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yacht-transport. com/ has a task force of 4 dedicated yacht carriers to transport your yacht within reach of the world's most popular.

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Tableau and board a variety of rare vintage motor yachts and sailboats, meet skippers and crew members, and vote for your favorite boats to win the Audience Choosing award. Enrollment costs $40 per child. For more information or to register, visit www


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  1. Tableau and board a variety of rare vintage motor yachts and sailboats, meet skippers and crew members, and vote for your favorite boats to win the Audience Choosing award. Enrollment costs $40 per child. For more information or to register, visit www
  2. Buying a yacht can be a big reckon with. For most people, such a vessel is a significant investment. The upfront cost, the berth fees and the maintenance all add up. Unless they are intentionally buying a "fixer-northern," most buyers cannot afford to fix issues
  3. Silver Wanton is the fourth and final iteration of Espen Oeino's 70-plus-metre platform — by fine tuning the outline and production Silver Yachts has been able to keep manufacturing lead times and costs to schedule. This is achieved in no small part to


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Common Yacht Transport is the leader in North American yacht transport and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a direct carrier providing safe, reliable and ...

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Get foremost yacht transport services you can count on from DYT. We take pride in offering exceptional boat transport for every customer.

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Shipping a 50-footer between Florida and Costa Rica averages $27,000 and takes a week on Yacht Channel or Sevenstar. Dockwise costs more. ... Boat Transport Tips.


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