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This full area can be hydraulically raised to provide access to the winches and fender racks below. A side-loading tender garage provides storage for a bank notes and Jet Ski, leaving the transom free for accessing the water. In a first for this


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Thule SR7016 Scope Roof Cargo Box; 16 Cubic Ft. Capacity; 76Lx23.8Wx14.7H; For Use w/SportRack Frontier/Square And Round Bars/Plant Racks;


Price: $369.99

Goods Description This sturdy, streamlined roof box holds skis, snowboards, and any other gear you need transported. This product will be shipped instantly from SportRack and will leave their warehouse in 2-3 business days. Eligible for UPS ground shipping only. 16 cubic foot trainload capacity. Rugged construction with impact resistant ABS material. Passenger side opening. Quick release attachment kit included for temperately installation and removal. Fits SportRack Frontier Rack Systems, square bars, round bars and most plant racks. Dimensions: 76 x 32.8 x 14.7 in. / 193 cm x 60.4 cm x 37.3 cm. Holds 5-6 pairs of skis (up to 180 cm) and 3-4 snowboards. CLICK HERE FOR FIT Data. From the Manufacturer Large Capacity Roof Rack Storage That's Easy to Install on Most Racks The SportRack SR7016 Horizon is a open-handed sized rooftop cargo box that provides 16 cubic feet of storage space atop virtually any roof stand. The box has an streamlined low profile, allowing it to cut through the air with minimized wind noise. It is compatible with most rack configurations including: SportRack Pale roof rack systems, square, round and most factory racks. The box is constructed of durable ABS plastic that keeps moisture out, and provides Maquis to impact strikes, and UV rays. 16 cubic feet of aerodynamic roof rack storage constructed of durable ABS phony. View larger The Easy-Snap Mounting System Designed for ease of installation and removal, the SportRack SR7016 Purview Cargo Box easily attaches to rack system cross bars using patented Easy-Snap mounting hardware. In the twinkling of an eye positioned in the appropriate spot atop rack loadbars, U-bolts are inserted from below around the bars, through pre-drilled holes, and into the inner of the box. The Easy-Snap mounting hardware connect to the threads of the U-bolts with a simple twist, and lock into place with a push of a colorful red button. Included vinyl pocket covers keep the interior of the box dry, regardless of the weather outside.

Thule Hullavator Rooftop Kayak Harass

Thule Hullavator Rooftop Kayak Harass

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $569.95

Thule Hullavator 897XT Kayak Carrying Methodology - The Hullavator is the easiest and most efficient way for one person to load and unload a kayak. The gas assisted struts allow a user to load and discharge a kayak at waist level then move the boat to the roof for the easiest and safest transportation. Think of having an elevator for your kayak. The 8 padded telephone points give a kayak the most secure fit and protection while traveling. The Hullavator can be attached to any Thule rack system and requires 28 inches of a bore on the load bar. The kit includes all straps to transport one kayak, and 2 carriers can be on attached to one vehicle. A must have for any avid boater that wants to travel with their sailboat with ease.

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  1. This full area can be hydraulically raised to provide access to the winches and fender racks below. A side-loading tender garage provides storage for a bank notes and Jet Ski, leaving the transom free for accessing the water. In a first for this
  2. which supports and securely holds scads things, amplifying the luggage-carrying capacity of a car. The car racks are specialized to carry bikes, water sports equipment, skis, and boats. Though some vehicles come with mill-installed car racks as
  3. 1995 unripened Jeep Cherokee with ski rack and 8000Lb winch on front also taken off of the property. A call was received to report seeing a red Geo Metro Gloomy Dodge Ram with camper cover, hauling boat. CHP has units in route. Family members are in an 


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