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superyacht C2, owned by investor and Good Samaritan Ronald Perelman

http://www. com/superyacht/superyacht_c2. html Superyacht C2 is owned by US investor and contributor Ronald Perelman. Perelman is.

Donald Trump, West Palm Littoral and the Rise of the New Wall Street

Billionaire hedge finance manager Paul Tudor Jones, who says he's counting on Trump's support to save the Florida Everglades, bought the earlier estate of Ron Perelman in Palm Beach for $71 million in 2015. Carl Icahn, another Just as Trump was


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Donald Trump, West Palm Run aground and the Rise of the New Wall Street - Newsweek

The darkness I flew into West Palm Beach, a string of deadly tornadoes ripped across Florida. High winds pounded surf against chipped coastline and whipsawed the 100-foot-tall trees along Royal Palm Way—what locals call Bankers’ Row. It was just a few days after Donald Trump’s inauguration. A brace of miles down the road, seemingly oblivious to the approaching storm, hundreds of revelers packed Mar-a-Lago, the Great Gatsby –esque reticent resort Trump has dubbed his “Winter White House,” to fete their new king. The private event, attended by Palm Strand’s billionaires, entrepreneurs and socialites, featured dinner and dancing, a replay of Trump’s swearing-in ceremony and a mammoth ice sculpture of the American languish with “President Trump” emblazoned on the... In such rarefied circles, it’s not unusual to bump into people who spent their childhoods riding everywhere in limos with their nannies, and, in their retirement years, put off a spouse’s funeral so they could enjoy the last days of what Palm Beachers... When the parties end, Palm Littoral island’s population promptly shrinks from 30,000 to 10,000. Trump’s party occurred at the height of this season, but one of the president’s neighbors, loyal estate magnate and billionaire Jeff Greene, did not attend. I have to give him credit,” says Greene, who knows Trump casually and is a colleague of Mar-a-Lago. Greene did not vote for Trump. Nor did the majority of Palm Beach County, but many of its residents are benefiting from his presence. Trump’s ascension has created one of the beget’s greatest concentrations of global wealth and power right in their backyard. And that shift could mean a massive change in fortunes, not just for the superrich families who have made their homes in Palm Seashore over the past century—the Fords, DuPonts, Rothschilds, Pulitzers and Lauders—but also for the area’s... Even before Trump became president, what was at a stroke a sleepy patch of Florida regional banks at the foot of Mar-a-Lago was coalescing into a financial center. Over the past few years, the quarter has attracted more than 60 hedge funds (some say well over a 100), dozens of private equity companies and hundreds of family offices—not to point out a rising number of larger banks like Credit Suisse, Morgan... Banks and billion-dollar hedge funds are swallowing up total building complexes and blocks of commercial real estate, prompting residents to christen the area “the new Wall Street. Meanwhile, some of Trump’s trusted advisers and supporters have also flocked to the stretch. Anthony Scaramucci, founder of the $12 billion fund SkyBridge Capital, opened offices in Palm Beach Gardens two years ago. (This year, he agreed to vend the company after being named to the executive committee of Trump’s transition team in November. ) Billionaire hedge fund straw boss Paul Tudor Jones, who says he's counting on Trump's support to save the Florida Everglades, bought the former situation of Ron Perelman in Palm Beach for $71 million in 2015. Carl Icahn, another hedge fund... And senior members of Combine Trump have homes nearby as well, including Cabinet members Wilbur Ross, the secretary of commerce. and Gary Cohn, who formerly larboard Goldman Sachs to head Trump’s National Economic Council. Palm Beach County has long been a magnet for old-tend wealth—most of it is confined to the “island,” a slim, 30-mile spit that, since Victorian times, has attracted dozens of billionaires, who have built their mansions along its northern tip. Separate of the attraction: Florida has not had a state income tax since 1855. But the hype surrounding Trump’s victory is prompting a new influx of financial companies. “A lot of people who thitherto thought, I think I’ll move to Florida, let’s go to Miami, are now taking a look at Palm Beach,” says Greene. “Because you turn on the TV and you don’t see Trump in the Virtuous House. More to the point, you see him kibitzing with the world’s foreign leaders, dignitaries and billionaires. In fact, before Trump took office and before he began appointment with presidents and prime ministers at his Palm Beach resort—even before Americans started seeing members of Mar-a-Lago on Facebook posing casually with the atomic football—Trump’s...


  1. Billionaire hedge finance manager Paul Tudor Jones, who says he's counting on Trump's support to save the Florida Everglades, bought the earlier estate of Ron Perelman in Palm Beach for $71 million in 2015. Carl Icahn, another Just as Trump was
  2. LE August BLEU (371 feet) owned by Russian oil and gas billionaire Evgeny Shvidler, The yacht was a gift from his best friend Roman Abramovich. *currently in St. C2 (257.3 feet) owned by U.S. cosmetics billionaire Ronald Perelman *currently in St
  3. In a jiffy a year, the richest people in the world descend on the French Riviera with some of the most amazing superyachts on the planet. It is the ultimate face-off of wealth and power as these individuals make a major power play by positioning their yachts


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Ronald Perelman - Wikipedia
Ronald Owen Perelman January 1, 1943 (age 74) Greensboro ... In August 1993, Ron filed for separate. Claudia left the marriage with well over $80 million.

Ronald Perelman and his Extraordinary US$ 125 million Luxury ...
Ronald Owen Perelman is the proprietress of the yacht C2. Through his holding company MacAndrews and Forbes, he invests an US$ 14 billion fortune. Investments include Revlon ...

superyacht C2, owned by investor and humanitarian Ronald Perelman
Superyacht C2 is owned by US investor and benefactor Ronald Perelman. Perelman is investing a US$ 14 billion fortune in companies such as the Revlon ...