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Pentagon demands China return intercepted Navy underwater drone

The vehicle is an unclassified "ocean glider" system used around world to gather data on salinity, water temperature and sound speed. The incident, the latest in a string of Ben Cardin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations


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My American Rebellion

My American Rebellion

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Named a Best Work of the Year by The Wall Street Journal Americans tend to think of the Revolution as a Massachusetts-based event orchestrated by Virginians, but in happening the war took place mostly in the Middle Colonies-in New York and New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania. InMy American Revolution, Robert Sullivan delves into this commencement Middle America, digging for a glorious, heroic past in the urban, suburban, and sometimes even rural landscape of today. Sullivan's retailing is personal, anecdotal, experiential. He visits the down-home reenactment of the crossing of the Delaware, which has taken place each year for the dead and buried half century, and uncovers the fact behind the myth. He camps in New Jersey backyards, hikes through lost "mountains," and wrecks his back-then evacuates illegally from Brooklyn to Manhattan by handmade boat. He recounts a Brooklyn historian's failed have a go to memorialize a colonial Maryland regiment; a tattoo artist's more successful use of a colonial submarine, which resulted in his 2007 arrest by the New York Urban district police and the FBI; and the life of Philip Freneau, the first (and not great) poet of American independence, who died in a swamp in the snow. Like an almanac, My American Rebellion moves through the calendar of American independence with the eternally charming Robert Sullivan as our guide. This is a fiercely individual and oft hilarious journey; in the process of making our revolution his, Sullivan shows us how alive our own history is, right under our noses.

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Carrier economics

I’m really not a great fan of tax breaks and such to attract or maintain companies, but I’m realistic enough to understand that most states and regions use these as one of the weapons in their arsenal to attract new companies. (Case in point: last year Governor Hogan proposed a ten-year tax break for companies relocating to certain parts of Maryland, but the proposal went nowhere. ) So it was with Carrier Corporation, which was supposed to abandon the state of Indiana for Mexico but brought that move to a screeching halt at the behest of President-elect Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. One thing that has been brought out in the general conversation over Carrier’s change of heart was the Trump proposal to punish companies that move overseas. He’s proposing a 35 percent tariff on such firms, so under his idea had Carrier moved its operations to Mexico they would have had a 35% surcharge on their product. But the incoming President is also advocating for a series of proposals to make America more business-friendly, such as cutting regulations and lowering the corporate income tax from roughly 35 to 40 percent down to about 15 percent. The reason I bring this up is to make the case that all the carrots should be utilized before a stick is ever brought out. It’s patently obvious that America doesn’t make things like it used to, but the factors of why are most important. The tax structure overseas is more beneficial. However, even if all these things are true, it boggles my mind that it’s possible to profit by creating a product halfway around the world and shipping it back here on a slow boat when the most affluent consumers are still in the good old U. S. of... Unfortunately, previous administrations were reluctant to allow companies to use these advantages, so they departed for greener pastures. In the case of labor-intensive products such as clothing, it’s not likely they will be coming back. But at the same time we are looking to make things in America, it’s worth pointing out that these things that we can make use more and more automation to create. I’ll jump across the pond for this example, but a reason cited for the demise of the long-running Land Rover Defender model (a 67-year run) was that:. If you assume that each robot takes the place of a single employee (which is probably generous to the employees) that means about 1/3 the manpower built the Range Rover compared to the Defender. To a manufacturer, there’s a lot of appeal to automation: it doesn’t take smoke breaks or mental health days, won’t come back from its lunch break drunk or stoned, and won’t go on strike for ever-increasing health care benefits or wages. The quality of work is very consistent, too, and once set up there’s no such thing as training a new hire. For decades, though, workers have used machines to assist them in creating products – even the assembly line itself was a vast machine that automated the process of moving the frame of the car along as its component parts were added. Plastic products aren’t really created by hand, but by machines that extrude the parts for them – an offshoot of the process is 3D printing. When you come right down to it, the Carrier plant is one where premade components such as a motor, fan, cooling unit, outside shell, and electronics are assembled to create a larger product, which is where the value is added in this case. There’s not a huge amount of skill needed to put these things together – the skill comes from the design of these units to keep up with the demands of regulation, consumer preferences, and profitability. (Apparently the luckless Land Rover Defender stopped keeping up with these demands. But no amount of physical skill can overcome the capricious nature of government whim, and this is where Trump’s idea becomes somewhat impractical. Let’s say in three years Carrier decides it has to move production to Mexico, so it becomes subject to the 35% tax. A unit that cost $10,000 will now have to run at $13,500. On the other hand, Carrier’s competitor Fujitsu, which is headquartered in Japan, may have a price for a similar unit of $11,000 because they have to ship it over. (For the sake of argument, I’ll assume their products are made overseas.


