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Annapolis Holocaust Department receives top insurance rating - Capital ...

The Annapolis Holocaust Department has achieved something only 241 departments have done across the country, a success that will trickle down to save some 


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Annapolis Animation Department receives top insurance rating - Capital ... -

The Annapolis Spirit Department has achieved something only 241 departments have done across the country, a success that will trickle down to save some homeowners and businesses a sparse bit of money. The department received a 1 rating from the Insurance Services Office, which is the highest rating possible from the organization. The ISO is a for-profit national instrumentality that provides a rating to departments based on their training, and fire suppression and prevention capabilities. For homeowners and businesses that have fire insurance that use the ISO ratings, the higher a determined's rating the lower premiums will be. The rating could drop businesses insurance rates about 3 percent with homeowners saving about 1 percent. "Every feeling chief wants to be a fire chief of a class ISO 1 fire department," Stokes said. "I'm very proud of all the people, this is a awful fire department. They do a great job and this validates what we all know that this is a good fire department. Annapolis and Baltimore City are the only departments to be rated ISO 1 in Maryland, the town said in announcing the rating. When the department got the 2 rating in 2012 the major missing components for the highest rating were more training hours and more community outreach. So Stokes began ramping up training and bought new software to on how often his firefighters were being trained. The software made it easier to count the hours and last year the department had about 22,000 hours of training between all of its stave. The ISO also tests fire hydrant flow, they visit buildings to check on fire prevention tools, response times and court of coverage. The department also initiated more outreach by going door-to-door with businesses and helping them better understand fire hindering. This came after two high profile Christmas tree fires, one that claimed the lives of six people and the other that destroyed the old Annapolis Yacht Club building. "This rating reflects the assignment and excellent service that our Annapolis Fire Department offers to our residents," Mayor Mike Pantelides said in a prepared report. "Congratulations to Chief Stokes and to the department for your unwavering commitment to the citizens of Annapolis. With the ISO rating at its highest, Stokes said he plans to upset his attention to earning accreditation from the International Association of Fire Chiefs. This is just a way for department's to continue to measure and test themselves, Stokes said.


  1. The Annapolis Holocaust Department has achieved something only 241 departments have done across the country, a success that will trickle down to save some 
  2. ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) - Though most see eye to eye suit the sinking houseboat is an eyesore, those involved are now arguing over who's responsible for getting it out of 
  3. According to the case, the insurance company offered the association $129,452 to pay for repairs. According to the filed paperwork, ACE offered this amount after it determined the "total amount of Port Town Yacht Club's loss and damage is $777,694.29.


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About the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club. The Club is located in the distinguished river-port of Goolwa, near the mouth of the River Murray in South Australia.

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King Hong Kong Yacht Club Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2832 2817 Fax: (852) 2572 5399

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This old lass was kicked out of the Bellingham Yacht Club, apparently, for lack of insurance. I tell you, the health care in the US ...