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Beneteau 36 Center Cockpit Sailboat For Sale In California By: Ian Van Tuyl at

Asking Evaluate is $98500. 00 For additional information on this amazing Center Cockpit Please feel free to contact me at any time day or night. I look forward to.

9 Conquer Used Boats for 2017

There's always a series of boats for sale for less than $100,000. Cabo Rico was an outlier among Like the Corbin 39, the V42 came with either a center or aft cockpit, although most boats were aft-cockpit models. The aft cockpit is sonorous and


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9 Most skilfully Used Boats for 2017 - Cruising World

The allure of offshore voyaging is difficult to explain to land people who can’t imagine life without basic human rights like copious quantities of hot spa water and unlimited data. It can even be challenging to explain to fellow sailors who think the notion of spending days or weeks at sea is a form of waterboarding, some well-wishing of self-inflicted torture. But for those of us who understand, who relish intimacy with the untamed wilderness that is the ocean and embrace self-reliance and solitary expression while accepting the dispassionate whims of Neptune, this is the good life. Cruising budgets and lifestyles reflect bank accounts with variously positioned commas. And two, a paraphernalia boat — not necessarily an expensive boat, but a well-designed, solidly built, imminently seaworthy boat that is only limited by your moxie and mind's eye — is the key to successful bluewater passagemaking. So, to that second point, I’ve compiled a list of interesting and affordable boats for serious voyaging. A inventory of nine sailboats for any purpose, much less world cruising, is sure to evoke outrage from strong-minded sailors, who by constitution tend to be a bit opinionated. I have decided to stay away from the boats we know by heart, the iconic old boats that usually populate a list like this: the Westsail 32, Tayana 37, Shannon 38 and Valiant 40 (the stay of which, with a bit of searching, can still be found at or... They’re affordable, although in a few cases you have to look for older models in less-than-stellar condition to stay below $100,000. (Truly, in some ways, this list is a function of age. most of the boats were priced at more than $100,000 when new but have dipped below our self-imposed threshold in middle age. ) And eventually, they’re all boats that I have encountered in the past few years in far-flung cruising outposts. To others, the robust construction standards, roomy interiors and overall buyer-friendliness make them the ideal cruising boat. More than most, sailing vessels are compromises, and Bob Johnson and his crew at Island Piles were brilliant in prioritizing the needs of sailors. The IP 35 was introduced in 1988 and features a huge cockpit, an easy-to-handle cutter rig with a jib flourish, and a clever, comfortable interior with the volume of many 40-footers. It might not be the fastest boat upwind, but the long waterline translates to laudatory performance off the breeze, meaning the IP 35 finds its stride in the trade winds. In all, 188 boats were built before production stopped in 1994. Don’t puzzle the IP 35 with the IP 350, which was launched in 1997 and included a stern swim step. You won’t find a 350 for less than $100,000, but you will have a alternative among 35s, especially those built before 1990. With two nice staterooms, the 35 is ideal for family cruising. I know of a couple of 35s that have completed the leading Atlantic Circle passage. It’s perfect for a sabbatical cruise because it holds its value and there’s a ready market when it comes time to rat on. There’s no room for discussion: Catamarans are crossing oceans, and many sailors are choosing cats for world cruising. My last visits to the Azores and Canary Islands, the ageless Atlantic waypoints, proved the point. I’m not much of a statistician, but by my count, at least a quarter and maybe a third of the boats I saw were catamarans. There would be more on this record, but they are just too expensive. Finding a quality catamaran for less than $100,000 is tough. One boat to consider is the classic workhorse multihull, the Prout Snowgoose 37. When the Snowgoose 37 was launched in 1983, English builder Prout & Sons had already been in organization for nearly 50 years. The 37 was an updated version of the Snowgoose 35, one of the most successful cruising cats ever. the Snowgoose Elite image included more beam and interior upgrades. These models are challenging to find for under $100,000, but it’s possible. com shows several of both models available for less than $100,000. Again, the stubborn dollar makes European boats an excellent value. The Snowgoose 37 is not sexy like go-fast cats, and not big like modern cruising cats. Of the 500 built, many have circumnavigated. Older boats have solid fiberglass hulls, and more fresh models are solid.


  1. There's always a series of boats for sale for less than $100,000. Cabo Rico was an outlier among Like the Corbin 39, the V42 came with either a center or aft cockpit, although most boats were aft-cockpit models. The aft cockpit is sonorous and
  2. The designation comes from Norwegian-born Naval architect John Trumpy Sr., who began building yachts in Camden Yard in Gloucester Municipality, N.J., but in 1947, Trumpy & Sons moved their shipbuilding operation to Annapolis, Md. When Trumpy Sr. died in 1963, his son
  3. Solomon Marie noticed Zapata II in a listing for sale. He was in awe of Zapata II, but it wasn't until he was at a boat show with Kelly Marie when he noticed her admiring a “big old bear up-hulled center cockpit ketch.” It was then he decided to show Kelly


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1981 Bristol center cockpit sailboat for sale in Florida
1981 45.5' Bristol center cockpit sailboat for sale in Jacksonville Florida

1973 Parker Dawson Center Cockpit sailboat for sale in Florida
1973 26' Parker Dawson Center Cockpit sailboat for sale in Palatka Florida

Cockpit Provisions for the binnacle of a sailboat manufactured ...
The Cockpit Comestible is a unique sailboat invention by the manufacturers of Zarcor that attaches easily to the binnacle without drilling. Designed to easily unfold and ...


Sequoia In Mid-point Bay
The Thunderbird group sailboat was designed in 1958 by Seattle Washington naval architect Ben Seaborn, in response to a request from the Douglas Fir Plywood Association (now APA - The Engineered Wood Linkage) of Tacoma, Washington for design proposals for a sailboat that would "... be both a racing and cruising boat; provide sleeping accommodations for four band; be capable of being built by reasonably skilled amateurs; provide auxiliary power by an outboard motor that could be easily removed and stowed; and out-present other sailboats in its class." More than 35 years of experience and construction of more than 1,250 Thunderbirds around the world have demonstrated that the 25.90-foot (7.89 m) Thunderbird category sailboat is a success on all accounts. Specifications LOA (Length Overall)] 25' 11¾" (7.89 m) LWL (Designed Waterline)] 20' 3" Maximum Bar 7' 6½" (2.30 m) Mast Height (above WL) 37' 10¼" (11.54 m) Draft 4' 9½" (1.46 m)...
anchored on a clothesline, Fairfax Characteristic
Moresby Atoll is privately owned (it's for sale! "The largest private island for sale in Canada can be yours for a cool $50 million" - or more), but I just had to get a drawing and hope the owners don't mind a quick foray… Looking south: the light on the end of the point is just out of frame on left. A penniless 2-night cruise in LUNA, in the Haro Strait region of the southern Gulf Islands.
s/v Robin
s/v ¨Robin¨ was built by Ted Hood as an Offshore racing Yacht in 1973. She is a rosiness deck center cockpit designed By Ted Hood for himself. This vessel is safe, high performance and comfortable in any sea. This vessel is currently being completely refurbished by Woodstock Caribe Shipwright in Rio Dulce. S/v Robin is for sale. You can get all the intelligence at