  1. The vehicle is an unclassified "ocean glider" system used around world to gather data on salinity, water temperature and sound speed. The incident, the latest in a string of Ben Cardin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations
  2. A seagull perched on the end of the replenishment pipe, watches an excavator pull a cage used to catch unwanted debris – like WWII-era munitions. CHRIS 15 the dredging company has been on site for 22 days and work on dune crossovers and stormwater
  3. The Firm engages in the retail sale, brokerage, and service of used boats, motors, trailers, marine parts and accessories and offers slip and storage accommodations in certain locations. Through 54 retail locations in Alabama, Arizona, California


Baby Huey's Famous Boat Grub (brown sugar, rice, oil, onions, pork chops, cheddar cheese)

Lighten-Up Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies #32204 (applesauce, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract)

Baked Maryland Lump Crab Cakes (baking powder, black pepper, bread crumbs, butter, eggs, parsley, crab meat, mayonnaise, mustard powder, old bay seasoning, worcestershire sauce)

Maryland Crab Cakes (bread crumbs, mustard powder, eggs, crabmeat, mayonnaise, old bay seasoning, black pepper, worcestershire sauce)


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829907 Injector For Volvo Md11 Md17 And Many Engine Parts For Sale

829907 Injector For Volvo Md11 Md17 And Many Engine Parts For Sale
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Trash and debris in Bread and Cheese Creek before our spring cleanup on 4/5/14
Please mark your calendars for our Spring Bread and Cheese Creek which will be are largest cleanup to date! These photos show the current sad condition of this historic stream. We plan to clean up Bread and Cheese Creek form the Berkshire section to North Point Road on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, All the assistance from volunteers and sponsor is greatly appreciated! We know this is a huge section of stream to tackle but I know we can do it! This cleanup will be in conjunction with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Project Clean Stream and it will be our fifth year working with them! This cleanup will also be in conjunction with American Rivers. We will supply trash bags, gloves, water, snacks and lunch. A limited supply of waders and tools will also be available for sign out during the cleanup. Remember, there plenty of ways for volunteers to participate. We will need every type of person of every ability level to contribute and assist with the Clean Up....
Lightship 116 "Chesapeake"
When Lightship 116 "Chesapeake" was completed in 1930, she was among the most modern and capable ships in use with the US Lighthouse Service. Part of the vessel class of Lightship No.100, Lightship 116 was constructed from a standard design and boasted the best in stability, signaling capacity, living accommodations, and engineering efficiency then available. The US Lighthouse Service first assigned Lightship 116 to the Fenwick Island Shoal (DE) Station from 1930-33; after that assignment she marked the entrance to Chesapeake Bay until the beginning of World War II . During the war most coastal lightships were withdrawn for security reasons and were often converted for wartime duties. During 1942-45 Lightship 116 was painted battleship gray, armed with two 20mm cannons, and used as a patrol/inspection vessel near the entrance to the Cape Cod Canal. In 1945, Lightship 116 returned to the waters off Cape Henry (VA) where her bright red hull, beacon light and...
bob and his boat
One part of the vacation that I was really looking forward to was the bass fishing lesson. Our guide was some award-winning fisherman who brought a boat that had more horsepower than my car! He was really patient with me (Luis knew what he was doing) even after I hit him with the hook upon casting and got my line caught around him. I didn't catch anything, but I learned how to cast and I got a really good tan. And now, I've got the fishing bug. Our guide, Bob, had to use the electric trolling motor, because Lake Habeeb is a no-wake zone. Sigh. Western Maryland Adventures Rocky Gap State Park
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Two weeks before what was to be her wedding day, 20-year-old Regina Allen Elsea was crushed to death in a robotic machine at a manufacturing facility that stamps metal parts for Hyundai ... and feasibility of methods used to prevent such violence.

Lockheed shares fall after Trump tweets about F-35 jet costs
Trump didn’t mention any specific company in his tweet, but Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed makes the ... is being built in different configurations to be used by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The Navy’s version, for example, is designed ...

Birdist Rule #11: Always Bring a Camera
Bird photography used to be a real chore ... enough that taking picture no longer requires two men, a boat, and some lanterns. And thank goodness, because taking pictures is one of the most fun parts of birding. There are plenty of reasons to take pictures ...