of the Lake Riverboat in Lake City

Pearl of the Lake Riverboat in Lake City
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Mississippi River Paddle Boat picture in New Orleans

Mississippi River Paddle Boat picture in New Orleans
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Regional Director Paddling
Midwest Regional Director Tom Melius preps for a day of paddling on the Mississippi River, as kick off event of the Summer of Paddling 2012. Photo by Tina Shaw/USFWS.
Children Paddling on the Mississippi River
Children paddling on the Mississippi River in Alton, IL near the National Great Rivers Museum (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)
Boating Fun
A girl kayaking on the Mississippi River in Alton, IL at the Great River Rendezvous. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo) Great River Rendezvous is a way to celebrate the new Mississippi River Water Trail. Activities include: 20 m Grafton to Alton kayak & canoe race 15 & 8 m paddle tours of the new water trail. Tours of Piasa Creek and Ellis Bay. Safety skills clinics and Demos Activities at National Great River Museum Family demonstration padding on Teal Pondl Landing Party for fun, music and socializing at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary and camping at Piere Marquette Park.
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Paddleboat makes its way from Cincinnati to South Dakota

Laugh out loud at Buster Keaton’s “Steamboat Bill, Jr.”
Here, we have two Mississippi paddle wheelers pitted against a disastrous storm. Keaton loved trains and boats, using them as a major gag ... left 250 souls dead along the Mississippi River, so there were concerns over tastelessness and negative publicity.

J.B. Webb — Memories of the good old days
We started back up river to the sand bar. Here came a lot of water. We paddled on and the closer to the dam we got, the stronger the water became. We were about even with the last point on the Oklahoma side. We looked like a Mississippi paddle boat with ...