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Real Estate Transactions for August 14, 2016

Dora Nix Whitson sold 205 East Mariners Cay, Mariner's Cay Racquet and Yacht Club to Catherine Ballew for $204,000. Kristin Michelle Gromm sold 210 E Ashley Ave. to Regal Darlene E. Wigley sold 119 Grand Pavilion Blvd., Grand Pavilion at Wild Dunes


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Kudat to Tawau with ESSCOM

After a lengthy detailed meeting with ESSCOM we were generally feeling a little more comfortable with the knowledge of how they planned to keep us safe in the vicinity of the Philippines. Along with a 'Safety Ship' the entire time, it was explained how there would also be patrol boats shadowing us constantly, aerial surveillance at various times and local support from land based authorities. As well as all this, we had decided as a fleet that we would do a neighbourhood watch system from sunset to dawn on a roster basis just as extra sets of eyes on deck. 28 boats proceeded from this point on to our final destination at Tawau and our departure time was set at 0900 out of Kudat. From this point on, all our movement was supervised by ESSCOM and we had to adhere to their wishes - all being in the course of keeping us safe. Before this stage we had the freedom to come and go and stay as long as we wanted in whichever location we desired, so this was really the first time the entire fleet would travel as one. For those who really enjoy travelling in company - this was really 'company'. Being asked to remain within a 5nm parameter meant you were never really far from the boat next to you. This made for some great photo opportunities of each other and also meant the chatter over the radio was increased. Anchoring at night would also be tighter and we had decided to place the boats with children inside a circular perimeter set by the fleet. Often cruisers can be solitary personalities preferring to do their own thing and for those boats on the fleet, the next couple of weeks may be more taxing. It made quite a spectacle as we all departed Kudat marina waving farewells to the handful of boats who had made the decision not to proceed with the rally. Once out on the open water, again a spectacle with all boats under sail - some with spinnakers, others just mains and headsails. With a large police boat leading the way and smaller patrol boat fringing the edges, we headed for our first anchorage into a channel between 2 islands. I think nerves were playing a part with most boats and there was little or no movement for the usual 'sundowners' that evening. This, combined with the 9. 00pm curfew placed on dingy usage made for an early night all around the anchorage. Joining the boat in Kudat was Naz and Mok - 2 Malaysian guys part of a production crew filming the entire 12 weeks of the Sail Malaysia rally from Langkawi to Tawau. Many of the rally boats had housed the boys for different periods of time, documenting the day to day life of cruisers, the rally stops and festivities along the way and our stories of how we came to be here. So now Kittani had 5 people aboard - the most she has carried for a long time. They were only to be with us for a short stay of 3 days going as far as Sandakan. We had become used to them over the past 2 months popping up when you least suspect with a camera capturing great moments on film but I found having to wear a 'wire' and do an interview was a little more intimidating. Our 2nd afternoons anchorage didn't go quite according to plan. We had sailed to the waypoints presented to ESSCOM and had all dropped our picks under the watchful eye of the safety boat, just about to settle for the day when Naz received a message from the commander to say that they weren't happy with the... That's the last thing a cruiser wants to hear after getting the anchor set. Next stop was the Turtle Islands where we were to go ashore late afternoon and spend the evening watching the turtles lay their eggs, the Rangers collecting and re burying them in the sand and then releasing some hatchlings into the sea. We had previously experienced this but were happy to get the opportunity to do it again, this time under the watchful eye of the film crew. The days were only short hops with not much more than 4 or 5 hours to the next destination and from the Turtle Islands it was into Sandakan. Heading towards the entrance of the channel, we passed an island with sheer cliffs of red rock making an impressive backdrop for the yachts sails. At this point we had hoisted Naz up to the top of Kittani's mast with camera and GoPro in hand to get a birds eye view of the fleet arriving. Making our way towards the front of the fleet, we did a u-turn (advising all in advance by radio of our intentions) and motored back through the approaching fleet obtaining some awesome footage for the documentary.


  1. Dora Nix Whitson sold 205 East Mariners Cay, Mariner's Cay Racquet and Yacht Club to Catherine Ballew for $204,000. Kristin Michelle Gromm sold 210 E Ashley Ave. to Regal Darlene E. Wigley sold 119 Grand Pavilion Blvd., Grand Pavilion at Wild Dunes
  2. The Spring Lake boy was in second place in the Optimist class after the second day of sailing in the 87th annual Western Michigan Yachting Association Championship Regatta, being hosted this weekend by the Spring Lake Yacht Club. “I'm happy if I'm
  3. Smackwater Jacks Taphouse is the hoppin' place to be, right along the water with views of the boats from the adjacent Grand Bend Yacht Club. The newly renovated restaurant serves locally grown produce served with meat from local farmers alongside 


Club Pasta Salad (bacon, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, turkey, ranch dressing, lettuce, mayonnaise, onion powder, pasta)

Chicken Club Wrap (bacon, carrot, tomato, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, red onions)

MaMa's Supper Club Tilapia Parmesan (black pepper, butter, basil, green onion, hot sauce, lemon juice, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, salt, tilapia fillets)

Breakfast Club Sandwich (bacon, lettuce, eggs, mayonnaise, salt, bread, tomato, toothpicks)


The Grand Bend Yacht Club - GBYC Web Cam
This image is looking NW from the Grand Bend Yacht Club Clubhouse. The Parkhill Creek drains into Lake Huron, which is in the background. A portion of the main beach ...

The Grand Bend Yacht Club - Welcome to the Grand Bend ...
The Grand Bend Yacht Club is a Sailing and Boating Club in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, located close to the sandy shores of Lake Huron.

Grand Bend Yacht Club - Grand Bend, Ontario - Sports ...
Grand Bend Yacht Club, Grand Bend, Ontario. 6 likes · 210 were here. Local Business

Grand Bend Yacht Club in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Grand Bend Yacht Club in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada
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Grand Bend Yacht Club in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Grand Bend Yacht Club in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada
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Grand Bend Yacht Club | Sunrise / Sunset | Pinterest

Grand Bend Yacht Club | Sunrise / Sunset | Pinterest
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sailed around the bend to the east. Three other classes of boats — the C Scow, Melges 17 and the biggest vessel racing, the E Scow at 28 feet — had already been on the water that day. The local yacht club’s rear commodore, Steve Czadzeck, said he was ...