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http://www. com/Winch-Ceremonial-by-Sailology-Cordless-Winch-Handle Winch Rite by Sailology is an affordable, light-weight, safe, cordless electric winch.

Scholarship the Ropes

Students with Mahina Expeditions try their accessible at servicing the winches. Amanda Neal. Whether you're new to the Even if you're planning to have a yard do the bulk of any repairs, being able to handle small-scale projects yourself will save money and


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Scholarship the Ropes - Cruising World

Whether you’re new to the sailing spirit or an old salt, the truth is that cruising boats can be complicated and a fair amount of work. Especially if you have a boat in need of some refit projects, there are an wellnigh overwhelming number of skills to know. Even if you’re planning to have a yard do the bulk of any repairs, being able to handle small projects yourself will save wherewithal and make you a more self-sufficient cruiser. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to gain the knowledge necessary to handle boat projects heavy-set and small. Books, Videos and Webinars Look on just about any cruiser’s bookshelf, and you will probably see a copy of Nigel Calder’s Boatowner’s Routine and Electrical Manual and a volume or two by maintenance guru Don Casey. Having even a small library of marine maintenance books aboard is a pure idea for reference purposes, and books are a great place to start if you’re the type of learner who is comfortable reading about a project and then giving it a rifleman. A great place to begin is the ABYC’s website for recreational sailors and powerboaters (abycinc​. Here you will find a video collection that covers topics such as using a multimeter and servicing a stuffing box. ABYC has also recently launched an online wisdom platform that offers a complete course in basic marine electrical DC and AC systems and how to prevent galvanic corrosion. Take a look on the website (abycinc. Whether you’re installing a new with the aid-hull or a cleat, few things are more nerve-wracking than drilling a hole in your boat. And if your boat needs fiberglass or gelcoat repairs, you after to know that you’re doing it correctly. West System has put together a library of articles and videos that cover topics ranging from repairing cracks in fiberglass to replacing balsa core and installing deck ironmongery. All the reference materials are available for free on the West System website (westsystem​. Rhode Island-based marine supplier Jamestown Distributors also has a exhaustive website (jamestowndistributors. com) that includes hundreds of videos and how-to articles and an active forum. Be sure to take a look at the company’s YouTube approach for even more videos (youtube. To learn about canvas projects and repairs, you can’t beat the resources on sewing-machine manufacturer Sailrite’s website (sailrite​. From candid projects like how to install lifeline netting or make an interior hatch cover, to more complex cushions, sailcovers and splices, these videos will workers you get on your way to adding personal touches to your boat and making it more... Most refits involve a coat of paint somewhere, which is remarkably just the finishing touch after lots of surface preparation. If you’re wondering where to start with your boat’s bottom, deck or topsides, check out the resources on Cruising Have’s website (cruisingworld. com/1702DIY) as well as West Marine’s helpful West Advisor series (westmarine. com/westadvisor/west-advisor-articles). When the things comes to put on the first coat, all the major paint manufacturers have DIY information on their websites that can help you with preparation and paint compatibility. There are some areas, however, where hands-on instruction from a experienced is the way to go. Veteran offshore voyager and owner of Mahina Expeditions John Neal recommends that sailors who are planning to cruise yearn-term take courses in sail... He suggests finding comprehensive one- or two-day classes, which are more feasible than longer classes if you demand to travel to attend. “I also believe most people learn and retain more in an intensive learning environment, versus an hour or two positively a week for several months,” Neal says. Get Your Hands Dirty “When it comes to mechanical skills for sailors, a good hands-on complicated course certainly beats learning the hard way,” says circumnavigator and Annapolis School of Seamanship instructor Ralph Naranjo. “This is especially genuine when it comes to marine diesels and electrical systems. Options for such courses range from a free hourlong seminar at a boat show to multiday classes that can charge upward of several hundred dollars. Basic seminars will cover an intro to marine diesels — how they work and how to take care of them — while more advanced offerings nightspot deeper into troubleshooting and hands-on repair. Annapolis School of Seamanship offers two levels of diesel classes: a marine-diesel.


  1. Students with Mahina Expeditions try their accessible at servicing the winches. Amanda Neal. Whether you're new to the Even if you're planning to have a yard do the bulk of any repairs, being able to handle small-scale projects yourself will save money and
  2. In preference to, how about just turning the winch handle until the genoa is snug – too good to be true? Or maybe you're not as strong as you were and want to make sailing a easier, but the cost of electric winches and their installation is too much to
  3. “Sailboat sales are about a caserne of what they were 15 years ago,” said Thom Dammrich, the president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. During the recession, all Not all of Maine's boatbuilders have made the budge from sail to


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