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Discovery 55 for sale - Miss Behaving

We believe this is one of the very best long distance, live aboard, blue water cruising yachts for a couple or family to safely explore the oceans in. Miss Behaving.

The Real 'Caddyshack' Boat Finally Surfaces—and It's for Sale - WSJ

ANNAPOLIS, Md.—The years haven't been kind to Richard Phillips's 60-foot Striker yacht. After working as a fishing boat in the Dominican Republic, “Big Dog” 


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Season 3 Wrap

My third season with 'Piao' came to a close at the end of October. Once again, it was a point of pride to be first-in and last-out down at the Dexter's Cove mooring field. This year's season lasted 23 weeks -- almost half the year. Between launch (17 May) and haul out (29 October), I made 25 voyages with 'Piao,' two-thirds of them single-handed. I think I've got the basics down now. Time to up my game. Next year's plan calls for more focus on optimizing sail trim, anchoring alone, sailing on/off a mooring, sailing on/off a dock, and practicing MOB drills. The kids get this worried look on their faces everytime they come aboard and see me clip into the tether I use religiously. "If you fall overboard, I will come back and get you. But what are you gonna do if I fall overboard. They are getting older, and I figure its time for them to rehearse what we all should do in the event of emergencies. Frankly, I don't think their mother knows what to do, and that worries me a bit. "If you fall overboard, you are a good swimmer," she tells me. Leaving aside the fact that many MOB incidents also involve an injury, I simply reply "Yeah, but what about you and the boat. I smile, but inwardly I am thinking, 'But can you trim or douse the sails. ' Everyone should know more than simply where the cooler is stowed. "Safety Sam," she chides me. But you can take the Boy out of the Scout, but not the Scout out of the Boy (Thanks, Dad). One of my biggest regrets is that I never taught my own kids about camping, basic wilderness survival, or anything more than rudimentary first aid. So, for Christmas this year, I am registering them for a CPR/FirstAid course. For my part, I am eager to get training for Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification. This is a bit pricier, but I think knowing how to respond to emergencies in remote locations is an important skill set to develop. SEA Education Association hosts WFR/USCG Medical Care Provider training programs by Wilderness Medical Associates International several times a year, specially tailored for isolated marine environments. I would like to pursue further certifications with the American Sailing Association , but I feel priced out of that market, too. The local affiliate in Fairhaven, " SailBuzzardsBay ," with whom I took ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sail ($499), also offer ASA 103 Coastal Cruising: $499 ($290 fee to "test out" without instruction). ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising (required if you ever want to charter a sailboat for use while on vacation): $949. ASA 105 Coastal Navigation $499. ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising $1499, plus several others. For now, I am buying textbooks and materials online and teaching myself the basic skills. One day, when I finally hit that PowerBall jackpot, I will take all those certification courses and buy a bigger boat. ' Given the lovely sailing conditions for which Buzzards Bay is famous, I have become a bit more practiced at developing my basic keelboat sailing skill set. Along the way, I've enjoyed learning a bit about meteorology. Since nature abhors a vacuum, the cooler heavier air (under higher pressure) over the water rushes on shore. On Buzzards Bay, this typically happens in the early afternoon, around 2:00pm, every day, as ocean air is drawn northward from the southwest. When you add to the mix the force of the tidal currents of the Bay filling and emptying, this all contributes to the delightful chop for which Buzzards Bay is so well known. Since acquiring the boat in 2014, I now have taken her out a total of 96 times. This year logged just under 330 nautical miles (273nm solo sailing), bringing my three-year total on 'Piao' to over 1000 nautical miles (531 solo). In addition, I have logged another 660nm sailing on other vessels, some small (although bigger than 'Piao'), some a bit larger. This season I was more meticulous about recording engine hours, putting about 32 hours on the outboard motor (for a total of just over 100 hours since I bought it three years ago). Over the last three years, I accumulated several hundred documented "Days at Sea," about ten percent of them solo-sailing. Unfortunately, I cannot count time spent in the kayak, whaleboat, or car ferry to Long Island. Nevertheless, I have over 100 days aboard 'Piao,' while the remainder are made up of my time on other vessels, including both sloops owned by friends, as well as the SEA brigantine 'Corwith.


  1. ANNAPOLIS, Md.—The years haven't been kind to Richard Phillips's 60-foot Striker yacht. After working as a fishing boat in the Dominican Republic, “Big Dog” 
  2. Our long national nightmare is finally over: the 60-foot Striker yacht Rodney Dangerfield's character piloted in Caddyshack has been located and it is for sale. Asking price: $129,000. The Wall Street Journal applied its editorial resources to crack
  3. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), announced last week that sales of new powerboats increased between six and seven percent in 2016, reaching an estimated 250,000 boats sold last year. According to the NMMA, this is a unique


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