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How to Sail a Sailboat : The Parts of a Sailboat

Learn about the major components of a sailboat and their functions shown through a model boat with expert boating tips in this free video clip on sailing.

High temperatures keep Jakse Park toddler pool in Eastlake from opening

Although the concrete has set, the contractors have not had the time needed to install the mechanical parts of the pool that are needed to circulate the water. The delay in pouring the concrete because of the heat means the pool will not be ready for


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Handling Sailboats Under Power

Handling Sailboats Under Power

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Price: $23.68

DVD Handling Sailboats Under PowerTeaches sailors all they lack to know about how to handle a sailboat using an engine. This is especially important when you are maneuvering in close quarters in and around moorings docks and marinas. This program provides detailed instruction in sailboat handling docking close quarter maneuvers handling strong currents and steering a course. Subjects Covered Cover: Basics of Handling Sailboats Under Power Approaching Docks/Moorings Maneuvering in Close Quarters Departing Slips and Docks Unwind to Your Port Steering a Course Wind to Your Starboard Downwind Upwind Engine Maintenance Handling Strong Currents Assistance Trimming Rules of the Road (Under Power) Paddle Wheel Effect Clearing the Lines Maneuvering in Close Quarters. 50 minsProduct: BENNETT DVD HANDLING SAILBOATS UNDER POWER Fabricator: BENNETT VIDEO Manufacturer Part No: H104DVD UPC: 097278001044

Weems & Plath 299 Teak Log Take in with Sailboat Plate

Weems & Plath 299 Teak Log Take in with Sailboat Plate

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Price: $149.99

If you discourage a keep a logand you shouldthere is no better way to cover it! These attractive handmade teak covers with a high gloss lacquer finish require complete protection for our line of log books. The covers are both practical and decorative. All covers feature a solid brass engravable course. The Marlin Sailboat and Powerboat plates have ample room for engraving the vessel name captain and hailing port. Weems & Plath Log Books sold one by one. Dims: 13" x 10".

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Married en plein air painters work on same canvas together ... - Charleston Post Courier

For artists, daylight provides opportunity. Either to capture subjects in transcendent light or to capture the inverse: lengthy shadows. Depending on the artist’s style and subject, the time of day and the brightness of light often affect the finished product, especially for artists working en plein air, or out in the open air. Evgeny and Lydia Baranov are two such artists who utilize this style of painting and the results are paintings and images so realistic that gusts of wind and the aroma of flowers practically emanate from their canvases. For their latest collection of new works, the color palettes are deeply earthen and a mixture of European beauty and translucent water scenes. All of the deepest and brightest colors are represented in scenes of sailboats, cityscapes and table settings, from the deep pink and purples of sunsets to the intricate, colorful wear and tear of gondolas in Rialto, the Baranovs’ work is flush... When you understand one additional key feature of their work, there’s another level of intricacy. in many of their paintings, the husband and wife team work together, simultaneously on the same canvas. According to the press release, the couple acknowledge this factor by saying, “As always with collaborative work, the greatest challenge is learning to respect the opinion of the creative partner and to accept constructive criticism. I understand working together on projects with your significant other, but when I consider the collaboration and intensity it must take for two artists to work together on the same canvas, I am awed. Given the Baranovs’ penchant for collaboration, their long and impressive list of awards and accolades, and their stunning finished paintings, the duo’s new exhibit is sure to be an inspiring and gorgeous show for the month of September. What: New Works from Evgeny and Lydia Baranov. Where: Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art, 58 Broad St. , Charleston. September artist The Charleston Artist Guild’s featured artist for the month of September is Sheila Kern. Kern has a rich and diverse background. Early in her career as an illustrator and fine art painter, she relocated to Ireland where she worked for 13 years as a commercial painter, most notably painting a commission series for a department in the Irish government. After leaving Ireland, Kern went to Paris for a stint before arriving back in the United States and moving to Charleston in 2012. One of Kern’s most passionate and in-depth paintings is actually a three-part series, “The Completement Series,”... “The Labyrinth Painting” is equal parts Dante’s Infero, Hieronymous Bosch and funhouse maze and includes nods to such inspirational artistic ideas such as cherubs, Vincent Van Gogh and Arthurian legend. To top off her extraordinary career, however, Kern’s latest paintings are of sea turtles, a subject she was inspired by after spending time swimming with them. What: Charleston Artist Guild featured artist, Sheila Kern. Where: Charleston Artist Guild, 160 East Bay St. , No. 102, Charleston.


