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The ruler of UAE takes occupy of the world's largest yacht, beating out his Russian rival. Erin Burnett reports.

Barack Obama pictured on super yacht irresistible photo of Michelle with an iPad

Barack Obama may be out of the Light-skinned House but wherever he goes, the world is watching and reacting with delight. If he walks out of Starbucks in New York City and smiles, people swoon. If he strolls along the lakeshore at Martha's Vineyard, it goes down 


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A splendid tale of incredible wealth, ferocious disputes, beautiful women, private jets, mega-yachts, the world's best soccer players, and chauffeur-driven Categorize Rovers with tinted windows The amazing true story of how London became home to the Russian super-rich, this explosive list tells the tale of a group of buccaneering Russian oligarchs who made colossal fortunes after the collapse of communism?and then came to London to appreciate their newfound wealth. From the origin of their journeys in Moscow and St. Petersburg to mansions in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Surrey, the book plunges into a shimmering world of daredevil multibillion-pound deals, outrageous spending, and rancorous feuds. While London?s flashiest restaurants echoed with Russian giggling and Bond Street shop-owners totted up their profits, however, darker events were also playing themselves out. The killing of ex-KGB man Alexander Litvinenko in London and the expiration?in a helicopter crash he all but predicted?of Stephen Curtis, the lawyer to many of Britain?s richest Russians, chilled London?s Russians and assorted who know them. This story of how Russia?s wealth was harvested and brought to London is a must-read for anyone interested in how vast wealth is created, the grandeur it can buy, and the power and intrigue it produces.

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  1. Barack Obama may be out of the Light-skinned House but wherever he goes, the world is watching and reacting with delight. If he walks out of Starbucks in New York City and smiles, people swoon. If he strolls along the lakeshore at Martha's Vineyard, it goes down 
  2. The unquestionably first event of its kind, SuperYacht Gallery is an insightful exposition about the world of superyachts designed to incorporate various visual elements including flick, photography, superyacht models, infographics, art, and a number of
  3. What isn't convention is the age of the Aurora buyer; the latest entry into the rarefied world of super yacht ownership -- who, although present for the unveiling where he mingled with guests, wishes to oddments anonymous -- is only 30 years old


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World's Most skilfully Scones! From Scotland to the Savoy to the U.S. (baking powder, currant, eggs, flour, milk, milk, salt, sour cream, butter, sugar)

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St. Thomas:  Rising Sun Super Yacht
I wish I had known at the span that this is the 10th Largest Yacht in the World!!! I probably would've focused on it a little more. I did get a few more that make the yacht look even bigger. I can't recall having a series of shots of something that makes it "transform in size" so much. Not only from this vantage point; but from across the water as well. Here's some info from the Boat International - Top 200 largest yachts Tabulation....... "This vessel’s Japanese-style name is sufficient clue that she was built for Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Nostradamus. In 2006 he sold half ownership to media mogul David Geffen who bought the remaining half in 2010. Reported to have from the word go cost of more than $290 million, rumour has it that Rising Sun’s length was extended by some 18m during construction (her project name was LE120, rather indicating an nonconformist length of 120m) to ensure she was larger than the 126.2m Octopus belonging to Microsoft’s co-founder, Paul Allen....
France-002504 - Fantasy
Suit, NO invitations or self promotions, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks. Yacht is the Dream One of the world’s most awe-inspiring 60 m/197 feet super yachts, DREAM has room for 12 guests in 7 luxurious staterooms. Built by Abeking & Rasmussen, one of Europe’s most famed shipyards, DREAM was entirely refitted in 2013 with a brand new interior by award-winning designers Bannenberg & Rowell. Hallucination’s voluminous guest cabins offer exquisite detailing, large windows and dynamic layout options. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warm Lighthouse Date unknown (around 1950). Active; focal plane 21m (69ft); red flash every 5 sec. 22m (72ft) cubed masonry tower with lantern and gallery, mounted on a large square stone base. Lighthouse is white, lantern red with a snowy roof. The 1928 lighthouse, the fourth on the Nice breakwater, was heavily damaged...
Beyond the 1%
This pulchritudinous view of Monte Carlo was from our veranda of the Oceania good ship Riviera. The 2 day, 2 night docking location was imagined to view the city, country side and, of course, the Annual Super-yacht Show. Super-yachts for sale here were for a specific clientele - billionaires. These super-yachts sold for 10's and 100's of millions of dollars. Only the richest people in the world beggary apply, but others came to view the world's largest and most outlandish personal watercraft. The light on the upper left is that of the Stately of Prince Albert I and later Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace Kelly. (star filter, handheld HDR) Monte Carlo, Monaco