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Sailing at 126 mph - Greenbird

http://yachtpals. com - A British man, Richard Jenkins, has broken the world land speed record on the wind powered vehicle Ecotricity Greenbird, reaching the.

Jim Kilroy, Real Estate Developer Renowned as a Yachtsman, Dies at 94

After buying his first racing sailboat in the early 1950s, Mr. Kilroy began applying the aerodynamic principles he had learned in the aviation industry to improving the performance of his sailing yachts, a succession of them all named Kialoa, Hawaiian


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HobbyKing Bat 1 RC Land Yacht (P & P)

HobbyKing Bat 1 RC Land Yacht (P & P)

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Price: $58.48

Land yachting combines the generosity of sailing with the thrill of motor racing. It's great to watch your land yacht skimming across smooth hard sand or a large tarmac extent at high speed and with no noise just using the wind. Full size land yachts hold speed records of over 126mph sailing at 3-4 times faster than the gibberish that propels them and now you too can enjoy the challenge and thrills of land yachting with the HobbyKing Bat 1 RC land yacht. The Bat 1 has been designed by a renowned RC and full size land yacht pilot and it is available in 3 versions, 'Nearly Ready to Run', 'plug play' and in 'Kit' form. All versions have a simple, rugged construction and are very straightforward to assemble. The Bat 1 utilises just 2 channels, one for steering and one for controlling the boating, it also has low friction ballraced wheels for super smooth free running and a colorful eye catching sail finishes the Bat 1 off nicely. Comments from the interior decorator of the HobbyKing Bat 1: It's like flying a boat on wheels Land yachts achieve suprisingly high speeds They travel faster than the liquidate driving them Virtually maintenance free Simple rugged construction The radio gear is well protected against impact, dust, profligately and mud Fast, clean, quiet and fun No messy expensive fuel or batteries No noise or pollution Pure simple funThe Bat 1 (PP) puff play comes complete with 2 servo's installed, a transmitter and receiver are required and there is a small amount of assembly also required but this is totally straightforward. Features: Pre-molded 2 piece hull with decals applied Carbon mast, boom and rear axle Corpulent ballraced main wheels Pre-installed ballraced steerable front wheel Shaped eye-catching mylar sail Hale construction Very easy and straightforward to assemble Pre-installed servo's Pre-installed receiver switch and 'AA' battery holder Unpretentious exciting funSpecs: Length: 730mmWidth: 500mmHeight: 1000mmSail Area: 0.15mWeight: 692g (without batteries and receiver)Included:1 x HobbyKing...

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Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports

Students and extreme sport enthusiasts will not only learn about the sports themselves, but also about the techniques, innovations, engineering, and physics behind them. How do ice yachters achieve speeds of up to 150 MPH? What does take to become a pro snowboarder? Other parts of the encyclopedia highlight key areas of study, such as extreme sports and the media, the controversies surrounding, and the impact of extreme sports on our culture. A resource guide of print and electronic sources, competitions, organizations offers students an insider's guide to all things extreme. Inside readers will discover BASE (Building, Antenna tower, Span, Earth) Jumping. What's more dangerous than leaping off of a tall building? Jumping off a structure that's much closer to the ground, and that's...

