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April 2016 --Glide from LA to Catalina Island

This is the development of April Catalina sail videos. It has three parts: "Sailing". "Faded into Catalina". So just lean back and enjoy.

Deck Designs

Designers are focusing continually more intensely on the parts that make up a boat: underbody, rig, cabins, cockpit and deck layout. fleet, all the boats in the Performance Cruiser group — the Alerion 30 Sport, Elan E4, J/112 E and Dehler 34


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Sailboat Guide

Royce's Sailing Illustrated

The American Sailboat

A stage the turn of the century, with steam power commonplace and the internal-combustion engine just emerging as a revolutionary development, the sailboat began to towards the transition from work boat to pleasure boat. This definitive chronology of American sailboats from 1900 to 1970 provides an in-depth look at the production of recreational vessels created by such prominent boatmakers as Catalina, Hunter, Island Packet, Tartan, Morgan, Mason, Cabo, Rico, Dufour, Alden, Oday, Cambria and Herreshoff. Archival louring-and-white and modern color photography details the evolution of sailboats and advances in boating technologies and hull designs. All of the key classes are featured, as are renowned racing sailboats that influenced the design of production models.

Deck Designs - Cruising The world at large

Today’s sailboat block out has matured well beyond mere hull forms. Designers are focusing ever more intensely on the parts that make up a boat: underbody, rig, cabins, cockpit and deck layout. It’s on these eventually two categories that we’ll focus now as we reflect on the monohulls that comprised the 2017 Boat of the Year fleet. The natural compromises inherent in all cruising boats are on detailed display when we examine cockpits and decks. Control and comfort are a good starting point for our examination, and a choice that favors one of these traits on comes at the cost of the other. Control: Shaping the Sails A glance at the exterior instantly telegraphs signals about a boat’s overall design condensed. Two boats built by the same company — the 34-foot Elan E4 and the 45-foot Elan Impression, each designed by Rob Humphreys — ornament the point. The E4 features a double-ended mainsheet at the boom’s aft end with a low-friction traveler in the cockpit sole, just forward of the helm. The Feeling, by contrast, features midboom sheeting, no traveler, and just one end of the sheet to work with. In these examples, the E4 offers significantly better control of the mainsail — markedly for shaping the leech — while the Impression trades that sail-handling control for the comfort and convenience of fewer lines to fiddle with, less hotchpotch... The E4 is a hard-chined, twin-rudder performance cruiser with a keel-stepped mast and a displacement-to-length correspondence (D/L) of 150. this is a boat that’s been optimized for speed, if not straight-up racing. The double-ended mainsheet allows crew in racing look to sheet both ends simultaneously, doubling the speed of maneuvers. The Elan Impression, by contrast, exhibits fuller hull sections, a deck-stepped mast, tankage for 230 gallons of fluids and a D/L of 205. it is, in leaving out, a dedicated cruising boat. As we look through the 2017 fleet, all the boats in the Performance Cruiser category — the Alerion 30 Enjoyment, Elan E4, J/112 E and Dehler 34 — exhibit end-boom sheeting, as do two other performance-oriented boats from the full-size cruiser... Another group winner, the Solaris 50, features a mainsheet that terminates at a single point at the centerline of the cockpit sole, relying mainly on the hydraulic vang for leech-shaping. With a bright crew, the helmsperson can stand on centerline aft of the helm, or sit outboard on a coaming with easy fingertip control of the helm. Alternatively, when sailing squat-handed, the driver can sit outboard just forward of the helm, with a good footrest on the binnacle and within ideal reach of the mainsheet and low-friction traveler. The Alerion 30 Entertainment and the Hallberg-Rassy 40 Mk II put end-boom sheeting to different uses. In these two boats, the mainsheet terminates aft of the helm, outside the coaming, which keeps the cockpit absolved of the sheet while still providing optimum sail-shaping control. The Hallberg-Rassy is alone among this crowd: classed not as a doing cruiser (its D/L of 227 is the heaviest among the 2017 fleet) but as a center-cockpit, all-oceans cruising boat. Bluewater sailors like to trim their sails too, and this Hallberg-Rassy was among the short list that this year’s BOTY judges would love to take deep-sea voyaging, the sooner the well-advised. Of the boats with midboom sheeting, the judges preferred those with travelers: the Catalina 42 and the Dufour 460 Grand Large. Offering the least mainsail-shaping charge were the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62, Elan Impression 45 and the Jeanneau 58. On each of these boats, the mainsheet terminates at join blocks and provides little to no athwartships control. Comfort: Hide the Running Gear In the past few years, we’ve observed two trends coordinated to both the standing and the running rigging. This means that designers can bring the shrouds out to the hull instead of to tangs in the middle of the side deck, which typically insist tie rods or hanging knees below deck to support the rig’s tension loads. This design was adopted by all the performance cruisers we mentioned unaffected by, as.


