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GD9907P Large Sailboat Weathervane Polished Copper

Our handcrafted weathervanes add a touch of elegance and are the ultimate symbol of American tradition and craftsmanship. Our Artisans use Old World.

Canary Island Team Wins World Robotic Sailing 2016

If you're like us, you had no idea that there even was a World Robotic Sailing Championship. But we're glad that we do now! And congratulations to the team of A-Tirma G2, the winning boat. (Link in Spanish, difficult to translate — if you can figure


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Whitehall 30" Sailboat Intensity Weathervane - Black 00073

Whitehall 30" Sailboat Intensity Weathervane - Black 00073

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $54.99

30" Sailboat Highlight Weathervane - Black

Whitehall Products 45027 Sailboat Copper Weathervane - Graceful

Whitehall Products 45027 Sailboat Copper Weathervane - Graceful

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $304.99

Features The Whitehall Paradigm directions Copper Weathervanes will add that finishing touch to any barn, garage or gazebo. Hand hammered, full-bodied copper ornaments, for an old domain look. Instructions and adjustable roof mount base included. Assembly Required. Material - Copper Color - Urbane Dimension - 19 x 4 x 49 in.

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Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2008 Price Guide

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Killer Stuff and Tons of Money

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The Bridge Of The Gods Quilt Block Trail

last September where, after a hike with my dh to Dry Creek Falls, we crossed the Bridge of the Gods on foot. It was while we were paying our $1 fee at the toll booth that I looked up and noticed the quilt block hanging across the way. The lady at the toll booth vaguely mentioned something about there being a Bridge of the Gods Quilt Block Trail. Since I didn't have all day I drove part of it and did what the postal service calls "park and loops" where you stop, get out, walk around a city block, and end up where you started. Drive to the next juncture. It worked quite nicely. If he hasn't already, William Sullivan should include this trail in the next edition of his 100 Hikes of Northwest Oregon book. At the end of Thunder Island is this magnificent view of the entire span of the Bridge of the Gods. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the island. Imagine enjoying a picnic lunch with this view. That would have been the bow on the package of my day. Maybe next time. Holly, I LOVED THIS POST. Thanks for sharing it. here we have quilt trails but they're definitely barns the way I understand it. I love that this town pulled together and participated and fun to see the different ones. To me the Grandmother's Flower Garden and Sunbonnet Sam and Sue brought back memories of Momma. She did an appliqued quilt of the sunbonnet kids. It is intriguing which one/s appeal to different people. not necessarily the why of it, but just the fact of it. Since you seem so comfortable in this town, maybe this is where you two should look for a home. Wish I could be there with you to go see each of these and tell you to slow down and wait on me, you're going too fast. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband and dog. Whether hiking trails or hunting geocaches or exploring some place new, my best memories happen outdoors. An experience isn’t fully lived until captured by camera and placed in the pages of this journal. At times these experiences are translated into the quilts I make. This is my life through my lens.


  1. If you're like us, you had no idea that there even was a World Robotic Sailing Championship. But we're glad that we do now! And congratulations to the team of A-Tirma G2, the winning boat. (Link in Spanish, difficult to translate — if you can figure
  2. The converted Suezmax FPSO features a turret with a disconnectable buoy (buoyant turret mooring) that allows it to weathervane in normal conditions and disconnect from the FPSO upon the approach of a hurricane. According to SBM Offshore, not only is
  3. Two other paintings by the same artist: “The National Line's Steamer Italy Amidst Other Vessels at Sea, Packet Mercury to Stern,” an oil on canvas, and “American Steam-Sail Ship Star of the South, Passing an American Full Rigged Ship at Sea” each


Sailboat Sundaes (jello, peach)

Frozen Chocolate "frango" Mints (butter, egg yolks, peppermint extract, powdered sugar, chocolate, vanilla wafers)

Galley Wench's Spice Sea Chili (adobo sauce, poblano chiles, beef broth, beer, black beans, chili powder, chipotle peppers, cocoa powder, cumin, onions, tomato, garlic, jalapeno, beef, pork chops, olive oil, poblano chile, tomato)


Weathervanes and Cupolas | Weathervane Factory
The Weathervane Factory offers a unique selection of over 400 weathervanes,cupolas, signs, plaques, decor, bells for home and garden.

Buy Sailboat Weathervane Polished Copper - : Whitehall Products Copper Sailboat Weathervane, Polished : Windcup Weathervanes : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Weathervane & Cupola Shop
The Weathervane Shoppe offers weathervanes, cupolas, copper roof vents, copper chimney caps, roof finials

Sailboat Weathervane from the Weathervan Factory 1-207-843-0440

Sailboat Weathervane from the Weathervan Factory 1-207-843-0440
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Sailboat Weathervane | Pismo Bob's

Sailboat Weathervane | Pismo Bob's
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Sailboat Weathervane | Weathervanes | Pinterest

Sailboat Weathervane | Weathervanes | Pinterest
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cupola, Beach Breeze Inn, Shore St.
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27' Nor'Sea 27 Aft Cockpit
A triple-axle trailer, winter cover, Carry-On air conditioner, Monitor wind vane, equipment manuals and maintenance records, as well as many other accessories are included with the boat.

Traditional Trades: Historical Weathervanes
and burgees (the colorful triangular flags that annotate any boat’s personal identification). Yet the most sought-after sculptures remain his one-of-a-kind weathervanes. And sculpt he does, creating anything from the unlimited whims of imagination—like ...

Weather Vane 45 x 68 CM with Sailing Boat Black Steel Wind Chime small
How can we make PicClick Insights better for you? Email us feedback! 122 Views, N/A Watching, High amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. The Lord bless you and Keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his ...