  1. Although the concrete has set, the contractors have not had the time needed to install the mechanical parts of the pool that are needed to circulate the water. The delay in pouring the concrete because of the heat means the pool will not be ready for
  2. For artists, daylight provides opportunity. Either to capture subjects in transcendent light or to capture the inverse: lengthy shadows. Depending on the artist's 
  3. “It's really a great place to sail,” says Montana sailing enthusiast Page Anderson of the Fort Peck Sailing Club. “What a sailor wants is steady winds, both in speed and direction. What we see a lot of is steady winds, both in speed and direction. It's


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Used Sailboat Parts - Buy New & Used Sailboat Parts ...
Used Sailboat Parts salvages sailboats and sells parts including sails, masts, booms, teak, steering pedestals, steering wheels, stanchions, turnbuckles, shackles ...

SailBoatStuff - SailBoat Parts, Marine Parts, Marine ...
SailboatStuff... Sail boat Parts, Marine Parts, Marine Hardware and Marine Accessories. Full Line of Bronze Fittings and Other Hard to Find Parts. More Sailboat Stuff ...

Basic Sailboat Terms (Parts of a Sailboat) - Sports
Many special terms are used for the parts of a sailboat and sailing ... Basic Sailboat Terms. ... Following are terms related to sailboats and their ...

Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Sailing - Wikibooks ...

Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Sailing - Wikibooks ...
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Sailboat Parts - HowStuffWorks

Sailboat Parts - HowStuffWorks
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Sailing Away to Akaroa
Thanks again for all the recommendations! So many of you recommended that we visit Akaroa on our visit to New Zealand, and it was a great suggestion. You can walk along and see most of the commercial part and the harbor in less than an hour. One end is a long dock where they launch a few ships per day. Just as I got out to the end, this sailboat was pulling away from the dock. This photo came from a single RAW file. There was way too much movement to let me do a multiple exposure in this one. - Trey Ratcliff Click here to read the rest of this post, including info on the podcast, at the Stuck in Customs blog.
Sailboat Racing
Shots taken while onboard the sailboat Liberte, taking part in the Three Tree Point Yacht Club Mid-Sound Summer Social sailboat race
DSC01128 - Morning Reflections
PLEASE, no multi invitations or self promotion in your comments, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE for anyone to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks - NONE OF MY PICTURES ARE HDR. Many sailboats from the USA and other parts of the world come to Shelburne and anchor in the harbour, great reflections in the morning. Time to leave for McNutt's Island on "Brown Eyed Girl", a forty-four foot, Marine Trader trawler.

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Throwback Thursday: One Week in Puerto Rosario, Fuerteventura
and everyone is immediately shipped off to other parts of the island where there were more interesting things to do. I loaded myself up on brochures and bus schedules and planned our week here although Matt was planning to get out, with the boat ...

Spare Parts
The Ocean Yachtmaster course I am doing requires me to know what spares boats going off shore should carry. So short of setting up an entire chandlery on board, what should you have in the spare parts kit? First of all, what you carry on board will depend ...

Aluminium Suspension Mount (1f) - Ver. 2 For Trf415
3Racing specializes in the production of high quality radio control parts with materials such as alloy, aluminium, graphite and fiber, suitable for model cars, boats and planes. 3Racing was established in 1995 with the focus of designing and manufacturing ...