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Exploring The World Of High-End Yacht Toys

So you have the boat you always wanted. You love to take your friends aboard and cruise the deep oceans, either showing off your seamanship by driving the 


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Exploring The World Of High-End Yacht Toys - Boca Life Magazine - Boca Life Magazine

So you have the boat you always wanted. You love to take your friends aboard and cruise the deep oceans, either showing off your seamanship by driving the boat yourself, or, if you dropped a few mil for a serious yacht, by hiring a skilled crew to pilot it so you and your guests can... You soon find, however, that sailing from port to port and enjoying time ashore isn’t quite enough. Inevitably you seek to add amenities, or “toys” as they call them in the marine industry. Dave Carmichael, who with his brother, Robert, owns three Brownie’s dive shops on the Gold Coast, describes the most common purchases. “General all round scuba gear is our best-seller,” he says. Seabobs are very popular, and most boats have paddleboards. ” Seabobs, which start around $9,000, are those little water scooters that can glide across the surface and take a rider for shallow underwater trips. Those items, of course, are only used when a boat is docked in calm water. For the extreme high-end yacht—boats whose sizes rival military vessels—the toys get much bigger and vastly more expensive. You see helicopters on large yachts, giving owners and guests quick ways to come aboard and depart. And for the truly adventurous, there are submersibles (a redefined name for submarines) for people who want to do some serious underwater exploring. More common are boat tenders and smaller crafts, designed to take people where the larger yacht can’t safely venture. Sometimes those are towed behind the larger ship, but when there is room, they are found aboard. STOCKING UP. Paul Flannery, director of sales at SYS Yachts Sales Palm Beach, says paddleboards are one of the most popular amenities. “They’re not expensive, [they’re] easy to store and they provide healthy exercise,” he says. “Underwater seabobs are really popular. They’re an important way to create activity, like taking the dog to the beach. ” Often, these “toys” convey with the sale of a yacht. “When a guy buys a boat he gets some pretty nice gifts for the kids,” Flannery says. Flannery has not had much experience with super expensive toys, such as submersibles. They only go on the most expensive yachts. He adds: “But if you have a guy who has a submersible and wants to buy a yacht to put it on, don’t forget my phone number. Not everybody is enamored of the more expensive toys. A veteran yacht broker who deals primarily in high-end vessels and did not wish to be named has little time for submersibles. Dave Carmichael, above, and his brother Robert own three Brownie’s dive shops—Brownie’s Southport Divers and Brownie’s Yacht Toys in Fort Lauderdale and Brownie’s Palm Beach. Divers in Riviera Beach. Their busy stores sell everything from routine maintainence items to expensive seabobs. Through a separate company, they bought two Triton Submarines for use. on leased yachts. “They’re a pain in the butt,” he says, “for all the space they take up for how little they’re used. And I’ll tell you, if you take some billionaire’s grandchildren down in one of those, you sure as hell better bring them back up. ”. Actually, safety has not been a problem for the personal subs. The topic is prominently addressed in the brochure for a leading builder of personal submersibles, Triton Submarines. It says in the last year one million people have enjoyed dives on civilian submersibles, adding “In the three-decade operating history of the industry, ABS and DNV-GL classed submersibles have retained a perfect safety record. Civilian submersibles are, statistically, the safest form of transportation in the world today. Not surprisingly in a state surrounded by seas, several of the leading manufacturers of “toys” are located in Florida. In fact, two of the more interesting companies are in one town. Triton Submarines and Dragonfly Boatworks are both in Vero Beach. When Patrick Lahey introduced the idea of a personal submarine at boat shows, few paid attention. Most just strolled past his booth with a tolerant chuckle. “Actually, we were ridiculed,” Lehay says. “People said nobody would want to have a submarine on a yacht. Actually, they’re neither. They’re fun to operate and easy to maintain. That was in 2007, a year before his company, Triton Submarines, made its first sale. It was to a West Palm Beach man who owned a 50-meter Trinity yacht.


  1. So you have the boat you always wanted. You love to take your friends aboard and cruise the deep oceans, either showing off your seamanship by driving the 
  2. Among the show goers were boat buyers who used this Rhode Island expo to explore new pathways into boating and get a jump on the season by purchasing boats. The Providence show, held The fleet ranged from small paddle craft and inflatable and
  3. On the outside the Anito was simple wooden figure, an indecorous carving of an ancestral spirit—primitive, primeval, powerful, scabbed over with dried blood and covered with a patina of grease from many lifetimes of food-offerings. But the . The


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Row Boat | eBay
Used Row Boats. Vintage Row Boat. Row Boat Oars. ... For sale is a decorative wooden row boat with 2 oars & brass oar locks in nice condition.

Gallery | Used Wooden Boats for Sale | LadyBen Classic ...
1980 Stone Horse 23 foot cutter Used Wooden Boat For Sale Excellent condition throughout.

Classic Antique Wooden Boats For Sale | Port Carling Boats
... Wooden Boats for Sale. Is your source for cottage life in Muskoka Ontario and Antique and Classic Wooden Boats ... Classic / Antique Wooden Boats For Sale.

Used Wooden Row Boats For Sale Building Wooden building boat model ...

Used Wooden Row Boats For Sale Building Wooden building boat model ...
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... sale antique wooden boats row boat wooden row boat for sale wooden row

... sale antique wooden boats row boat wooden row boat for sale wooden row
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Row Boat | Sold | Wooden Boat

Row Boat | Sold | Wooden Boat
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Milang. Photo from the Milang railway station museum of Landseers big warehouses during the river boat trading days of the 19th century in Milang. Now all these buildings are gone.
Milang and the Murray River Boat Trade. In 1853 the governor of SA offered a reward of £4,000 to the first river steam boat to navigate the Murray to Wentworth and beyond. Captain Francis Cadell working with William Younghusband, a close friend of the governor received the prize although Captain William Randell of Mannum reached Wentworth in his steam boat at the same time. Cadell had named his boat after the wife of the Governor, the Lady Augusta and the Governor and a small party travelled on Captain Cadell’s boat. After this financial boost Cadell went on to establish the River Murray Navigation Company based in Goolwa. Randell established his own shipping line based in Mannum. The river trade began in earnest in 1854. The prize was intercolonial transportation of goods into western NSW and southern Qld via the Darling River from Wentworth. In the 1850s there was almost no settlement in SA along the river so the money to be made was in NSW and the upper reaches of the Murray in...
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: main hall panorama
See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article. Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy | _details_pending_:
rowing boat in front of Kitchener's Island
rowing boat in front of Kitchener's Island
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