  1. Designers are focusing continually more intensely on the parts that make up a boat: underbody, rig, cabins, cockpit and deck layout. fleet, all the boats in the Performance Cruiser group — the Alerion 30 Sport, Elan E4, J/112 E and Dehler 34
  2. A “get along aboard” at Squalicum Harbor, Robb sold his house on Camano Island last fall and has been calling a 27-foot Catalina 270 named 'Pegasus' his new at ease. Robb always had a boat moored off His consumerism is down to purchasing boat parts and
  3. Beattie Purcell, who helped layout and popularize the Catalina 22, one of the world's best selling sailboats, passed away recently at the age of 91. A longtime member of the yacht sisterhood, Purcell moved to the area in 1977 to open an East Coast


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From the eight-foot Sabot to the glorious Catalina 470, Catalina Yachts has developed the most complete range of sailing yachts built today.

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Yachting parts, dress and accessories for Catalina boats and more! Brands like Selden, Garhauer, Doyle Sails.

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Catalina Be at the helm, publishers of the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25 Owner's Handbooks and the largest supplier of parts and Lewmar winches for Catalina Yachts in the country


Sequoia In Cluster Bay
The Thunderbird rank sailboat was designed in 1958 by Seattle Washington naval architect Ben Seaborn, in response to a request from the Douglas Fir Plywood Friendship (now APA - The Engineered Wood Association) of Tacoma, Washington for design proposals for a sailboat that would "... be both a racing and cruising speedboat; provide sleeping accommodations for four crew; be capable of being built by reasonably skilled amateurs; provide auxiliary power by an outboard motor that could be well removed and stowed; and out-perform other sailboats in its class." More than 35 years of experience and construction of more than 1,250 Thunderbirds around the in all respects have demonstrated that the 25.90-foot (7.89 m) Thunderbird class sailboat is a success on all accounts. Specifications LOA (Length Overall)] 25' 11¾" (7.89 m) LWL (Designed Waterline)] 20' 3" Extremity Beam 7' 6½" (2.30 m) Mast Height (above WL) 37' 10¼" (11.54 m) Draft 4' 9½" (1.46 m)...
Run-of-the-mill view of Avalon taken from the south from Stage Road above Lover's Cove, Santa Catalina Island (CHS-2793)
Wikimedia Commons tiki page Description Description ''General view of Avalon taken from the south from Stage Road above Lover's Cove, Santa Catalina Archipelago Photograph of a general view of Avalon taken from the south from Stage Road above Lover's Cove, Santa Catalina Eyot. Sharp switchbacks mark the road which cuts into the side of the slopes as it proceeds toward Avalon. A sailboat is in the harbor. Tree branches are in the hinie left foreground. Mountain slopes of the island rise in the distance. Call number: CHS-2793 Filename: CHS-2793 Coverage ancient: circa 1905/1910 Part of collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960 Format: glass plate negatives Species: images Geographic subject (city or populated place): Avalon Repository name: USC Libraries Special Collections Accession bunch: 2793 Microfiche number: 1-26- Archival file: chs_Volume93/CHS-2793.tiff Part of subcollection: Title Indemnity and Trust, and C.C. Pierce Photography...
Moonlight trek on Avalon harbor, Santa Catalina Island, ca.1896-1910 (CHS-1613)
Wikimedia Commons figure of speech page Description Description ''Moonlight excursion on Avalon harbor, Santa Catalina Island, ca.1896-1910 Photograph of moonlight excursus on Avalon harbor, Santa Catalina Island, ca.1896-1910. At center, a small street slopes down to the harbor. Small homes and buildings queue the street on both sides. To the right, a small wooden pier can be seen extending over the water. To the left, around twenty small boats are anchored in the marina. At center pathetic along the water, a large steamboat and sailboat can be seen. A trail of smoke extends from the steamboat. The ocean can be seen extending to the left and swiftly into the extreme background. To the far right, large cliff walls are visible. Call number: CHS-1613 Legacy record ID: chs-m5624; USC-1-1-1-5741 Photographer: Brickey, E.M. Filename: CHS-1613 Coverage steady old-fashioned: circa 1896/1910 Part of collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960 Type: images Geographic at the mercy of...