Matter and Interactions

Offshore Passage to Bermuda

1900 hours on Wednesday 26 October (approximately 82 hours in to our transit):. I hailed Bermuda Radio on VHF channel 16 about 25nm away from the island, per required procedure, requesting permission to enter St. George Harbor and check in to customs. and requested I contact him again when we arrived at C buoy 2. 5nm before the narrow opening, ominously named "The Town Cut", leading in to St. George Harbor and our destination. Argon skirted north of the outer reefs of Bermuda then turned downwind at Kitchen Shoal finishing her port tack heading south in complete darkness. Mariners unfamiliar with this area are warned not to enter at night but with four prior passages to Bermuda between Lance and Bob, we felt capable, although alert and appropriately nervous, entering the narrow inlet with many of the channel... Only a sliver of a waning moon and a maze of distant navigational and land lights broke up the blackness. As we approached C buoy, I again hailed Bermuda Radio and we received permission to enter St. George Harbor and report in to Customs and Immigration. For the first time in 650nm and 85 hours, the engine was fired up and the sails were dropped and furled. The winds and seas were still up tossing Argon about as we motored. Bob was tethered in on the foredeck with a spotlight to help us find the unlit channel markers and guide Argon in through "The Town Cut" in choppy seas. Once we transited the intimidating, narrow doorway in to St. George Harbor, it was as if we entered another world. Suddenly, after days of winds mostly above 20kts and seas often greater than 10 feet creating a constant roar of water around Argon, we were in a tranquil, peaceful bay. Distance and speed: 650nm in 85 hours. that is an average speed of 7. 65kts. Argon often surfed down big waves at 11-13kts. We even saw 15 and 16kts a couple of times. Crazy given our hull speed is just over 7. 5kts. Much faster than the 120 hours initially planned. Conditions : Great for constant fast sailing. very challenging especially the first 40 hours of the trip. Winds mostly around 20kts initially out of the west, then veering to northwest and eventually north. some winds 30+kts. Seas often around 10 feet and sometimes 15 feet. Casualties: Three dead birds, one dead flying fish, one boat injury, and one bruised human. Let's Start with Explaining the Casualties: birds, flying fish, topping lift, and Bob When we were well over 100nm off shore, a friendly but tired little bird joined the crew of Argon. He was not at all intimidated by us and seemed content to explore the cockpit and sometimes flew down below to the cabin. When he nestled in to some bed sheets, I gently scooped him up in a cloth napkin and he seemed content to nest there for the entire night. But alas, although both of these two visitors were alive in the morning, they were not very chipper. and within a few hours after sunrise, after continued failed attempts at getting them to eat or drink, both had died. I have since learned that there are various meanings to dead birds. The interpretation I chose to believe for these three doomed avian visitors is that a dead bird symbolizes:. We had a running joke on board about flying fish. Lance and I would see flying fish but Bob always seemed to miss them. This apparently also happened the last time Bob sailed to Bermuda with Lance. Bob was beginning to think everyone was teasing him about the existence of such creatures. During one of Bob's night shifts, he heard a strange noise kind of like something hitting and fluttering around the port side cockpit enclosure but could not see anything. After we had arrived in Bermuda and daybreak came, we found the culprit. the elusive flying fish who by that time was quite stiff and smelly. The final casualty was Bob suffering several bruises from a fall in the cockpit. I was at the helm on port tack so we were heeling to starboard. Bob was standing in the port side of the cockpit attempting to adjust the traveler when a large wave slammed in to us on the port side. This knocked the boat way over on its side causing Bob to go airborne and "fall" across the cockpit.


  1. After buying his first racing sailboat in the early 1950s, Mr. Kilroy began applying the aerodynamic principles he had learned in the aviation industry to improving the performance of his sailing yachts, a succession of them all named Kialoa, Hawaiian
  2. If we had a dime for every incident where a sailor wiped out while cross training on their bike, we'd have a tall stack of dimes. However, like many things in life, the rewards outweigh the risks, as explained in this report by Justin Norton published
  3. The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) marked its ongoing effort to preserve the history of sailing and its effect on American culture as it inducted nine sailing legends for their impact on the sport. . Newport Beach architect William P. “Bill


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Land Of Nod Recipe (sandwich rolls, brown sugar, cinnamon, glaze, milk, nuts, salt, oil, pudding, powdered sugar, oil, vanilla extract)

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Land sailing - Wikipedia
Land sailing, also known as 'sand ... sand yachts, or land yachts. ... developed a land yacht whose sails were based on contemporary Egyptian sailboats used on the ...

Dinghy & Land Yacht Sails
We have been designing and making high performance sails for over thirty years, and have been involved in making the winning land yacht sails for both the Class 5 ...

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Blackbird Land Yacht Sails Directly Downwind Faster than the Wind ...

Blackbird Land Yacht Sails Directly Downwind Faster than the Wind ...
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Trieste - Buoyed Up by the Bacolana Regata!
(Just discovered!) Explore June 2nd #289 The Barcolana regata (Slovene: barkovljanka) or Autumn Cup (Coppa d'Autunno), named after the village of Barcola, is a historical european sailing race born in 1969 thanks to the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano of Trieste. It takes place annually in the Gulf of Trieste, every second Sunday in October and is one of the largest sailing races in the world with over 2000 participants. For further information please visit Trieste is a city and seaport in northeastern Italy. It is situated towards the end of a narrow strip of land lying between the Adriatic Sea and Italy's border with Slovenia, which lies almost immediately south and east of the city. Trieste is located at the head of the Gulf of Trieste and throughout history it has been influenced by its location at the crossroads of Germanic, Latin and Slavic cultures. In 2009, it had a population of about 205,000 and it is the capital of the...
Sailing on the beach. Ormond, Florida
Two sheets to the wind circa 1900. "Sailing on the beach. Ormond, Florida." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. From

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Lithgow will return for the 2017 Festival of Sails presented by Rex Gorell Land Rover starting January 21 with his Archambault 40 of five years, Soiree Blue, which is kept at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. Taking a break from marking cattle on his 3,600 ...

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Buyers at the Regent Pool Club Residences are not guaranteed a berth at the Porto Montenegro Yacht ... seafront land and there will also be a number of waterfront villas with private boat slips. In the Caribbean, known for its strong winter sailing trade ...

Yacht club elevates Charlie Weatherly to life member
Charlie Weatherly had a choice as a young man. Take up yachting as a profession or work on the land. He chose the latter, but it did not stop him remaining committed to his passion of sailing. Ballarat Yacht Club commodore Neville Bilney relayed the story ...