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BOY baby shower ideas- Nautical Theme!

This was our first baby shower at 29 weeks. The nautical theme was perfect :-) Here is a summary of our shower day and boy baby shower ideas for you.

Inside the Nautical-Themed Baby Shower Kaley Cuoco Threw for Her 8 Simple Rules Costar Amy Davidson

“We had the shower in Kaley's backyard, which is a paradise,” Davidson tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Kaley is one of the best hostesses I know — even when we do Bachelor night! It was relaxed and beautiful.” The theme for the Saturday bash, sponsored by 


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Sailboat Guide

The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide

Are you ready for a fresh twist on the traditional baby showers? Forget playing the same old games and giving the same old gifts. The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide will turn the average, indistinguishable baby shower into an unforgettable celebration that is personalized for the family you are hosting for. The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide is a complete resource including more than 20 unique shower themes, over 80 different games and variations, dozens of creative decorating ideas and an international recipe guide so simply written people at any level will have an appetizing presentation of food. You will also find detailed, easy to apply information on host’s responsibilities, preparing a guest list, choosing a location, getting organized and tips to help the mother-to-be after the shower....

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Oh hey, Friday! A (much-needed) quiet week

1 | We've been trying to nail down our family Halloween costumes. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, so something easy and not scary is always up my alley. Victor LOVES Halloween and frequently pushes for a couple/family theme (see last year's photos ), so for a while we thought we were going to be Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which is Max's newest favorite TV show. However, I put off getting our costumes around until after the Fall Extravaganza party, so this week didn't leave much time. Plus Max kept changing his mind about what he wanted to be. First it was a shark after seeing a costume at Target, then it was "Pirate Jake," then it was a Ninja Turtle. We went to TJ Maxx on Monday to find some shoes for our family photo shoot and we happened across this airplane. 2 | On Tuesday evening, we had our family photoshoot with our good friend and talented photographer, Dottie Millwater. It was a bit chilly and windy, but the light was gorgeous and she got some great shots of our little family. I can't wait to see the final edited photos. We went to Dottie's house for dinner afterward, and Max played his his BFF, Dottie's daughter, Eleanor. Max loves playing with her toys. 3 | Max loves playing with Kenny, our dog. until he doesn't anymore and starts shouting "Go away, Tee. " We can't break him of it. They had a sweet moment earlier this week, and it reminded me of a photo I took of the two of them when Max was Louisa's age two years ago. 4 | Louisa has started taking an interest in sitting up lately, but she doesn't last very long. AND she finally rolled from front to back for the first time last night. Both my kids were late rollers, and I think the issue with Louisa is that she doesn't spend enough time on the floor since I'm always worried Max or the dog is going to pounce on her. We'll keep working on it. Max sat up unassisted for the first time on Halloween in 2014. Perhaps Louisa could do the same. 5 | I'm happy to report that our sleep problems we were having with Max over the past month and a half are starting to ease up a bit. I still have to sit in his room until he falls asleep (otherwise he won't stay in his bed), and he sleeps with his door partially open. If we wakes in the middle of the night (still happening, I think more due to nightmares than separation anxiety these days), I am usually able to get him back in bed and tell him he can sleep with the door wiiiiiide open, which comforts him enough... clock glows green (it's set to glow at 7 AM). It took about a week for him to understand the concept of this AMAZING clock, and he doesn't come out of his room in the morning until it glows. however, it doesn't help with night wakings. It's definitely been an adjustment waking up to Max standing next to my bed, but it's much better than him screaming from his room. He's very quiet about coming to our room in the morning: he tiptoes in, then stands by my side of the bed to see if I'll notice he's there. If I don't, after a few minutes he'll quietly tap me and say, "Mom, clock green. Now if I could just get in the habit of waking by 6 or 6:30 to get my shower in, we'll be in great shape. As I mentioned, I've been greatly enjoying this quiet, normal week. I've also been going through the kids' closets and dressers and boxing up out-of-season/too-small clothes. It's so crazy to think that NONE of Max's shorts I boxed up will fit him next summer. His size 2T pajamas are already too snug and we've had to graduate to 3T. His 2T t-shirts won't last much longer, either. I'm Rachel, wife to Victor, mommy to Max, Louisa, and Kenny the dog. Formerly a kindergarten teacher, I'm now a stay-at-home mommy to my babies.


  1. “We had the shower in Kaley's backyard, which is a paradise,” Davidson tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Kaley is one of the best hostesses I know — even when we do Bachelor night! It was relaxed and beautiful.” The theme for the Saturday bash, sponsored by 
  2. Sailboat identification works a little like bird watching. You can tell a lot by the silhouette. When you see a sailboat on the water, ask two questions: Does the boat have one mast or two? If the answer is two, which one is taller? Two-masted boats
  3. Today, Water Street, the main drag, is lined with 19th- and early-20th-century weathered shingle-clad structures that peer out at the small enclosed harbor, Eel Pond, where the array of vessels is dominated by time-worn skiffs and cherished sailboats


Baby Shower Raspberry Dip (raspberries, raspberries, sour cream, sugar)

Blue Baby Shower Punch (7 up, sugar, kool aid, vanilla ice cream, water)

Baby Pacifiers (shower Favors) (icing, jelly beans)

Baby Block Shower or Birthday Cake (food coloring, pound cake, white frosting)


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