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See how today's wooden paddles really go the nautical mile.

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We also used the first boat to do the Massive Murray Paddle last year – a five-day, 404km fundraising race on the Murray River from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill – but found its shape meant we were pushing too much water with it. We were struggling with it


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Arlene Chan 4-Book Bundle

Third-generation Chinese-Canadian Arlene Chan shares the rich histories of Toronto’s Chinese-Canadian communities in this special four-book bundle. Includes: The Chinese Community in Toronto The history of the Chinese community in Toronto is rich with stories drawn from over 150 years of life in Canada. Stories, photographs, newspaper reports, maps, and charts will bring to life the little-known and dark history of the Chinese community, showing how the Chinese make a significant contribution to the vibrant and diverse mosaic that makes Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The Chinese in Toronto from 1878 In 1894 Toronto’s Chinese population numbered 50. Today, no less than seven Chinatowns serve the second-largest visible minority in the city, with a population of...

Paddles Up!

Paddles Up! provides an in-depth look at dragon boating from its beginnings in ancient China to the modern-day prominence of Canadian teams on the international scene, as told in the words of top coaches of men's and women's teams, experts and enthusiasts, and sports health professionals across Canada. Contributing writers include Mike Haslam, executive president International Dragon Boat Federation; Matthew Smith, president Dragon Boat Canada; Kamini Jain, Vancouver; Albert MacDonald, Halifax; Jamie Hollins, Pickering; Matt Robert, Montreal; and Jim Farintosh, Toronto. Through legends, history, and traditions, to paddling tips and mental readiness, and from choosing gear to exceptional achievements, a battery of Canadian dragon-boat notables share their considerable knowledge in one...

Rowing with the Manila Dragons in Manila bay

What do you know about dragonboat. I didn't know much apart from the fact that you needed to row on pretty colourful boats and that there was a dragonboat festival or race wherever I lived. I had meant to join a couchsurfing event, but upon mentioning it at work, my boss wanted to see it as well and wanted to introduce me a former colleague of hers that did dragonboat regularly. She came with another Japanese colleague and her 7 year old daughter (gasp. We crossed town to Manila bay with the driver expertly slaloming in fluid traffic (a rare situation since my arrival a month ago). It was still dark humid outside, but the temperature was comfortable. We got tot the meeting point early, and walked around puddles in the big parking lot of Manila CCP centre to grab some breakfast in an empty KFC. S-chan hated Jollybee, the local chicken chain, but seemed to enjoy KFC, so she got herself a drumstick and mushroom soup for breakfast while the ladies got coffee. My brain was still on sleep mode so no hunger was registered at 5:15am. There were many cars and rowers in the parking lot by then, and the teams would have their own colours to identify themselves. We were introduced to our team, or at least the team that J was member of: The Manila Dragons , wearing red on Saturdays. Other teams were blue, yellow, orange and green. As dawn timidly showed the city's outlines, we jogged 5 laps around the parking lot for the beginning of the warmup. N-san and myself were feeling warmed up fast, thanking the weather to be cloudy and cooler than usual, allowing us to only sweat after the 2nd lap. By the end of the 5 laps, I was already drinking half my water bottle and sweating as much. However the warmup continued with dynamic stretches and x sets of :. 1min jumping jacks. 5 jumping squats (squat, push up, jump). By the 2nd set I was getting out of breath, tired of jumping jacks and was doing steps and moving only my arms. After the 3rd set, I was getting dizzy, and by the 5th set I blanked out, barely standing and staying conscious. During water break N-san and I were laughing it off, depleted of energy to talk or comment. The other members reassured us that it was almost over, but to watch out for the next day's soreness (no kidding. Eventually, after surviving millions of jumping jacks while dawn turned into day, and loosing my mind over my painful calves, it was time to start land rowing. Or at least the regular team members got some rowing movement training by the warm up coach (who didn't do any of the jumping jacks or warm up, which angered N-san). My mind was in such an open/free mode after all that jumping, that I understood from the body language and intonation of the coach that they needed to use their lower body as well when rowing. As example, he even cited the Japanese team which won the Palawan race the previous weekend. Apparently they rowed quite calmly without the frantic rhythm other teams were using, because they prioritized form and technique to rowing speed and power. After trying out the movement with a stick and a wooden paddle, we headed towards the water and were given a tiny life-jacket and a wooden paddle, used for training sessions. During races, carbon fiber paddles are used, which are much lighter. Although there was no breeze to flip our hair or refresh our very warmed up bodies, the stench of the sewage water that end up in Manila Bay attacked our nervous system and permeated our senses. Sadly dirt was everywhere, and although the boats were pretty, we could not forget about the smell around us. We also had to walk on gooey dark stuff, which we did not wish to identify, before hopping on the boat. We sat at the back, in front of the steering person. In the front, a signal person was also monitoring and coaching the rowers during practice. We were taught the movement in water, in slow motion first, before joining the pace of other rowers in front of us. Unexpectedly the sitting position was very uncomfortable, as one had to put all the weight on the outside of the boat, extend the... As a nice surprise though, once everyone rowed, the water had little resistance and it was nice advancing in the still water, with a nice breeze on our face. The smell still was not enjoyable as we inhaled and hoped for that fresh and clean.


  1. We also used the first boat to do the Massive Murray Paddle last year – a five-day, 404km fundraising race on the Murray River from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill – but found its shape meant we were pushing too much water with it. We were struggling with it
  2. Helping us see the wood through the trees? Father and son share a love of nature and the outdoors; this being school holidays, they've been paddle boarding on the nearby Thames ("The secret is not to fall in") and spending time in rural Devon, bird
  3. “If anyone misses a stroke in your boat, you're not going to win the race. You must be synchronized perfectly. The second thing is how much power you have in your stroke. Most of the boats paddle together well. The winner has more horsepower in the boat.”.


Dragon Fortune Eggs Recipe (tangerine, eggs, cloves, allspice, soy sauce, ginger, tea, tea, ginger, orange zest)

Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

Dragon Dippers (butter, chili powder, cumin, garlic salt)


Grey Owl Paddles » Sizing Dragon Boat Paddles
Sizing Dragon Boat Paddles ← Jet. Economy 10° ... If you paddle in a teak dragon boat or a dragon boat with very little freeboard (6-16) ...

Paddles|Oars|dragon boat paddle|kayak paddle-coosatpaddles
Coosat Company is the most professional boat paddle manufacture in china who makes dragon boat paddle,kayak paddle,canoe paddles,sup oars,etc

Grey Owl High Performance wood dragon boat paddle
High Performance wood dragon boat paddle by Grey Owl and made in Canada.

Wooden Canoe Paddle Product Photos,Wooden Canoe Paddle Product ...

Wooden Canoe Paddle Product Photos,Wooden Canoe Paddle Product ...
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... Dragon Boat Paddle - Buy Wooden Paddle,Wood Paddle,Wooden Dragon Boat

... Dragon Boat Paddle - Buy Wooden Paddle,Wood Paddle,Wooden Dragon Boat
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